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Oliver Lucas

Name Oliver Lucas

Position Medic


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (ex-Borg)
Age 24
NPC Author Jake Ford

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Young, trim, but also fairly haunted and reserved.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Personality & Traits

General Overview Oliver's parents were Maquis members killed by the Dominion not long after he was born. Oliver lived with his grandparents on a Federation colony for most of his youth.

Not long after his 8th birthday, the colony he lived on was one of several attacked by the Borg during their last incursion into the Alpha Quadrant. His grandparents lost their lives and Oliver himself was assimilated temporarily, being rescued almost 18 months later and de-assimilated by Federation specialists.

In the recovery space, the young boy learned a lot from those treating him - particularly the doctors. His recovery was swift, and Oliver stayed on to help the other XBs in their recovery efforts as well as to train with the medical teams. After almost ten years working alongside the others on the project, the Federation's funding for the programme began to wane, and Oliver was cut loose to find his own path.