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Name Kravik

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-Vulcan hybrid
Age 34
Date of Birth 337718.525
Place of Birth Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 M
Weight 91 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kravik has a decent athletic build, as he does light training a few times a week. He is atringwr than he appears, attributing his uncanny strength to constantly lifting heavy items. His ears are more rounded than traditionally seen half vulcans but his leaness and height are quite Vulcan. Kravik has multiple scars across most of his covered body from his time spent as an Orion slave.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Tariss
Other Family Katrina Ristova - Niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kravik doesn't have much for morals or care what most others think if him or his way of life. However, beneath it all, he has a distaste of bad manners and people who use violence as a way to oppress people.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Cool composure
+ Knows how to blend in with the scum of the galaxy
+ Good business sense/haggler
+Quick learner of languages

- Hard-edged
- Prefers to be alone usually
- Night terrors
- Pain killer addiction
Ambitions Kravik just wants to be left alone to continue his successful business and to stay out of the way of any syndicate/business rivalries.
Hobbies & Interests Scheming up new wats to make more money
Freehand drawing
Sexual Orientation Straight
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Orion, Ferengi


Personal History Kravik was born to a prominent Vulcan woman that was an accomplished and respected anthropologist. However due to his conception being result of a Savage attacked by a group of marauders upon a far distant world, he was far from accepted only by his own mother but also his birth family and relatives. Kravik was a bastard child, and was seen as too human, with even his ears even more rounded than most half-vulcans. He was hidden from view for most of his toddler years and into adolescence as the family wanted his identity and hybrid blood undisclosed. Even his schooling was done at home, in private.

Kravik’s mother was seldom around and when he turned 14, Kravik had enough and fled his home under the darkness of a moonless night. He found his way to a starport and stowed himself away on a small freighter, where he hid for three days, surviving on scraps and dirty water.

The vessel was ambushed by an orion pirate gang and after the entire crew was brutally executed by the pirates, Kravik was found by the orion matriarch that ruled over the gang. Preshre found herself attracted to the teenager and took him as her personal slave. While the perks of having Preshre as his slaver were many, there were many cons to it as well. Kravik was beaten everyday, and sometimes shared amongst Preshre’s other favorite slaves, or rented out to prominent business partners to help seal a backroom deal.

Four years he lived this life, not knowing if he would ever have a better life. Finally, it happened. Preshre grew bored of Kravik and sold him at a slave market on the Orion homeworld to a group of Ferengis. This transaction would change his life forever and allow himself to work and buy his freedom. The ferengi found Kravik’s strength and height as an asset and pit him to work on the ship as a mechanic, teaching him a trade...and how to trade with others, the ferengi way. He was also used as the debt collector for Losrak and his men and was schooled the finer points of blackmaIl and money laundering. For a 19 year old reject, this was the perfect job.
When Kravik was 22, he finally was able to pay off his servitude and became a full fledged member of the crew and by the time he reached 30, Kravik had saved enough to get into business for himself and to purchase his own small freighter. Kravik still worked closely with Losrak, using his own scrap metal business to launder money and transport contraband.

For three years he ran a successful business and even managed to find his way back to Preshre and her gang, but this time as a businessman. One thing Kravik still hated was seeing slavery treated as a commodity, instead of the barbarism it often was. One slave of one of Kravik’s customers has caught his eye. She young and attractive and Kravik knew all too well what type of life she was living. Normally he would just ignore the circumstances and go one about his way, making money on shady deals….but this time something happened. Kravik arranged through some fast talking and tap dancing to have the slave included into the deal.

Kravik never mistreated her, never touched her or treated her disrespectfully. He gave her her own private quarters, bought her new clothes and kept her fed. But, she was a runner and a poor liar to boot. Kravik paid handsomely for official records to be forged stating she was his niece and that Kravik was her legal guardian, even as an adult, due to a traumatic psychiatric illness as a result of seeing family brutally murdered. He also had the young woman's wrists branded by a dermal imprinting device. Kravik knew that if she were to escape and get picked up by someone else, she would be back to a living hell.

Kravik wished to one day make his way ro the Sol System and set her free, but his lifestyle and the bounty in his head made such a trip difficult, at best.

Katrina again has fled, and this time Kravik didn't expect it. He needed to find her, and needed to do so quickly. With his ship impounded, the only way he was going to find Katrina was to hopefully find out where she went, and then find passage on a vessel to go get her...again.
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