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Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*)

Name Elara ‘Kara’ Vance (*)

Position Quartermaster

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Volis' species
Age 35
Date of Birth 23/07/2392
Place of Birth Phados Prime
NPC Author Gregnol

Physical Appearance

Height 5’6
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Elara is of average height with a slender build and lightly tanned skin. She has light blue eyes that in some lights can seem to be almost grey and long dark hair. Her hair is always up in some form of a bun to keep it out of her face as she's working. The only thing people ever notice about her in her voice when she talks, she feels very insignificant until she opens her mouth.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Personality & Traits

General Overview Elara most influential trait is also her most understated; her ability to blend into the crowd around her. She is naturally a bubbly and outgoing person, but her childhood taught her the necessity to hide behind a state of indifference. This ability to compartmentalize her reactions and behaviours made her quick-witted and determined. Those two aspects of her personality that contribute to her success with the Valkyries. While this determination is an asset, it can also be a hindrance when her insistence to follow through causes more harm than good.
Sexual Orientation Bisexual


Personal History Elara was a gifted child, incredibly intelligent, reading chapter books by the time she was four. She had a difficult time at school with her speech impediment brought on by the inability to express herself after her father's death when she was six years old. It led to bullying and Elara become socially underdeveloped, preferring to spend time with only a small circle of friends in School.

Once she hit her next stage of school things started to change with the onset of puberty and discovering something she found interesting - zero g football. It gave her something to become comfortable in her own skin and the fire inside of her stopped being used for mischief and how she expressed her frustrations to the world.

Her signature moves and strategic gameplay got her into university where she played at college level before moving to the professional team Venus Valkyries where she earned the name Kara which meant the wild stormy one in the old Norse mythology in her first season.

However, Elara’s meteoric rise was halted by a devastating injury during a critical match. A collision mid-air resulted in a severe fracture, leaving her sidelined and facing an uncertain future. Determined to overcome this setback, she embarked on a gruelling rehabilitation journey, working tirelessly with specialists to regain her strength and agility but it was not meant to be after eight years of professional she was unable to return to the court.

Unable to return to professional zero-g football, she found solace in a new path. Intrigued by civilian space exploration, she redirected her focus and skills toward a different arena.