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Evelyn Reynolds

Name Evelyn Maia Reynolds

Position Doctor in residence


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36
Date of Birth May 4th
Place of Birth Cambridge, England
NPC Author Serahni

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 126lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue-green
Physical Description Evie tends more towards graceful, natural lines and doesn't often seek out reasons to go overboard with her appearance. She keeps fit and healthy and radiates the kind of glow you'd normally associate with someone who puts effort into maintaining their health, rather than an emphasis on appearance. As a result of being quite conservative in her views on body modification, Evie has no tattoos or piercings, though she does have a birthmark in the shape of a dolphin on her hip.

Ship Identification

Office Sickbay
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Marcus Reynolds (dec.)
Children None
Father Charles Lancaster
Mother Maude Lancaster (dec)
Brother(s) Elliot (34)
Sister(s) Eloise (29)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Evelyn is a determined, focused, driven woman who has always had clear aspirations and the self-discipline to follow through with them. A keen intellect and a sharp wit make her a formidable addition to any discussion and, though she has occasionally been accused of being bull-headed and stubborn, it is very rare for the woman to opt for personal pride over commonsense. As intense as she can be, Evie's main redeeming feature is that her actions are almost always driven by a deeper sense of altruism and a genuine desire to make a difference in the suffering of others. She has a very strong moral compass, is bold and brave and maintains the courage of her convictions even when faced with dreadful opposition.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Fiercely intelligent
+ Morally and ethically motivated
+ Determined and persistent
+ Courageous

- Stubborn
- Workaholic
- Rigid and uncompromising in the sense that her belief structure is pretty rock solid
Ambitions Evelyn has always built her career around gathering the experience and gravitas required to specialise. She joined Starfleet to gain access to the best education and opportunities to travel and expand her portfolio, but her passion for epidemiology and the pathology of infectious diseases has always been her prime motivation. Recent events have left her somewhat at an impasse, meaning that lofty aspirations of joining fellowship programs in places like Vulcan and Andoria, or front-line research in some of the galaxy's disease hotspots, are currently on hold.
Hobbies & Interests Outside her work, Evelyn enjoys cooking and games of strategy. She plays piano, has a side gig breeding orchids, and is rarely seen without some sort of literature she's trying to read in between duty shifts.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, some French


Personal History Evelyn was born to a line of previously-privileged, back when peerage was still functional, and the family continues to reside in the rebuilt estate that her great-great-great-many times-great grandfather first erected. With a physician and a nurse for parents, it's little wonder Evie showed a tenacity for medical sciences at a very early age. Home-schooled until the age of 10, she entered mainstream education several years in advance of most of her peers and continued that academic trajectory right through her schooling, until her eventual graduate from Starfleet Academy with an honors degree in Medicine, backed by a minor in Immunology.

After her commission, further studies in the field allowed for specialisation and, over time, Evelyn was able to pull her career into the kind of laser focus that allowed her to move away from generalised billets to seek out specific tenures. Assignment aboard science-specific vessels allowed for post-graduate success in Epidemiology, as well as giving her direct lab experience in genome sequencing. Understanding disease and how it impacts a broad spectrum of different species has always been Evelyn's fundamental inspiration. It is a passion she has inherited from her father, though her mother's death from idiopathic anaphylaxis is also something Evie often cites as 'the deal-clincher'.

Evelyn met and married Marcus Reynolds, an immunologist, when they were posted together on the USS Galileo. Both would serve there for a total of 5 years and there is no shortage of cruel irony to the fact that Marcus was killed by a civil terrorist attack on Arkaria during their belated honeymoon. In typical style, Evelyn didn't take her full allotted bereavement leave, instead seeking immediate redeployment after his funeral. During this period, she worked alongside Lt. Commander Jack Ford, who she had dated briefly at the Academy.

She arrives on the SS Mary Rose specifically to seek out Jack's brother, Jake, to deliver a bombshell; resignation from Starfleet. Cloaks and daggers.

Currently known by: Gregnol and Ford

Flung back to square-roots, Evelyn has arrived on board in the midst of a great deal of contention and conflicting information regarding a previous mission turned tragedy. Whilst Evelyn herself maintains that her team was attacked and that she, the sole survivor, was taken by the unidentified assailants and kept for a total of 16 days, Starfleet has failed to corroborate her claims and cites the official problem to be a simple collapsed subterranean tunnel that claimed the lives of the rest of her team. In this version of events, she was missing for less than a day.

Vividly recalling interrogation techniques and having some sense that her pharmacology reports back up her memories of drugged questioning, despite having since been modified as far as she's concerned, Evelyn initially accepted provisions for extended medical leave only because it would grant her time to gather resources to plead her case. Blocked at all junctions and betrayed by a man who has continually placed his career above all other priorities, Evelyn lodged an intent to resign not long before accepting Jake's offer to tag along with the Mary Rose. Military redtape still has this lodgment tied up in stalling tactics and medical interventions because a certain Ford male doesn't take 'no' for an answer but Evelyn has no intention of returning to Starfleet. Whatever she inadvertently stumbled into, she's simply not interested in being implicated further.