Tour - Deck 12 & 13 - Torpedo Complex

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Torpedo Exhaust Ducting (2), Torpedo Exhaust Vent, Torpedo Casing Storage (2), Torpedo Warhead Locker & Torpedo Launch Tube 1 & 2, Torpedo Launch Bay 1 & 2, Docking Ports 2 & 3

Additional Information

Description Dorsal Deck 12 houses the upper Torpedo Complex. Two Torpedo Casino and Staging Bays hold ten torpedoes each, while the warheads (and variable payload modules) are stowed in the Warhead Locker. Subsequent to being mated to a warhead/payload and fueled, torpedoes are lowered by crane through the well from the Staging Bay to the Launch Bay. Paired exhaust ducts run aft from above the launch tubes to the exhaust vent. The vertical impulse drive feed conduit feed Engineering Core also runs through this deck.

Also known as the Torpedo Deck, Deck 13 houses the Port and Starboard Torpedo Launch Bays. After a torpedo is lowered through the well (the hole in Deck 12) to the conveying assembly, it is subsequently conveyed forward into the launch tube and sealed within. The vertical impulse drive feed conduit Engineering Core runs up between the two launch tubes. Two independent Launch Bays allows the ship to retain torpedo capability even if one bay is destroyed. Launch Bay A has Docking Port 4, while Launch bay B has Docking Port 5.

The SS Mary Rose contains no automation systems for Torpedo operation. It requires at least 4 crew to man the bays if torpedoes are to be use, though under civil operations warheads are not to be carried. The bays are used mostly for probe launching.