The Sim

Welcome aboard the SS Mary Rose, a pastiche of a ship hailing from an era bygone, past checkered and history dubious. In all rights, she should have been moored in a museum, stripped of her warp core, drained of her chattels and propped onto a pole, a lifeless husk on display.

Yet the SS Mary Rose has a tireless manner of slipping through the tight noose of fate, her history managing to have her plucked from her quietude and salvaged by a greedy merchant with an eye for earnings.

Dragged from her stationary cradle adrift in the void, The SS Mary Rose is once more venturing the black. Now crewed by drifters and outcasts - those for whom 'home' is now the decades-old vessel, the Mary Rose has been cast into a different role. Casting off the supposed protection of Starfleet, the crew have begun to discover a different calling. A calling to live up to older ideals - sticking up for the oppressed or aiding those in need. Unable to do this alone, the crew have turned to the one place where they might find others like themselves. The Fenris Rangers.


2016 - February - IFO - Bronze
2016 - May - IFO - Gold
2016- December - IFO - Bronze
2017 -October - TF72 - Gold