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Chief Navigator Rokar Quas

Name Rokar Quas

Position Security Personnel

Rank Chief Navigator

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 193
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83 m
Weight 90.72 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Standing at about average height, Rokar likes to keep to the background, mainly due to the Borg Implant which sits just above his right eye, and stands in contrast to his green eyes. A deactivated node also sits just below his left ear. He also keeps his black hair long, and tied back into a short pony-tail.

As he was liberated from the Borg multiple times during the initial assimilation process, he's had a majority of his more superficial implants removed, though significant scarring has left him more or less permanently maimed. However, due to his El Aurian physiology, the systems operating the Borg nanoprobes has become almost fully integrated with his biological immune system in a form of cybernetic-symbiosis. Until either a method is devised to trigger an aggressive immunnal response from his native cells, or his immune system reasserts itself on its own, he's left with the cybernetic enhancements.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift


Spouse Shulen Vam (Deceased)
Children Xias (Daughter) (Deceased)

Father Lt. Zenandarix "Zax" Ku'fanblriadg
Mother Dr. Ilep (Deceased)
Brother(s) Kem (Current whereabouts unknown)
Sister(s) Several (All Dead/assimilated)
Other Family Alexei Eagle (Grandson)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Usually quiet and reserved, Rokar has a tendency to keep to the background and observe the situation from every perspective before acting. As he is curious by nature, he has a tendency to stick his nose where it doesn't belong, so to speak.

Considered to be something of a Renaissance Man by his friends and coworkers, Rokar has been known to dabble in many different fields. In fact, he has dabbled in everything from warp-field mechanics, to galactic history, to music and the arts and even, according to some reports, the arcane. All of this in the pursuit of his past.

Since he was liberated from the Collective, all of his memories before Stardate 48636 (2371) have either been scrambled or lost. He also has a tendency to talk to himself, though weather this is a product of his partial assimilation, or just something that he's always done, remains to be seen.

As he is a fairly quiet person by nature, this allows him to observe the bigger picture in ways which are not always clear, though at times, this can be one of his greatest weaknesses as he dislikes acting without enough of the facts.

He also has a deep understanding of many different fields, and as such, can work with virtually any department almost seamlessly. Although, because of his amnesia, he cannot remember where much of his information actually came from.

Being a former Borg drone, he does posses a subspace communications node, which, while has been deactivated, it can and has been temporarily reactivated by certain frequencies as his assimilation was incomplete when he was severed. This has had the effect of him speaking to others who attempt to contact him via the internal ships comm, but accidentally are routed through this piece of malfunctioning Borg technology.

The only real ambition he has to recover his memories of his former life. When he first joined Starfleet, he had considered it a priority above that of his duty, he has since reconsidered this position since encountering his father and grandson. He now considers finding a way to help protect others from suffering the same fate as his people a priority above all others.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions To find his sole-surviving brother, Kem.
Hobbies & Interests Rokar can often be found in his off-time in the ship's library, surrounded by stacks of PaDD's, as he is constantly researching some new field which has sparked his interest.

Although, he can also been found in the holodeck, where he enjoys mountain climbing, kayaking, and sub-orbital sky-diving, as well as where he will often perform simulations on any one of his "experiments".
Sexual Orientation Pansexual/Omnisexual
Language(s) Spoken


Personal History Although he doesn't remember much before stardate 48636, starfleet has recorded several encounters with him dating from 2293, when the USS Enterprise B received a distress call from a pair of refugee transports which were caught in a sub-spacial anomaly later known as: "The Nexus". It was reported that he was found in a coma, with cybernetic devices of unknown origin protruding from various areas throughout his body. He then spent the next eight months at Starfleet Medical recovering from his injuries. After that, his record drops off for the next eighty or so years. Though it is believed that he spent that time traveling the galaxy, he has never really been able to reveal what exactly he did during that time.

In 2371, the transport he had booked passage on, while returning from the Beta Quadrant was attacked by a Borg Interceptor. A Romulan Warbird received their distress call, and proceeded to render assistance. The Warbird engaged the Borg vessel, destroying it, but not before several Borg drones had beamed aboard the transport and begun assimilating everyone on board. The Romulans were able to evacuate the majority of the crew and passengers before destroying the transport. However, while attempting to hold off the Borg, Rokar suffered another partial assimilation before being rescued. Although the Romulans had gotten to him before they (the nanoprobes) could resume where they had left off three quarters of a century earlier, they were still able to damage his memory, primarily, his long-term personality memories. Or at least, that was the report submitted by the Romulans.

Upon returning to the Federation once again for treatment after Romulan physicians were unsuccessful at recovering his former memories. After about a year of therapy, it became apparent that the damage was permanent, though no physical damage could be found. Not long after that, Rokar enlisted in Starfleet, hoping to aid in the recovery of his memories. However, after four years of drifting from one assignment to another, he was no closer to recovering what he had lost. In late 2375, with the Dominion War over and the quadrant just beginning to morn and bury their dead, he was assigned to the USS Nous as a member of its security force. After only five months in that position, he was promoted to Master at Arms after the ships former Master was killed during an attack from a rogue Jem'Hadar attack ship while delivering medical supplies to Cardassian colonies.

The year following the end of the Dominion War, Rokar was recruited into Starfleet Intelligence, where his activities there continue to remain classified. However, it should be noted that he received a Warrant commission about three years after joining SI. The following year, he left the department with a demotion following an..."incident", with the now former Gorn Ambassador.

After four years at SI, Rokar decided to transfer back to ship-board duty, and was thus assigned to the USS Robert April in 2381 as its Chief Tactical & Security Officer. However, not long after assuming his position there, the ship was caught in a space-time fissure, where, according to a majority of the survivor's reports, time flowed at a different, much slower rate. The crew eventually found a way out of the fissure by sacrificing their ship. By the time they were rescued by the USS Monogahela, they discovered that a total of five years had passed. The CMO of the Monogahela noted in her medical report that all of the survivors had a wide rang of injuries caused by everything from radiation to phaser burns, to a gun-shot wound. Most of the crew also showed signs of aging at least six months while others had only aged a few days. This discrepancy has never been explained.

After returning to Starfleet Command for a debriefing, Rokar, as the sole surviving senior officer, was not very forthcoming about what had occurred. During his interrogation, he reported that he was unable to report on much of what had transpired due to section 14 of the temporal prime directive. He was however, along with all of the survivors, were very adamant about learning the statues of the planet Vulcan.

Following his release, Rokar returned to Starfleet Academy where he took up a position as an instructor; teaching starship security and operations. It was during this time that he met a Caitian woman named Mara. She was visiting two of her children, whom were cadets. As one of her children was required to undergo transition counseling due to ASD. Rokar took the boy under his wing, so to speak, and helped him to uncover his potential as a medic, while also in the process, discovering that he himself possessed extensive medical knowledge concerning El Aurian Physiology.

In 2390, he was approached by his former captain, now an admiral, whom asked both him and Dr. Mara to accompany him to an archaeological site in the former Romulan Neutral Zone. They accepted the offer, and while on route, he encountered something he never expected: He found his father...or rather, his father recognized him.

He spent some time aboard his father's ship, the USS Bunker Hill with his family, where he discovered that he not only had many siblings, but at one time, was also a father. His daughter, Xias, had gone insane and destroyed half a dozen colonies, both Federation and Romulan with the help of both a rogue Starfleet Admiral as well as a group of Romulan Separatists headed by the Tal Shiar. He later discovered that it was the Tal Shiar, with the aid of his daughter, whom had wiped his memories. With the help of his father, along with a Romulan Tal Shiar defector, they were able to partially remove the block and allow him access to his memories. Though due to extensive neural developmental restructuring over the years, it would take quite a bit of time before he will be able to coherently access all of his memories again.

Following his stay at the Starlfeet Medical Center of Psychology, where he was being given the chance to sort through and come to terms with the man he was and the person he is now, Rokar when missing during an emergency when a fire broke-out at the facility. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
Service Record 2372: Security Detail - USS Nous

2373: Brig Attendant - USS Chi Cas

2373: Security Officer - Deep Space Nine

2374 - 2375: Security Officer - USS Oran

2375: Master-At-Arms - USS Oran

2376 -2377: Security Operative - Starfleet Intelligence

2377: Assistant Security Director for Visiting Dignitaries - Starfleet Intelligence (Received Non-commised Warrant)

2378 - 2379: Security Director for Visiting Dignitaries - Starfleet Intelligence

2380 - 2385: Chief Tactical & Security Officer - USS Robert April

2385 - 2390: Insatructor at Starfleet Academy

2390: Technical Adviser - Daystrom Institute Archaeologic Survey (Iconian Homeworld)

2391: Starfleet Medical - MIA

2293: Partially assimilated by the Borg. Virtually all implants removed.

2371: Re-assimilated by the Borg. Implants used to block all previous memories by the Romulan Tal Shiar. Leg fractured during shuttle accident.

2372: Suffered 2nd-degree phaser burns to the upper-left arm during a fire fight with Naussacan pirates.

2374: Suffered 3rd degree plasma burns to the right leg at the battle of Toloraox. Broken left wrist suffered during a Jem'Hadar boarding.

2375: Shoulder broken during the battle of Chin'taka. Temporary flash-blindness caused by a ruptured EPS manifold.

2378: Moderate skin-rash caused by allergic reaction to fermented uttaberries.

2379: Stabbed in the chest; left lung punctured, but saved.

2380 - 2385: Gun-shot wound to the abdomen. Light gamma-radiation burns. Multiple phaser burns; 2nd & 3rd degrees. Multiple lacerations to right thigh & leg. Chroniton/Tachyon radiation poisoning.

2386: Food poisoning.

2387: Severe allergic reaction to Bajoran Spring Wine (Respiratory).

2390: Right eye-socket crushed. Reconstructive surgery successful. Implant-induced memory block lifted.