Tour - Deck 17 - Right Deck

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Ships Power Distribution, Cargo High-Bay & Catwalk, Docking Port 4 & 5, Damage Control Locker (2), Hangar Bay Complex (Flight Deck, Shuttle Carrousel, Fantail Airlock (2), Force Field Curtain, Shuttle Elevator (2)), Main Hull Automation Control Rooms, Maintenance Workshops

Additional Information

Description Deck 17 is usually referred to as the Right Deck, although the Hangar takes-up only the aftermost third. The forward section of the deck is the Power Distribution Room, which assigns and regulates power to all internal systems, and monitors all energizers and power sources. Also in this section is the life-support systems for Decks 7-14, two emergency battery banks, the automation control rooms for the main hull system, and a pair of force-field generators, which provide defense for the starboard and port flanks of the Secondary Hull. Amidships is the Cargo high-bay, girded by a pair of catwalks, with bridges extending inwards to the two free-standing turbolifts, and outwards to Docking Ports 6 and 7. Two Damage Control Lockers also adjoin the Cargo high-bay. Aft of this is the Hangar Bay Complex. A pair of large enclosed elevators open out onto the Flight Deck, and are large enough for any auxiliary craft. The Right Deck itself extends aft to the hangar doors. To each side are a pair of Parking Bays (for Workbees), and a pair of Airlocks which open onto the exterior tail. A force-field curtain serves to keep the Hangar Bay pressurized even when the doors are open. This barrier can be penetrated by auxiliary craft entering or exiting the Hangar Bay.