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Owen Mathieson

Name Owen Mathieson

Position Passenger


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41
Date of Birth 17th September
Place of Birth Auckland, New Zealand
NPC Author Serahni

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 165lb
Hair Color Sandy brown
Eye Color Pea green
Physical Description Owen is what the unimaginative would call 'lanky'. Tall enough, broad enough, but skinny legs and no butt. This also acted as justification during divorce proceedings, with his ex-wife citing an irreconcilable disappointment in his continued failure to evolve into a late-blooming Adonis. Being as the union had barely lasted several days, the timeline of expectations was probably a little unreasonable, but Owen remained nevertheless relieved and determined to be a little more careful the next time he got ridiculously drunk on Risa.

These days, he needs to wear glasses and tries to pretend he doesn't, and lives almost exclusively in blue jeans, plain t-shirts and a leather jacket that probably contravenes several quarantine codes around the quadrant. Given its origin, there is every likelihood that he is intent on being buried in the thing.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Ela (ex-wife, Illyrian)
Children None
Father John Mathieson
Mother Paula Mathieson
Brother(s) Travis Mathieson (37)
Sister(s) Paige Mathieson (31)
Other Family Lauren Hayes (ex-fiancé, deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Owen is a happy-go-lucky, genuine kind of guy who really wouldn't be particularly remarkable at all had he not been lumbered from a very young age with a good head for information and an impressive memory recall that threatens to turn him into a walking encyclopaedia most days. He's never quite sure why things just stick with him, or why he knows half of the stuff that he does, and he definitely has no idea how to make use of a lot of it, but his head is full of it and he's managed to carve a decent career as an historian and a lecturer from it so it can't all be bad. Tedious, sure, but not bad.

Having a good head for knowledge creates a thirst for it, however, and Owen makes a point of traveling and experiencing different cultures because that is the easiest way to add to his reservoir of slightly-purposeful facts whilst still pursuing some semblance of excitement. Once in a while, he bites off more than he can chew, but he hasn't encountered a situation he hasn't eventually been able to talk himself out of.