Tour - Deck 21 - Reactor Deck

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Reactor Complex (Reactor, Intermix Shaft Foot, Antimatter Bottles (24), Matter Reserve Tanks (2), Bussard Collectors (2)), Swimming Pool Low-Bay, Jacuzzi Pool Low Bay, Pool Water Storage Tanks (4)

Additional Information

Description Deck 21 is also known as the Reactor Deck. The Reactor Bay holds the main matter/antimatter reactor, twenty-four antimatter storage bottles, and the bottom of the vertical intermix shaft Engineering Core. Immediately forward of this is the bottom engineering sensor. Aft of the Reactor Bay is the retractable tractor beam. flanked by two bussard collectors, which gather interstellar hydrogen, process it, and refill all internal hydrogen and deuterium tanks (including their built-in deuterium matter reserve tanks for the main reactor). Farther aft is the life-support system for Decks 18-21. the pool low-bays, and the four pool water storage tanks, with a flash-pump (In the event of a Yellow Alert, both pools are emptied).