Tour - Deck 16 - Work Deck

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Maneuvering Thruster Control, Briefing Room 2, Engineers Office, Engineering Workrooms (5), Engineering Library, Shipfitting Workshop, Diagnostics Workshop, Electronic Workshop, Main Vualt, Hangar Control Gallery, Hangar High-Bay

Additional Information

Description Deck 16 is the main Engineers work deck. The forward section is taken-up by the Thruster Control Room, which monitors all maneuvering and reaction control thrusters, and through which runs the vertical intermix shaft. Two reaction thruster packages are mounted in the forward section, as well as their hydrogen tanks. Here also are the main energizers (which draws-off electrical power from the intermix shaft), and the secondary inertial/sub-space navigational unit. Farther aft are two emergency battery banks. Outboard of these are the offices of the Engineering Department, as well as the Engineering Briefing Room. The Briefing room has been fitted with two food replicators and serves as the Main Hull Mess and Observation Lounge. Farther aft again are the four Engineering Workshops, a pair of Engineer's and Observation Lounges. Also here is a Vaulted Storage room, which is thick built vault installed in what was once the Main Hull mess. Aftermost is the Hangar high-bay, surrounded on three sides by the Observation and Control Gallery, which overlooks the Flight Deck below. The Flight Deck Tractor Beam is located immediately below the center of the Gallery.