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Andreus Malko

Name Andreus Malko

Position Science Technician

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth 17 December 2220
Place of Birth Revith, Bayme, Argelius II

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 81kg (179 lbs.)
Hair Color Charcoal black
Eye Color Copper
Physical Description Great vanity, paired with a lack of interest in competitive sporting activities, has motivated Malko to maintain the physical fitness regime drilled into him at the Academy. Because the regime is relatively strict, he allows himself the occasional (bordering on the frequent) overindulgence in anything sweet or savoury or alcoholic. Aesthetically: he has aquiline facial features softened by a wicked curl to his lips, a strong jawline, and sapphire eyes that see right through you. His frame is broad and lean, athletic like a casual jogger rather than a marathon runner.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Paulo Gill (Deceased)
Children Isabella Gill (Deceased)
Father Elbon Malko (Deceased)
Mother Imogen Malko (Deceased)
Brother(s) Riordan Malko (Deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andreus Malko is a sensual person, right down to his bones. In his work, he understands the need for detached observation. In his personal life, he continues his need for observation, but he includes a component of physicality. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch; the wondrous varieties of people, places and things in a single room are always enough to keep him entertained for hours. Malko is particularly tactile; the feel of things are important to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Technical skill with the ways and means of Starfleet science
+ Pattern-recognition
+ An ability to communicate himself genuinely; even when people don’t understand him, they can still see him

- A sense of entitlement, that his life should be easy, that he should always succeed, having been raised in a world without want
- Impatience
- “Street sense” regarding life outside the structure of Starfleet
- Piloting; he’s got no wings
Hobbies & Interests Interests: xeno-massage techniques, yoga, instrument synthesizer, Pre-Awakening Argelian broadsword, botany, chatting up strangers
Specialties: Anthropology & Archaeology, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Quantum Mechanics
Computer Classification: C6
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Argelian


Personal History Raised goblets and raucous laughter coming deep from the diaphragm. Phaser pistols, gleaming bright as sapphire. A buttery soft leather boot hugging a well muscled calf. Those are Andreus Malko's earliest memories of Starfleet.

It has been said that there are only two kinds of officers in Starfleet: those who serve for the duty, and those who live for the adventure. Throughout the months of Malko's application to Starfleet Academy, the diligence of his studies betrayed all of the characteristics of duty. Born to a Human family on Argelian soil, duty was as familiar to Malko as hot suppers. His mother served as Administrator to Revith City; his father was employed as Special Projects Officer to the United Federation of Planets Embassy. As inspired as Malko was by his parents' devotion to their city and to their world, he sometimes spoke of needing to serve broader purposes. A planet wasn't big enough for him to believe in. He spoke of the responsibilities of a galactic citizen: to defend and to explore. To find something, anything, that was new.

Upon his admission to Starfleet Academy, it was smirkingly remarked that Cadet Malko was in it for the adventure. He conducted himself as the epitome of hedonistic Argelian society. As a personable young man, he served as mediator in team projects, he joked with professors in most of his lectures, and he had a tendency to wake up in the basic training barracks as often as in his own Academy dormitory. This was in direct contrast with the academic records in his Starfleet application, which had described Malko's demeanor as being serious with but a dry sense of humour. It was said that Malko joined Starfleet for the duty, and stayed for the adventure, but in secret, he applied to the Earth-based Academy for base intentions that began on Areglius II.

Having tested well in mathematics and sciences during his primary education, Cadet Malko stuck with what he knew. He gravitated towards the Science division in the Academy, and majored in the Science of Systems. With the same passionate drive that Malko poured into dormitory life, Malko studied the galactic theories of interconnectedness within every imaginable kind of system. Systems Sciences equally explored the delicate operation of computer systems, the cultural systems that people create, the ecological systems that evolve upon planets, and the solar systems in which they all existed. Amid so many distractions in four years of Academy life, Malko graduated somewhere in the middle of his class. As a result of his acceptable, if not stellar, grades, he was not awarded a posting aboard a starship.
Service Record Spurned by his assignment to Starbase Six, Ensign Malko strove to streamline his livelihood. He developed select relationships with the inhabitants of the sleepy planetside starbase, but his focus remained entangled with abstract concepts and ideals. His every goal was discovery. His only opportunity to seek out newness was when starships were overburdened with too many samples of scientific interest, and deposited their trinkets among the greater resources of the starbase. While Malko was still an Ensign, he was a member of an Archaeology & Anthropology team studying Ma-aira Thenn relics recovered by the USS Potemkin. For a brief time, Malko was considered to be an expert on the Ma-aira Thenn, because he managed to open an ancient puzzle box containing engraved data tablets. The research hadn't entirely been his own, but it had been a glint of brilliance on Malko's part that had unlocked the box. All the while, Malko insisted that his muse had been Paulo Gill, one of the chefs on Starbase Six. Malko has been quoted as saying that Paulo's kiwi trifle "tastes like discovery". Before Malko's promotion to Junior Lieutenant, Malko and Paulo were married.

It proved to be a struggle, for Malko, to perform anything more impressive than his lucky deductive leap with the Ma-aira Thenn relic. He served his department with excellence, but some of his focus was lost in his desire for true greatness. For a time, his career became about education. He transferred between Science teams every few months, and regularly volunteered for projects in fields he knew little about. While he couched his transfers in an effort of self-betterment, he was searching for the field that would best suit him. Malko's focus on his career became all but shattered, when Paulo was diagnosed with Rushton infection. At first, Malko attempted to split his time between his work and tending to Paulo. During the worst of it, Malko took a brief sabbatical from Starfleet.

After Paulo's recovery, Malko returned to his regular duties. Fearing that his career as a Scientist was over -- that he would never produce anything of greater value than when he opened a damn box as an ensign -- Malko chose to better himself as an officer. He was scientifically trained as a generalist, and had accumulated experience in nearly every science department aboard Starbase Six. With an understanding of the work being performed and no true specialty to call his own, he felt that the skill he could best offer Starfleet was the management and facilitation of effective teams. And, overnight, his career became about leadership. He started small, leading a study of Chulan soil samples, and another to assemble star charts for the Thracian system. He was assigned teams of greater prominence, until he was named the team leader of the Chemistry division aboard Starbase Six. In that role, he occasionally served as Acting Chief Science Officer. His accomplishments put his name on the lips of Starfleet brass. When the USS Ishimura became in need of a Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Andreus Malko was selected.

The USS Ishimura, and all of its crew, were recorded as missing, and assumed lost, in June of 2246.

2242 Co-authored an article titled A study of parametric versus non-parametric methods for Ma-aira Thenn paleohabitat simulations.
2244 Co-authored an article titled Could peridotite hydration reactions have provided a contributory driving force for uplift and accelerated subsidence along the margins of Caldonia's Trondelag and Osenvik Sea?
2246 Co-authored an article titled Asymptotic completeness of N-body wave operators.

2241 Commendation for Exceptional Service
2244 Commendation for Original Thinking
2246 Citation for Exceptional Ability