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Benjamin Eagleheart

Name Benjamin Eagleheart

Position Security Personnel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran(Native American)
Age 31
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 185
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ben is almost six feet two inches tall, but he has a reedy figure and is not particularly physically imposing. His hair is raven's wing black and invariably worn long in the traditional Native American fashion. His eyes are a deep, medium true brown, so dark they are almost black like his pupils.

He is used to dressing trendy and in the latest fashion and tends to do so when he is carrying out any "official" duties. When he's not working, he prefers jeans and polo shirts, or traditional Native American attire.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None(single)
Children None
Father Thomas Eagleheart 52
Mother Martha Eagleheart 50
Brother(s) Aaron Eagleheart 32
William Eagleheart 27
Sister(s) Samantha Lewis 24
Abigail Lewis 21
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben is generally an easy going guy, who would not only prefer to talk his way out of a situation but has made a career out of it. He is highly principled with a strong moral compass. That does not mean he always colors inside the lines, but rather than simply color outside the lines, he tries to redraw them.

While not eidetic, his memory is far above average and he knows a great deal about Federation regulations, in some cases down to the sub-paragraphs. This, along with his gift of oratory made him an excellent JAG officer

While nowhere near as logical as a Vulcan (he's too emotional)he is skilled at deductive reasoning and intuitive thinking.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths included his oratory skills, his ability to bluff and or BS his way out of a situation, and think well on his feet, his understanding of Federation regulations (civil and criminal). His passion and zeal for what he does can be either a strength or a weakness, as his romantic tendencies are.

Negatively, he's not that great in combat, he can be a brash, over-confident man, and even something of a smart-ass.
Ambitions Personally, Ben would like to date, possibly marry, but at the very least have a long-term relationship with a good, stable, like-minded guy.

Professionally, he'd like to eventually settle down on Earth or some other planet with significant Federation population and open a personal practice that
Hobbies & Interests Ben likes to study both history and psychology, he feels both subjects make him better at his job and in his personal life. He even took a course in hostile alien negotiation at the Academy.

He has a collection of Native American art and artifacts, including a collection of both peace pipes and tomahawks.

He is an avid reader and has a collection of real books.
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken


Personal History It was a very unusual situation having two Native Americans on board the same ship. Even though they were from different tribes, Thomas and Martha shared a common and unique heritage. It did not take long for their friendship to turn into a romance and romance into a relationship.

They were married and their relationship continued to blossom and grow. Their family life was far from perfect, especially with the strain of dual careers, but there were no traumatic events and they lived a pretty normal if harried, lifestyle. The family was able to be together and they saw many different locations in the galaxy from the mundane to the exotic, to the dangerous. Ben, even at a young age fell in love with the lifestyle. That changed when he turned seven and his parents retired from Starfleet and moved the family to Earth.

It was a big adjustment for the entire family, especially since they settled in a rural area close to the Grand Canyon. Tom and Martha's goal in making the move was to draw closer to their ancestral roots. It took a year or two, but, at least for Ben, it was a good move. He adopted many of the customs of his people, including letting his hair grow and taking an interest in arts and artifacts. He also became something of a historian. His ancestors were treated horrifically by the government of the United States, cheated over and over again. But they were not the only ones, either on Earth or other worlds that experienced such mistreatment. And while for the most part, such behavior changed, the rest of the people in the galaxy, even within the Federation are not always so fortunate.

Ben came to the conclusion that violence and war had not turned the tide, it had been the power of law and legislation. He was thirteen or so when he decided that he wanted to be a lawyer. To defend the powerless, the underdog, the less advantaged. Shortly after that, he came to feel that he should follow in his parent's footsteps and join Star Fleet and he began working towards that goal.

That was not the only discovery the young boy made, nor was it necessarily the first. He knew from a very early age that he was what his ancestors called two-spirited. He was attracted, romantically, to his own gender. That didn't particularly bother him, or his family, it was just the way things were. In the twenty-fourth century, it wasn't a major issue. While he had loved flying around the galaxy, he also became deeply appreciative of nature and the outdoors and striking a balance between the two has always been a challenge to him. Additionally, as mentioned before, he became enamored with the culture and tradition of his people and that too became a balancing act between the ancient and the present. Finally, he learned that he had an intuitive and inquisitive mind.

Ben entered the Academy with the intention of becoming a JAG officer. It would be a stretch to say that he sailed through the Academy, far from it. He struggled with the advanced math and science courses that were part of the curriculum, but he made it through, primarily because he was very gifted in the law, his area of expertise and his oratory skills. Because he had done so well on certain of his qualification tests he was talked into taking a number of courses in investigative techniques. He found he both liked and was good in those classes and in a traditional University, he took enough courses to have minored in that track. He even took a course or two in hostile alien negotiations. He did well those courses too, but that was based more on instincts and the ability to think (and talk) on his feet.

After graduating from the Academy, he spent a year or two on Earth And then two years on various stations and ships. In all, he spent a little over five years in Starfleet. His primary practice was civil and he came to know the ins and outs of Federation rules and regulations quite well. He also did a good deal of criminal work.

It wasn't one thing that caused him to be disillusioned, One thing led to another and he came to resent all the politics and back and forth that delayed or even circumvented justice. The straw that broke the camel's back was ironically a case that he won, sort of. Caleb Mitchell was a rising start in the Intelligence branch. He led a raid that turned out to be a disaster, an ambush, and he was the lone survivor. His defense was that he was acting on orders from his handler. He was acquited of those charges, but Ben had to defend him again when he struck his handler, who was a superior officer. There was no doubt he was guilty of the offense, Ben was able to get him a plea deal which allowed him to keep his commission, give him a second chance, and only demoted him two grade ranks from Lieutenant Commander to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Captain Butler, the man truly responsible for the deaths of six men suffered no real consequences and things were swept under the rug.

So Ben resigned his commission and decided to go into private practice, he still wants to be in space somewhere, if only to get as far away from the bureaucracy of Star Fleet as he can get.
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