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During a mission to support the Fenris Rangers in dealing with a pirate base and some very familiar faces and a familiar ship, a device in the grotto goes haywire. Time starts to break in different parts of the ship - some regressing to earlier points in the ship's history, others into the future. Will they be able to complete the mission despite the chaos that has been brought onto the ship?

Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am
End Date Mon May 20th, 2024 @ 8:20pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
One and a Half Orions Walk into a Bar
by Chief Comms Rivek & Beya
2397 SS Mary Rose - Bar
Not All Doom And Gloom
by Jeassaho Kea (*) & Dr. Izriel "Jaxx" Lonn
Jan 2398 Observation Lounge
Practically Concocting A Kidnapping
by Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*) & Owen Mathieson
Present - After Fractures ends Ships Bar
Moment Of Levity
by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson (*) & Executive Officer Jake Ford
Jan 2398 Crew Quarters
What We Became
by Chief Helmsman Kalahaeia t'Leiya & Richard Hale
Fracture SS Mary Rose
Insider Information
by Jeassaho Kea (*) & Delaney O'Callaghan
January 2398 Messhall
The time travel police MISSION END
by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein
Jan 2398 Crew Quarters
Return to the fight MISSION END
by Leiddem Kea (*) & Nollel Livaam (*) & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Jake Ford & Delaney O'Callaghan & Teresa Forrest & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein & Chief Comms Rivek & Chief Helmsman Kalahaeia t'Leiya & Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin
Present Bridge / Engineer
What Of Those Left Behind Part 2
by Nollel Livaam (*) & Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*) & Teresa Forrest & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein & Chief Comms Rivek & Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin & Oliver Lucas & Owen Mathieson
Present Grotto
Regretful Rangers
by Indigo (*) & Taev Mirok & Dodai Yaari & Captain Kaylin Jaal
Jan 2398 Freecloud
A Little Time Change Could Do Us Good
by Executive Officer Jake Ford & Chief Helmsman Kalahaeia t'Leiya & Liha t'Ehhelih
First encounter with Temperance and SoC SS Mary Rose, Corridor
Zero G Springwine
by Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin & Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*)
Jan 2398
Does It Always Hurt The Second Time?
by Executive Officer Jake Ford & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson (*) & Captain Sebastian Deauvuex (*)
Past USS Ishimura
Ghosts of Christmas Present
by Teresa Forrest & Laurier Cami
After "Ghosts of Christmas Past" SS Mary Rose - Engineering
A Moment Of Peace
by Nollel Livaam (*) & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein
Hydroponics Bay
What Of Those Left Behind Part 1
by Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*) & Teresa Forrest & Chief Comms Rivek & Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin & Owen Mathieson
Present SS Mary Rose
Breaking the Looking Glass
by Evelyn Reynolds & Oliver Lucas
Future SS Mary Rose, Sickbay
What Comes to Pass
by Delaney O'Callaghan & Jeassaho Kea (*)
Future Fracture SS Mary Rose, decomissioned
Fixing Mr. Burnstein
by Liha t'Ehhelih & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein
2424 and everywhen else Mary Rose
Lost Eloquence
by Delaney O'Callaghan & Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*)
Jan 2398 SS Mary Rose
Moment of Stability
by Liha t'Ehhelih & Nollel Livaam (*)
a near future Lounge
Simple but effective
by Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*) & Teresa Forrest
December 2397 Rec Room
Look What The Cat Dragged In Part 3
by Indigo (*) & Dodai Yaari
Jan 2398 Freecloud
Blood Splattered Moments
by Leiddem Kea (*) & Delaney O'Callaghan
Present The Grotto
Old Habits
by Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin & Taev Mirok

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