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Making a supply pick-up from a Fenris Rangers cache on a remote planet, the SS Mary Rose discovers a crashed Orion slaver ship on the surface. Alarmingly, it appears the survivors of the crash were an assortment of alien races abducted from various pre-warp worlds across the fringes of known space. These survivors have built a settlement for themselves out of the crashed ship, though with virtually no understanding of advanced technology or warp travel, they remain trapped on the planet with no way home.

Now, however, this surviving settlement has discovered the Rangers’ cache of supplies and weapons and taken them for themselves, presenting the crew with a problem; the supplies are needed elsewhere, but how should they approach these settlers, who have a natural distrust of outsiders?

Some of the Rosie crew are wary of the Prime Directive, despite not being in Starfleet’s mandate. Yet the more pragmatic would suggest the supplies belong to the Rangers and are needed elsewhere…


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USS Cosmos' journey from the Beta Antares Shipyards and beyound

Mirror Mirror

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Rosie Mirror Universe/ Also known as the shattered universe as they tried to get back at the crew of SS Mary Rose for evading them without letting on to the Empire that they’ve had an incursion.


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This mission is for those posts that not only doesn't fit the timeline but also don't fit the ship.

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War Games

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Task Force 72 Exercises 2395

Mission 1 - Bridges

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Barton barters for the purchase of abandoned SS Mary Rose. Once acquired, the search for able hands to man her begins.


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During a mission to support the Fenris Rangers in dealing with a pirate base and some very familiar faces and a familiar ship, a device in the grotto goes haywire. Time starts to break in different parts of the ship - some regressing to earlier points in the ship's history, others into the future. Will they be able to complete the mission despite the chaos that has been brought onto the ship?

Mission 2 - Contagion

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The Crew of SS Mary Rose decide to explore the dark recess looking for a faulty power conduct that keep making the lights come on and off throughout the ship. Upon entering a secretive vaulted store a strange dust cloud is released covering the crew. In side they find all kinds of things left by the collector, the previous owner of the Mary Rose. What else is released that has been sealed for the past twenty years??

Mission 3 - Negligence

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Starfleet Intelligence finally manages to get a message to Rueben that they have a mission for the ship. Despite Rueben trying to ignore the message they are sent to Deep Space Nine's abandoned sister space station, Empok Nor under the guise of retrieving parts for an independent buyer when in fact them are retrieving information and parts from the station abandoned nearly twenty years before on behalf of Starfleet.


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Before Voyager, Before the Enterprise there was Ishimura.

Mission 4 - Combustion

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An explosion has gone off in the cargo bay destroying the cargo that SS Mary Rose was carrying. Who caused it? And why do the owners of the cargo seem not to be worried that they no longer have the items they were travelling with for the wedding of their daughter?

Mission 5 - Liberation

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After a few routine cargo hauls the crew of SS Mary Rose start to open up more areas of the ship as the crew grows. After starting repairs on the oldest area of the ship to open up more areas for use, the crew start to hear random voices all over the ship repeating the phrase ‘Don’t let it out’. What is it? Why are voices suddenly whispering about it? And worst of all why does the computer suddenly think there are three more bio signatures on the ship than there actually is?

Mission 6 - Azzia

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With a few eventful months behind them, the crew of SS Mary Rose are given shore leave to recover and rest up after a medical delivery to Azzia – a planet very unlike anyone has seen before.

Mission 7 - Sabotage

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The SS Mary Rose is dead in the water with the warp core offline. No one can figure out why but things just aren’t right onboard her and haven’t been since Azzia. Suspicions and accusations are getting out of hand that there is a saboteur onboard when the ship starts moving again but the helm is locked out.

Mission 8 - Shattered

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There have always been rumours of alternative universes and parallel worlds but nothing will prepare the Civilian Crew of SS Mary Rose for this newest threat to their ship and survival. Having been dragged to an Alternative Universe by the saboteurs. Unaware of what they have been holding in the Grotto or how much the alternate universe has been influencing them since the moment Gregnol took the ship over they are ill prepared for the might of the Imperial Starfleet vessels surrounding them and their doppelgangers. How are they going to get home?

Mission 9 - Daucina

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It has been six months since the fateful adventure in the Alternative Universe. People have come and gone but the crew of SS Mary Rose continue to strive to make a way for themselves in the universe. A delivery of soil from Phados IV to Daucina Prime has given everyone a chance to take some much needed rest and relaxation

Mission 10 - Temperance

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SS Mary Rose comes across a Derelict Yeager-type ship. It is perfect to replace the ageing ship that seems to no longer want to work the way that it has always done but is all as it seems when things start to go bump on the new ship

Mission 11 - Prospecting

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SS Mary Rosie is contracted to deliver cargo to a remote civilian mining colony, part of the cargo is actually illicit goods being smuggled to a non-federation species. Who is the owner of the goods and why are they smuggling them using SS Mary Rose of all ships?

Events quickly unravel when the Captain disappears in what seems like a violent struggle with blood found. What are the crew going to do with the illicit goods and how are they going to find Gregnol?

Mission 12 - Railway

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The crew of Rosie are tasked with delivering items to a refugee world when they get word from the Fenris Rangers that they need help searching for a refugee ship. On the way to the meeting point of another ship tasked to assist with the search, the crew find them in an awkward situation of swapping bodies with other members of the crew. How did that happen and how do they fix it back to allow them to their jobs?

Mission 13: Stowaway

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Ferengi Merchants have requested and paid the crew of SS Mary Rose to deliver cargo to Betazed. They are using outside handlers to avoid FCA taxes and bribes but little do the crew know what is inside until they are attacked and the shipment opened to reveal a stowaway. Do they give her up to the invaders for the supplies they need desperately to save a crew member's life or do they protect the stowaway and blow the chance they have been looking for?

Mission 14: Holoworld

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Following a distress call from a nearby moon the crew of the SS Mary Rose follow the signal taking them off course from picking up their newest cargo delivery. They discover a fully working holodeck-hotel ship the ‘SS Holoworld’; intact apart from the engines that were damaged on impact. Deciding to do a little scavenging from the ship to see if they can find the medicine they need they beam onboard.

This eventually leads the crew to discover that the holographic ‘hosts’ malfunctioned and caused the damage that crashed the ship. These hosts soon turn on their new guests...

Mission 15: Adrift

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After a catastrophic engineering breakdown, the SS Mary Rose is suddenly cast completely adrift - without main power, engines, and minimal life support. Worse still, the ship is on a collision course with a powerful ion storm about to enter the system.

Stuck on the fringes of an abandoned solar system, their only hope is to ride the storm out while a remote shuttle eases them through the worst of the storm. With minimal supplies and only limited power, the crew must huddle together in one deck of the ship to survive until they can safely restore systems.

Mission 16: Hysperia

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It has been a long three months since SS Mary Rose limped to the nearest planet and caught up with the captain after successfully gaining enough credits via the Fenris Rangers to fix the ship. They have been working hard and are at the end of a dry dock on the ship when the Harvest Festival of Hysperia happens.

Whilst the final last few things get done on the ship the crew get some very needed downtime after the last couple of months and think on their many options for the future.