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Mishka Ivanovich

Name Mishka Abram Ivanovich

Position Chief Operations Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Average height, Runners build.

Wears hair short, tends to keep it short beard.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance Unknown
Office Unknown
Quarters Unknown
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tsvetnov Makar (Makarka)
Mother Kurepina Stanislava
Brother(s) Antipov Yaroslav (Tony)
Shvedov Bogdan (Chevy)
Klokov Pyotr (Petie)
Lebedinsky Yefim (Ski)
Kursalin Nikita (Kurt)
Sister(s) Shigina Kseniya (Ksusha)
Maslova Zinaida (Zina)
Sazonova Agafia (Sazo)
Other Family Paternal Uncles & Aunts, (#Children)

Malikov Aleksei (Alyosha) & Ivanovich, (5 Children)
Rokossovsky Andrei (Andrusha) & Karen Ivanovich (7 Children)
David & Tipalova Abernathy (1 Child)
Vincent & Sannikova Pauli (2 children)

Maternal Uncles & Aunts

Ryzhov & Lorain Victorovich (8 Children)
Dernov & Nashka Valerianovich (7 Children)
Gorokhov & Izabella Victorovich (3 Children)
Sudlenkov & Ishutina Victorovich

Personality & Traits

General Overview In many ways Mishka is a stereotypical Russian. He has a serious demeanor, while in public, and considered it impolite to express strong (especially loud) emotions around strangers. (Of course, this all changes in private, but that’s a different story)

Tends to be blunt and will not beat around the bush; doesn’t tolerate small talk or niceties, much prefer to get to the point of a conversation. You will never hear him exchanging “how are you?” in the hallway or crew mess — This does not mean he is unfeeling, it's just that this question is reserved for private conversations and demands an honest answer.

Strengths & Weaknesses He's constant and loyal though this can also make him stubborn and at times inflexible
He's thoughtful and introspective though this can make his seem cold and aloof

Ambitions To get out of Sheepshead Bay
To have his babushka to stop hassling him about marrying a 'nice russian girl'
To have his Anne stop trying to fix him up with Turkish women
Hobbies & Interests Fishing
Collecting and reading paper books
Playing the guitar
Drawing and sketching
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Language(s) Spoken Rusian, Turkish, English Federation Standard


Personal History Will fill in latter
Service Record USS Santa Fe (NCC 88523) fast frigate, Midshipman's training cruise, damage control officer
USS Budapest,(NCC 64923) New Orleans Class, Ensign, operations
USS Samuel B Johnson (NCC 2020) Miranda Class, lieutenant JG, Operation
USS Cosmaos