Tour - Deck 4 - Main Berths

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Department Heads Quarters, Undisclosed Holds.

Additional Information

Description What was once two labs has been converted into two specialized undisclosed cargo-holds, these are fitted with aftermarket walls preventing scanning of the interior and making them perfect for smuggling operations. The entryways into these holds are hidden and look like normal corridor walls.

Eight single Officer's Quarters surround these in a ring. These Quarters consist of a sleeping room (1 bed) and a living room, separated by a sliding transparent aluminum partition. A private refresher room adjoins each sleeping room, and includes a head (toilet/bidet), sink/counter, jacuzzi tub, sonic shower, and laundry unit. A walk-in closet and locker are located behind the sleeping and living rooms.

Outboard of the quarters are the three pair of phaser units, plus the life-support systems for Decks 1-4. There are also four emergency battery banks on this deck.