SS Mary Rose    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   Main Bridge, Upper Navigational Sensor Array, Forward & Lateral Nav Sensors, VIP Docking Port (Docking Port 1)
Deck 2 - Executive Block   Briefing Room, Captains Study, XO's Office
Deck 3 - Mess and Lounge   Dining Mess, Observation Lounge, Wardroom, Kitchen
Deck 4 - Main Berths   Department Heads Quarters, Undisclosed Holds.
Deck 5 - Lodgings   Main Computer Memory Banks & Core, Turbolift Maintenance Garage, VIP Quarters, Main Crew Quarters, 2 Undisclosed Holds
Deck 6 - Main Holds   Damage Control Lockers, Crew Bar, Converted Livestock Holds, Storage Lockers, Water Pumps and Tanks, Impulse Drive and Over-ride controls, Deuterium Tankage, Formal Center, Chapel, Observation Deck.
Deck 7 - Facilities Block   Transporter Rooms 1 & 2, Armory, Security Complex (Brig Cell (8), Control, Lounge, Staging Room), Sickbay Complex (ICU, Morgue and Stasis Lockers, Doctors Office, Convalescent ward, Pathology), Auxiliary Bridge, Computer Archival Memory, Impulse Engineering, Converted Cargo Holds, Converted Life stock Holds, Recreation Center, Environmental Engineering, Computer Archival Memory, Fusion Reaction Control
Deck 8 - Automation   Dorsal/Primary Hull Lock, Phaser Control Rooms, Evacuation Transporter, Airlock Complex (Airlock, Lower Hull Hatch, Staging Room, Maintenance Workshop, Damage Control Workshop, Damage Control Locker), Communications Bay, Astrophysics Lab, Standard Lab, Saucer Hull Automation Control Room, Phaser Control, Computer Core.
Deck 9   Water Reclamation Center, Emergency Life Support, Observation Gallery (3)
Deck 10   Science Sensor Arrays (4), Fire-Control Sensor Array, Sensor Bay
Deck 9,10,11   Dorsal Segments
Deck 12 & 13 - Torpedo Complex   Torpedo Exhaust Ducting (2), Torpedo Exhaust Vent, Torpedo Casing Storage (2), Torpedo Warhead Locker & Torpedo Launch Tube 1 & 2, Torpedo Launch Bay 1 & 2, Docking Ports 2 & 3
Deck 14 - Aft Thrusters   Main Aft Thruster Controls, Various Engineering Equipment
Deck 15 - Main Engineering   Warp Drive Engineering Complex (Intermix Shaft Head, Nacelle Energy Conduit, Dilithium Chamber, Nacelle Energy Conduit Split), Flight Control
Deck 16 - Work Deck   Maneuvering Thruster Control, Briefing Room 2, Engineers Office, Engineering Workrooms (5), Engineering Library, Shipfitting Workshop, Diagnostics Workshop, Electronic Workshop, Main Vualt, Hangar Control Gallery, Hangar High-Bay
Deck 17 - Right Deck   Ships Power Distribution, Cargo High-Bay & Catwalk, Docking Port 4 & 5, Damage Control Locker (2), Hangar Bay Complex (Flight Deck, Shuttle Carrousel, Fantail Airlock (2), Force Field Curtain, Shuttle Elevator (2)), Main Hull Automation Control Rooms, Maintenance Workshops
Deck 18 - Atmospheric   Deflector Beam Emitter, Main Deflector Control, Emergency Environmental Control, Main Environmental Control, Cargo Mid-Bay & Catwalk, Parking Bay 1 (Shuttle craft Parking, Travel Pod Parking)
Deck 19 - Cargo Deck   Fusion Reactor Control, Secondary Hull Bridge, Secondary Sensor Control, Emergency Automation back-ip and Computer Core back-up, Cargo Complex (Cargo Containers (224), Cargo Transporters, Parking Bay 2
Deck 20 - Earth Dock   Reactor Control, hydroponics bay, Botanical Lab and storage, Personal Transporter 3, Ships Library, Pool Complex (Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi Pool, Pool Dock, sunning deck)
Deck 21 - Reactor Deck   Reactor Complex (Reactor, Intermix Shaft Foot, Antimatter Bottles (24), Matter Reserve Tanks (2), Bussard Collectors (2)), Swimming Pool Low-Bay, Jacuzzi Pool Low Bay, Pool Water Storage Tanks (4)