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Quang Tran

Name Quang Van Tran

Position Quartermaster

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'-8"
Weight 150 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Vietnamese with European elements. Athletic thin build. Long shoulder length hair, with goatee.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Father Chi Van Tran
Mother Bich Van Tran
Brother(s) Minh Van Tran, (older brother)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ambitious, smart, cynical, and loyal to friends and family. Very street wise and holds grudges. Secretive, and has keen observation senses.
Strengths & Weaknesses Thoroughly practical and cynical. Has 20 years of experience in Starfleet Marines as quartermaster and armorer. Capable in hand to hand and melee combat. Has solid weapons knowledge. Was raised on streets of Ho Chi Minh City on Earth. Expert bartender. Loyal to family and friends. Is slightly greedy. Smokes cigarettes.
Ambitions To own a profitable bar and resort on a planet with a good climate.
Hobbies & Interests Weapons, hand to hand and melee martial arts, 20th century French art, knowledge of various types of alcohol.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken


Personal History Was born and raised in criminal and smuggling element of Ho Chi Minh City on Earth. Chose Starfleet Marines over prison at 16. Served capably in marines, although bent rules throughout career. Resigned at 40 after 24 years, feeling “those who watch” might be getting too close.
Service Record Found that he had a natural talent for handling supplies and maintaining weapons. Always bent the rules throughout his career, usually toward the benefit of Starfleet. His “excesses” were overlooked due to this. Resigned at 40 after 24 years for reasons of “health”.