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Name Beya

Position Medic


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 23
Place of Birth Croisin Colony
NPC Author Cam

Physical Appearance

Height 171 cm (5' 7")
Weight 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Beya has long thick hair, usually worn in a fall about her shoulders. Her skin is Orion green but hair in between the typical black and more rare true red.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Mother Mavda
Sister(s) Oliba
Other Family Uncle Gerash

Personality & Traits

General Overview Beya learned from an early age to be a consummate actress and can play whatever role works to her advantage. However, though she was taught to wear a carefully calculated mask, in the right circumstances she can be genuinely warm and disarmingly spontaneous. She has a certain tendency to be flirtateous (at least by human standards) but otherwise avoids conforming to the usual stereotype about Orions. She usually comes across as friendly, but she has a sharp wit and doesn't hesitate to employ it when she thinks someone could stand a little verbal smack upside the head.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Dedicated, intelligent, and resourceful. Though she isn't technically doctor, she has learned a lot through on the job experience and takes seriously the Orion physician's oath: To faithfully guard the health and life of her patients
+Some surprising solid hand-to-hand skills from deflecting or out-right repulsing unwanted grabs and other advances
+Good at misdirection, a talent learned at her mother's knee, but also natural to an Orion.

- An Orion's natural suspicion of outsiders, plus a bit of paranoia from having to deal with some of the prejudice she's encountered because of the green skin.
- Privately discontent with feeling isolated, yet slow to trust and accept friendship. She hides it well, but the fact that she has no close friends or family anywhere within many lightyears is a source of great anxiety.
- Equal parts insecurity and chip on her shoulder about not having real medical credentials.
Ambitions To someday go to medical school and officially become a doctor
Hobbies & Interests puzzles, dancing, medical history

Sexual Orientation Yes
Language(s) Spoken Orion, Federation Standard, Klingonese, Ferengi, some Cardassian and Romulan


Personal History Beya was born on Croisin, an Orion colony on the edge of Federation space but in close proximity to the Klingon Empire. This position led to a mutually beneficial arrangement in the mid-23rd century whereby the world became a member of the Federation but remained under the governance of the Orion caj that had founded the colony. However by the later half of the 24th century it had been traded back and forth between the two powers multiple times, leaving the once prosperous colony in near ruin, surviving primarily as hub for pirates and profiteers, and general haven for anyone with reasons to stay on the margins of galactic society.

She and her sister were raised primarily by her mother, Mavda, who runs a lounge near the local starport. Beya doesn't know who her biological father is, but since Orions are naturally polyamorous, it's not of much concern to her; paternity is usually an open question. Though her mother was generally considered the proprietress the Green Light Lounge, it was officially owned by a Ferengi merchant named Furnog - because technically he owned Mavda. But only technically. For the most part, he was putty in her hands, allowing her to run things as she saw fit well as buy herself nice jewelry and dresses and a nice place to live nearby, and make a few other investments... but she did do a good enough job of running the business that there were always profits to turn over to him too. In many ways, Beya's mother was a classic Orion success story: poor girl sold to a nightclub to pay off a family debt to the Syndicate entrances a male with a fat bank account and convinces him to buy her contract and set her up in a comfortable life.

Naturally she wanted the same for her daughters, and so taught them how to dance and entertain (as well as how to turn a dance kick into a serious blow). Her sister used that training to help influence business deals, as well as collect some nice gifts from admirers that visited the starport. Bright and curious, Beya wanted more. Recognizing her potential, one of her uncles indulged her. She was allowed to join his crew to assist the ship's aging doctor while onboard and dance when they entertained/negotiated with customers. Her dancing probably swung some deals in his favor, but she really took to medicine.

Despite her aptitude, a lack of family support, particularly in terms of willingness to provide financial resources (especially bribes), made it impossible to gain admittance to an Orion medical college and a lack of any real academic records made it equally impossible in the Federation (Klingon medical school wasn't even worth considering). When the doctor on her uncle's ship retired and was replaced by one who was openly contemptuous of a 'mere girl' knowing anything about medicine, it was the last straw. Beya set out on her own, working her way on other merchant ships and taking whatever medical or medical-adjacent spot she could.