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Waking Up In Wrong Time Part 2

Posted on Thu Mar 8th, 2018 @ 3:25pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Jasper Offermans & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD 05 07:30

Cassie woke slowly her hand automatically reaching out for the warm body beside her before she realised she was in her bunk and there wasn’t enough space. She wasn’t on Earth and this ship wasn’t the Ishimura where she knew her neighbours, knew the safe people. She had known on the Ishimura that the Lieutenant next door to her right had a boyfriend that he was hiding from everyone, she knew the Ensign to right hated the sound of her neighbour on the other sides music, she knew the married couple opposite were secretly hoping for a girl despite the husbands culture of firstborn being a male being more important, more worthwhile. She had known the familiarity of it all, and she knew the most important person normally curled up lying across her bed taking up most of the space leaving her with only the smallest amount of the bed, would still be asleep and would be until ten minutes before his Gamma Watch on the Bridge. He wouldn’t hear her get up, shower or dressing, the only thing that would wake the human in her bed would be the computer. But this wasn’t the Ishimura she knew that without opening her eyes.

She was barely aware of things enjoying the warmth and nice feelings in her body for a few moments before she opened her eyes, blinking hard in the semi-darkness of her sickbay and the faces above her. "What... what is going on?" She demanded trying to sit up but she felt so weak.

Johnathen heard the voice that could warm his heart on an instant. Sitting up on his Biobed, he responded to Cassie's question. "It's okay, Cas. We're safe. We're aboard a civilian vessel, and are being treated in their sickbay." As he spoke, he watched as the medical staff moved towards the woman he loved to treat her.

Lhaes was still busy tending to one of his patients and was unable to respond straight away. He trusted one of his medical staff to respond to her when able.

Cassie looked around panicking as she heard the words - What year was it and then no one answering. "Tell us!" She demanded softly her accent thicker than the crew were used to as a Vulcan.

It was hard to clearly hear the girl as she walked over. Cate had looked to Jasper, Jonathan and Cassie with a gentle concern for them. Walking slowly to Cassie, careful to not further entice her fear, she smiled “Hello there...I’m Dr. Catelyn O’Malley. The year is 2395. And your friend is right, you’re on a civilian vessel. You’re aboard the SS Mary Rose, and are among good people here. You’re safe.” She nodded “Can you tell me your name? Would you mind if I looked you over for a moment? I just want to make sure you’re all right.” She spoke in a gentle, soothing manner.

Cassie barely had time to look at the human before she laid back down looking defeated. She was wearing a ripped uniform and covered in blood, gore and not all of it her own. They all looked a little battered and bruised but Cassie looked worse for wear as she was so tiny.

Jasper still wasn't so sure but for now he was calm and watching what was going on. Like Cassie his uniform was far from pristine and he himself was had been injured during the attack of the cloud creature. They were all lucky to have escaped but at what price and into what exactly he wasn't sure.

"You say it's 2395," Jasper began questioningly. His brow was deeply furrowed as he tried to make his brain wrap around the new facts as they were presented, "that would be nearly a hundred and fifty years in the future. Are you telling us we were not rescued from the transporter loop I set up for that long?"

Johnathen couldn't believe what he was hearing. One hundred and fifty years?!?! How could they have been trapped and lost for so long?! "Excuse me, Captain," he looked at the man who had identified himself as in charge. "What happened to the Ishimura? How did we end up on this ship?"

Reuben had hoped it would be a few more moments before all of these would come out but alas as was the theme of the week so far. The Russain sat down on the biobed where the only female of the group lay and sighed. It would so easy to say that this group were no his responsibility but they were now. "You are on the Ishimura. She's no longer a Starfleet ship." He said softly and clearly thinking they needed to take this slowly, one question at a time.

The operations officer of the group shook his head as he listened in obvious disbelief, "no longer a Starfleet ship?" Jasper glanced around at his fellow survivors and then at Reuben, "is there a Federation still or has that changed as well?"

"Federation is still active. It has grown quite a lot but that can be discussed all in due course." The Captain said softly as he stood up ad looked at the group. They were a rag tag group but they had someone survived what ever had happened on.

Lhaes made his way back to Jasper, after fetching a few sickbay attires from a closet. He handed one to Cate so she could assist Cassie if needed, understanding that a female might feel more comfortable being assisted by another female. A second set he offered to Jasper. "You set the transporter loop?" he asked gently, "can you tell us why you set it?"

"Actually," he began, "I think I was about to when the caption hit me with a phasor, "I think he set the loop." He took in a sigh as he accepted the offered garment, "I'm grateful to be out but why weren't we found sooner? Did no one use the transporter at all?"

Hal couldn't believe his ears. One hundred and what now? he asked himself. He just shook his head in disbelief. Thoughts of home flooded through his brain, it was a bit overwhelming. He focused on the conversation, however.

"I don't think the transporters were working until now," Lhaes mused, "and why did the captain hit you with a phaser?"

"Because he was being an ass and ignoring direct orders," Cassie muttered sitting up against despite the cuts and bruises she was covered in. She had been silently listening to things going on as the doctor spoke calmly to her trying to reassure her when she felt anything other than that.

"That I was," Jasper said looking down, "I wanted to do it, to set the loop. It was important to me and I don't know why." He drew in a deep breath and looked over at Cassie, "not good under pressure I guess." He grimaced a bit and looked down at the red line on his arm, "forgotten I had that."

Following the gaze, Lhaes looked down at the arm. "What did you do to your arm?" he asked.

Jasper looked at the romulan, "I cut it in a Jefferies tube to repair a circuit box," he offered with a sigh as he began to remove his torn tunic revealing other scrapes and lacerations. He looked down at the lot of damage caused during the incident so many years ago, "I can't tell you where all this came from though."

"It's not important where it came from," Lhaes reassured the man, "we can heal this for you in a few seconds if you wish. There's no reason for you to remain in this condition when we can fix you up as good as new. All you have to do is give us the word, all of you." He looked around the small group.

It was then Valiyi decided to step in, older style PaDD in her hands. "We are making every attempt to determine what has happened to the remainder of the crew, but the ship's logs have been scrambled since you were last inhabiting its halls. I have managed to track down quite a bit of information on the ship's status itself, as well as each of your statuses, as well as the status of any relatives, utilizing Starfleet's database... or, what we have access to. If there is someone specific you'd like to speak with or specific information you would like, I would be happy to facilitate in any way I can."

Reuben nodded and took the PaDD from it looking over the information that had been gotten from bio scans and what information. They were all human apart from the woman who was staring at him intently before she turned away to look at one of the comatose crew members.

"We were attacked by a cloud creature," the ship was in disrepair and we....," he paused and shook his head, "we are all that was left."

"Just the four of you?" Lhaes asked, looking from the rescuees to the XO and back at the rescuees.

Johnathen nodded sadly. "Yeah. The Captain sacrificed his own life to get us into the transporter buffer. It was the only way to save us from the Cloud." He slowly sat up and hung his legs over the left side of the biobed.

"Easy there," Lhaes warned, "only get up when you feel well enough and stable enough to do so."

Johnathen nodded slowly and gave an appreciative smile to the Romulan. Perhaps this future wasn't so bad after all. If the Romulans could become friends with Humans in one hundred, fifty years, then the Universe must be a truly peaceful and wonderful place to live in now. "What about our friends?" He tilted his head towards the, still unconscious, crewmates of theirs, laying on the biobeds on the other side of Sickbay.

Cate looked to Johnathen as she took the sickbay attire, ready to hand it to Cassie. "They haven't woken up yet, but we are monitoring them closely," she assured as she walked to Cassie with the attire.

So they were one hundred and fifty years in the past? She tried to digest the information just as quickly as they explained it. "A cloud..." she whispered, shaking her head. She could remember the last disaster she'd been in and this certainly brought back memories "If anything changes, Dr. Sommers and I will know." she replied gently as a strand of the blond hair fell to her cheek. Looking to Cassie, she took in a small breath "I can only imagine how you feel. Once you're cleaned up, your wounds addressed and such...we have food, beverages.. things to help make you feel halfway decent if that's possible from what you went through."

Cassie looked at the offered clothes as she looked at her own tattered uniform. It was the only thing that she had left of 2246 and for a moment she just needed to think it all through, she needed to keep the uniform. "I am fine the way i am." She said in a tone that spoke of her being part Vulcan.

Feeling a little fuzzy again, Johnathen decided to lay back down on his biobed and close his eyes. So much had happened in such a short (for them) time, his brain was starting to hurt from thinking about it all.

"Then at least allow us to drape you in some blankets," Lhaes suggested to Cassie, understanding the desire to stick with the familiar, "you'll be more comfortable. Also...if you like, I'm sure we can get you a new uniform in the same style you're wearing, until you're ready to move on?"

Valiyi looked to the Cassie with a solemn nod, confirming Lhaes' statement. "There should be uniforms stashed away somewhere on the ship. Or, we could find a way to clean yours, if you'd like." Then, she turned to the others. "We can do the same for each of you. And please, let me know if there are any food accommodations, so I can let our lovely chef know what to expect while you all recover."

Johnathen spoke up, "For now, I'd like to remain wearing my uniform, however, if you have a fresh version, it would be appreciated."

"I'll just be glad for somethng clean and in one piece," Jasper said as he glanced around still uncertain what to make of things. He furrowed his brow, "would it be alright for us to take sonic showers when we're done here?"

Cassie took the blanket and wrapped it around herself covering herself up. It was easy to see she was pretty under the grime and blood but the cold look on her face just didn’t suit her at all.

“Thank you.” She whispered remembering to talk Federation standard.

"Just clothes of any kind would be good to be honest. Although a fresh uniform does sound good." he smiled. "I appreciate the thought, thank you."

"We'll make sure you have access to a set of quarters with sonic showers," Valiyi explained, making note of it in her PaDD, "And all clothing requests will be dropped off to said quarters. If there is anything else you need," she continued, turning to leave the Medical Bay, "Please let me know. We will see what we can do."


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