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Chief Comms Rivek

Name Rivek

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Chief Comms

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Orion
Age 29
Date of Birth June 20th, 2368
Place of Birth Epharia City, Jerichon

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rivek stands out with his unique blend of Vulcan and Orion features. He has a subtle olive-green skin tone. His eyes are sharp and expressive. His hair is kept shorter and neat. He is tall and has a strong build, a result of his rigorous training. He stands with regal form, much like other Vulcans. He typically keeps a stoic expression, but it's not unusual to see a smirk.

In terms of attire, Rivek prefers clothes that are both functional and stylish, often wearing outfits that allow him to move freely and react quickly. Even in his less formal moments, there's a sense of intentionality in his presentation, with every item chosen for a reason, be it for comfort, utility, or a nod to his heritage.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Father Unknown
Mother T'vyk

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rivek has the stoic gravitas of his Vulcan side, but the clever charm of his Orion side. He follows the basic principles of the way of logic but finds it cumbersome for areas outside of emotional suppression. If a person presses hard enough, he will snap. He doesn't always result in anger (although it's not rare that he does) but can shut down and turn contemplative. He isn't a trusting person. Those who can crack his hard heart end up with the most loyal companion. It isn't rare to see him make a joke or flirt, but it does take a while for him to get acquainted before he does. He is deeply empathetic and can never turn down a call for help. However, his strong sense of justice makes it hard for him to feel bad for those who deserve what they get.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rivek's Vulcan heritage affords him a logical and analytical approach to problem-solving. He's able to detach from situations emotionally to make clear-headed decisions, often seeing solutions others might miss. His Orion side brings adaptability and creativity, allowing him to think outside the box and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This makes him particularly good at improvisation and handling unexpected challenges. His early exposure to various languages and cultures has made him an excellent communicator. He's able to negotiate, persuade, and understand others well, making him an effective diplomat and strategist.

The continuous struggle between his Vulcan logic and Orion emotions can lead to internal conflict, making it difficult for him to reconcile his feelings with his actions at times. This can lead to periods of self-doubt or indecision. Once Rivek has made up his mind, especially if he's arrived at a conclusion logically, he can be quite stubborn. This steadfastness is generally a strength, but it can also blind him to alternative perspectives or new information. His strong sense of justice and personal code can sometimes lead him to take on more than he can handle, feeling responsible for situations that might be beyond his control. This can lead to unnecessary risks or a tendency to push himself too hard.
Ambitions Above all, Rivek wants a world of peace and equity. He sees the pain of the galaxy and wants to do what it takes to make it even just a bit better. Justice is important to him, and it is only logical that everyone gets the proper consequences for their actions.
Hobbies & Interests Calligraphy, Linguistics, Art and Design, Tea-drinking, Cultural Exchange, Swimming, Holonovels, Velocity, Parrises squares
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Vulcan, English, Romulan, Ferengi


Personal History Upbringing
Rivek was born in the bustling metropolis of Epharia City on the planet Jerichon. It was a port city in the Beta Quadrant just within Syndicate territory. His mother, T'vyk, held staunch adherence to Vulcan principles and logic. All Rivek knew of his father was that he was just "some Orion pilot." They lived in a small flat in the Wards District of the city.

Below the flat was his mother's shop–a quaint yet popular Vulcan teahouse. It had no name, so it was known to locals as "T'vyks." Between its vast array of tea offerings and meditative atmosphere against the neon bustle, it earned a dedicated patronage. As with Jerichon, customers of all sorts of backgrounds and species come through. His mother encouraged a toddler-aged Rivek to pick up the different languages so he could help out in the business when he was older.

Even from a young age, he struggled with the emotional turmoil of intense Vulcan emotions with his Orion half. When he was old enough, his mother enrolled him in a boarding school that taught Surak's philosophy. It was in a remote part of Jerichon, so his only contact with non-Vulcans was when he returned home between semesters. He was ostracized, not because he was the only hybrid Vulcan, but the only Orion. He found himself in fights often. By the age of eight, Rivek was on the brink of expulsion. Generally, he could suppress his emotions, but there was no inhibition if he got pushed too far.

An instructor introduced him to calligraphy. Rivek took well to it, learning more than just Vulcan text but English, Orion, Romulan, and Ferengi. He also developed his art skills. Rivek became an exceptional sketcher, even from a young age. It wasn't long before he got into digital holography art, using inspiration from the advertisements around Epharia City. Despite these newfound interests, Rivek struggled with others in the learning center. When he was twelve, another student inferred his mother's lewdness in taking up an "Orion callboy" as it was the "only logical conclusion" to his parentage. The insult caused Rivek to fall into a blind fury. He beat the boy so severely that he had to be taken far off to a medical facility and get minor reconstruction surgery.

Rivek was immediately expelled and sent home. He arrived before his mother got the communication, which was a circumstance that changed Rivek's life. He arrived home to the teahouse, which was closed for the day. His mother was nowhere to be found. However, there was a body leaned over on the tables that greeted him. The Bolian man was in death throes, and by the time Rivek approached him, he fell over dead.

His mother came from the back-of-house. She seemed more surprised by Rivek's appearance than the dead body. T'vyk sent her son to his room while she cleaned up the dead body. Rivek reeled. The endorphins from the fight at school and the sight of the dead body made him panic. He found his mother again, where she was merely wiping away any remains of the man. She explained to him that the teahouse was only one of her business ventures. She was also an assassin-for-hire.

This revelation was a hard one for Rivek to comprehend. Yet, his life got more manageable after it. He attended an average public school in the city. He made friends of all kinds there. There were even people there who wanted to be his friends, not thinking twice about him being a hybrid. He worked the teahouse after school. His mom kept her other profession out of sight, so it was easy to ignore it most days. However, he kept tight suspicion of her late-night incursions.

During this time, he asked his mother a lot about the contracts she got. She always brushed him off or would get into details about how she executed a target. Rivek inquired about his father. She gave no identity but a token of remembrance. It was an ancient Orion compass that marked star systems. Rivek couldn't recognize any of the constellations. He graduated at 16. Per law, he had mandatory service in the Jerichon Military.

Years of Service
Rivek's first three months were for training and conditioning. He and fellow 16-year-old initiatives spent their days going through drills and learning technical skills. While he already knew a few classmates from school, his assigned group was people from other Jerichon areas. The relationships with the others extended past comrades and became friends.

Rivek found an affinity for communication network security. Superiors noticed it, and his assignment was in encryption and comms. A few of his friends were stationed in Epharia City security alongside him. Time was interesting then. Jerichon was a haven for those who passed the initial check. With the impending supernova, Romulan refugees became commonplace. It was an easy planet to disappear.

It became a refugee crisis. Aside from his surveillance assignments, Rivek found himself in between many disputes between locals and the new neighbors. He was able to see the dark result of the approaching disaster. Thousands of people were trying to make a life away from everything they knew. And for every thousand, there was one who was a criminal.

The military's response was harsh. Refugees were targeted as threats, even if unverified. Rivek spent countless days translating transmissions between Romulans and others. Most messages were mundane, but surveillance was in the best interest of free society. Other times, they had him forcefully remove families from the area. He often objected but was met with consequences like off-duty solitary confinement. He tracked his superior's comms and discovered she was being bought out to remove those people. Rivek tried to expose her, but he was met with disregard. It was rampant.

At the end of his tenure, the star went supernova. Billions died, and Jerichon was at the forefront of the disaster. Rivek departed and returned to the teahouse. For a while, he merely worked as a server at the shop. Slowly, he became more interested in his mother's work. He asked about targets, how she evaded surveillance, communicated with clients under the radar, and never got caught by local law. She offered him an arrangement to help her with her business. Rivek agreed.

Business Ventures and Vigilantism
His first assignments were target assessments, planning, stealth tactics, and escape strategies. Sometimes, he worked remotely; sometimes, he was alongside his mom. She did the dirty work, and he did the hacking. At first, he was opposed to his mother's callousness. She liked a clean kill, using poison or undetectable weaponry. One time, a contract went south. Rivek had to do what was necessary. He eliminated the target.

After that, he realized the assassin business wasn't for him. To help atone for his choices, he decided to try to help the refugees. He left the teahouse and rented a small studio in the heart of the city. There, he set up a communications station. He would use advertisements he made to steal or corrupt data from individuals. Rivek wasn't above using it for blackmail or profit. He would turn that money to improve his tech or to help those less fortunate.

He slowly built a network of like-minded individuals. Some were techies like him. Others liked getting their hands dirty for the better of the community. His mission grew bigger than the Romulans. Now, he was there to improve any innocent lives in Epharia City. He kept his identity secret and was given the alias "Shadow Arbiter" by those he worked with.

Most of his work was remote. He would occasionally show up in person to receive or give payment. He also helped fund the official Refugee Development Project with the money he earned. Rivek wanted to put his name on his work. He got listed as a donor. His project was going well for a time. The military discovered him. His friend from his service was able to use the information for his donation and link him to the Shadow Arbiter.

Every bit of information on him leaked to the public: his name, his purchases, what movie he watched on the weekend, his dating profile, any transmission that went through his server. Embarrassment was the least of his worries. He became one of the most wanted persons on Jerichon. He needed out quickly.

His mother called in a favor to have him taken off-planet. It was the first time Rivek had left Jerichon. It was only a short time until he found a new home where he could use his skills for good and on a larger scale. He found solace in the SS Mary Rose.
Service Record 2384-2387: Jerichon Military - Mandatory Service - Communications and Surveillance Reconnaissance