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Chief Armory Officer T'Rena Ca'lor

Name T'Rena Ca'lor

Position Counselor

Rank Chief Armory Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan- klingon
Age 28
Date of Birth 12-01-65
Place of Birth Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 195
Hair Color dirty blonde
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description T'Rena is 6'1 195, waist length dirt blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was born of mixed heritage, mother a Vulcan and her father a Klingon. She has the build of Klingon with mixed heritage in her face, soft but defined. Pointed ears, She adorns with her mother's earnings, which were a gift at graduation, upon becoming a counselor.

She has no sense of humor, being completely logical, where the lust for war comes from her father's people

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse widowed
Children None as of yet.
Father S'Elon Ca'lor klingon
Mother T'Saralonde T'Syala-Ca'lor
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is a reader, constant battle ready due to constant training, she has no sense of humor, everything must remain logical. Don't ask her something you really don't want the answer to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being of mixed heritages, she is always in a constant battle with herself, to bring and be at peace and leave war for the last result.

She is a very good listener, even hearing what's not being said.
Ambitions To find happiness, to let her hair down and have fun, hence her passion for the human race.
Hobbies & Interests Mock fighting, extremely hard puzzles to challenge her.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English,Vulcan,Klingon


Personal History T'Rena Ca'lor, was the only child of 2 diplomate; S'Elon Ca'lor, a Klingon ambassador and T'Saralonde 'stala- Ca'lor a Vulcan ambassador. Against all odds they married and both continued on serving their positions to the utmost in the federation. As they together lovingly raised their gifted and beautiful daughter. Not knowing exactly how gifted she was.
At 4 years of age, T'Rena began showing sign a of psi ability, because of her mixed heritage it was truly a terrible combination.
Her parents tried to keep it a secret, but as most tots do, she showed her ability through a temper tantrum and tossed her care taker across the room.
T'Rena's incident got back to the federation and young T'Rena was forcibly removed, but not before T'Rena bot knowing what she was doing, killed 2 soldiers.
All she knew was, they where taking her away from her mum and daddy, they last thing she remembered was her daddy wounded on the floor and her mother holding his hand as she reached out to T'Rena.
T'Rena was placed in a special hospital and was taught to control her abilities, as she attended classes and grew into a smart, beautiful and gifted young woman. Even though she never saw her parents again, never forgot them.
She went on to Starfleet academy and graduated top of her class in security and weapons specialist, medical doctor and finally at 27 as a counselor, knowing she wanted to help others heal. From wounds more felt then aeen, wounds of the mind.
At her graduation, T'Rena was reunited with her parents. Neither held their former positions, but both still just as diplomatic as always.
After graduation, she returned home with her parents, but it wouldn't belong before both her parents would be taken from her again- permanently.
T'Rena's father had fallen I'll of unknown causes and passed away within days, she stood by her mother and helped as much as she could, but it saddened her to watch her mother pine away after the only man she ever loved and followed him to the grave a few months later, leaving T'Rena all alone.
T'Rena had to get away, there was nothing left for her, that chance came when her dear friend Reuben, capt of the SS Mary Rose contacted her, requesting her help and had stayed on after ever since.
Service Record SG in Klingon Army.