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Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin

Name Rormu Yazlin

Position Chief Armory Officer

Rank Chief Armoury

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 28
Date of Birth 2370
Place of Birth Lasuma, Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 1.65m
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Yazlin possesses a captivating and rugged allure that demands attention and exudes confidence. With her well-toned physique, she stands as a testament to strength and resilience. She moves with a self-assured grace, each step and gesture a reflection of her unyielding spirit.

Her sharp, angular features are framed by a cascade of raven-black hair that falls in untamed waves around her face if kept unchecked, which she rarely does. More usually tied back into a sloppy bun, the loose bangs give her an air of fierce determination. Yazlin's dark, expressive eyes mirror a depth of emotion, capable of revealing both vulnerability and unwavering resolve in equal measure.

A dusting of sun-kissed skin speaks of outdoor adventures, and a few scattered scars hint at a life lived on the edge. Her attire tends towards practicality, favouring clothes that allow freedom of movement. Whether clad in worn leather jackets or utilitarian combat gear, she effortlessly channels a mix of urban edge and untamed wilderness.

Yazlin chooses to wear her traditional D'ja pagh, as she believes it’ll guide her soul to the celestial temple should worse comes to worse.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Father Rormu Kinsho
Mother Rormu (née Ito) Glaiwen
Brother(s) Rormu Mawac (26)
Rormu Rozdan (21)
Sister(s) Rormu Eteyae (27)
Rormu Ijal (22)
Rormu Domi (17)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yazlin, the eldest of six siblings, grew up in a bustling household where she bore significant responsibilities from an early age. This upbringing molded her into an independent individual who approaches everything with a self-reliant mindset. While she understands the value of teamwork, her experiences have accustomed her to structured hierarchies and rigid procedures. This inclination for structured collaboration carried over into her time as a mercenary, providing her with a sense of clarity and guidance amidst the chaos.
Strengths & Weaknesses Yazlin's fierce independence drives her to assist those who can fend for themselves but seek her guidance. She believes in teaching others to fish rather than simply providing them with fish. However, her support comes with an expectation of active participation from the recipients. Her father's background as a resistance fighter instilled in her a deep-seated distrust of authority figures, particularly Cardassians. Although she has managed to temper this xenophobia in recent times, it still lurks beneath the surface, occasionally resurfacing in moments of stress or tension.
Ambitions When Yazlin joined the Bajoran militia she was promised exotic locales and bonds for life. With the relative peace that has endured during her time with the organisation, what she got was a lot of sitting around on guard duty for sectors of Bajor nobody was interested in taking. Which is why her drive for adventure and the unknown remains one of her biggest driving forces and what drove her into mercenary work.
Hobbies & Interests Yazlin's upbringing was instrumental in shaping her diverse set of skills and hobbies. Her father's teachings in outdoor survival skills, paired with her early responsibility of cooking for her family, cultivated a unique talent for creating delicious meals from meagre resources. She takes great pride in her culinary prowess, often utilising it as a means to form connections with others. However, her true passion lies in the great outdoors. Whether she's hiking through dense forests, scaling rugged mountains, or traversing desolate deserts, Yazlin revels in the peace and detachment from the chaotic world of spacecraft and stations. Her most closely guarded hobby is woodcarving, a craft she honed during extended sojourns in the wilderness with her father. Her particular talent lies in sculpting lifelike animals from blocks of wood, a skill that showcases her artistic side
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Language(s) Spoken Bajoran, Federation Standard, Cardassian


Personal History Yazlin was born into a Bajor struggling to rebuild after the devastating Cardassian Occupation. The scars of nearly six decades of oppression lingered in the hearts of her people, fostering a deep-seated resentment. Her parents, who had dedicated their lives to the resistance, settled into a quiet rural existence, instilling in their children a profound pride in Bajoran culture and traditions.

Life on their ranch soon became a bustling affair as more siblings joined the fold, with Eteyae arriving shortly after Yazlin, and Mawak following a year later. This trio formed the first wave of the Rormu kids, growing up in a nurturing and affectionate environment. Yazlin's memories are coloured by the constant presence of her siblings, with the occasional strain among the adults in their village being the only reason her parents didn't immediately add to their brood. When she was just six years old, another sibling arrived, and a year later, yet another, gradually dawning on the older children the responsibility that would come to define their upbringing – tending to the ranch, earning their keep, and seeking their parents' attention.

By the time the youngest of the Rormu children arrived, Yazlin was already deeply entrenched in the household chores, supporting her parents in maintaining order and managing the ranch. This upbringing cultivated in her a profound sense of independence and a resolute can-do spirit. It was during her early teens that her father embarked on a crucial aspect of her education, imparting survival skills and weapon handling. She came to understand that this was rooted in his fear – a fear that the Cardassians, or some other occupying force, might return, and that the Bajoran people would once again have to fight for their homeland.

Upon completing middle school, Yazlin made the bold decision to enlist in the Bajoran militia, a path her father was unable to pursue due to injuries sustained during his time in the resistance. Her hope was to honour her father's legacy and make him proud, yet this decision stirred up a complex mix of emotions in him. As the fiercely protective patriarch, he was apprehensive about his firstborn following in his footsteps. However, beneath his concerns, he couldn't help but support her.

Yazlin's familiarity with firearms, courtesy of her father's earlier instructions, set her apart even before she entered boot camp. Her innate skill with weaponry didn't go unnoticed by the drill instructors, who quickly recognized her potential. Consequently, she was swiftly integrated into an advanced marksmanship program, where her talents were further honed and developed. This early recognition and training would become the foundation upon which she built her reputation as a highly skilled marksman.

Following her intensive boot camp experience, Yazlin was stationed at a local militia base. Here, she continued to refine her marksmanship skills through additional training while also delving into the art of stealth. Her training included mastering various techniques for concealing herself from watchful eyes, honing her ability to patiently await the perfect moment to strike against her adversaries.

Just two years into her service with the militia, a pivotal moment for Bajor arrived—the completion of the bid to join the Federation. This presented Yazlin with a significant pivotal moment of her own. On one hand, she was offered the opportunity to join Starfleet, an enticing prospect that held the promise of exploration and new horizons. On the other hand, one of her former drill instructors extended a tempting offer: a high-stakes contract to track down and apprehend a notorious Cardassian war criminal that had been on the run for the past twenty years.

With a deep-seated desire to seek justice and repay the debt she felt towards the resistance, her father's comrades-in-arms, Yazlin chose the path that led her to what she saw as her opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. She joined the Dark Star paramilitary group to take on the lucrative contract offered by her former drill instructor. In this new and intense environment, her skills as a marksman swiftly gained recognition, earning her a reputation as a crack shot.

Yazlin's role within the Dark Star group predominantly revolved around overwatch duty and infiltration missions. From her concealed vantage points, she patiently tracked high-value targets, waiting for the opportune moment to eliminate them from a safe distance. Her precision and efficiency in these roles quickly solidified her position as a valued asset within the organisation.

During her time with Dark Star, Yazlin found herself crossing paths with the Fenris Rangers, a vigilante group that had taken it upon themselves to patrol and safeguard the former Romulan Neutral Zone. Their mission was to protect the countless displaced citizens of the once-mighty Romulan Empire. As her contract with the mercenary group came to a close, Yazlin made a life-changing decision. She opted to join a Fenris Ranger vessel, shifting her focus from specialized marksmanship to becoming a well-rounded security officer.

In her new role, Yazlin honed her abilities as a versatile security expert, adapting to the diverse challenges that came with safeguarding the vulnerable populations within the former Neutral Zone. This transition allowed her to broaden her skill set and contribute in a more comprehensive manner to the Rangers' mission of defending those who had been left adrift in the wake of the Romulan Empire's collapse.

A chance encounter with a like-minded Ranger named Taev would add a new twist to Yazlin's journey. Through the exchange of coveted bottles of Bajoran Spring Wine, they established a clandestine partnership that revolved around valuable intelligence, promising assignments, and crucial information. In one of these discreet exchanges, Taev pointed Yazlin in the direction of the S.S. Mary Rose, a civilian freighter that tiptoed along the thin line of legality. It was an opportunity that promised to open doors to horizons far broader than the relatively confined operations of the Fenris Rangers.

Taking the initiative, Yazlin reached out to Captain Gregnol of the S.S. Mary Rose through their mutual acquaintance. She orchestrated a job interview that would not only mark the beginning of her journey with the freighter but also lead her into a world of uncertainty and adventure beyond anything she had experienced before.