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Braden MacCloud

Name Braden MacCloud

Position Science Technician

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 13 May 2367
Place of Birth aboard a starship

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 191pounds
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color steel blue
Physical Description Braden has a sort of runner's build but with thicker shoulders. He has a lanky sort of build, well muscled and graceful

Ship Identification

Security Clearance Bravo
Office Deck 20 - Earth Dock
Quarters Deck 4 - Compartment 406
Duty Shift Alpha
Roommate N/A


Spouse N/a
Children N/a
Father Paul deceased civilian scientist
Mother Joan deceased civilian scientist
Brother(s) Ben born 21 June 2367 died at age 23 on a archaeological dig (deceased)
Sister(s) N/a
Other Family Grandparents on Earth both civilians

Personality & Traits

General Overview Braden has a photogenic memory and excellent recall of the information he has ingested. He has a considerable fine mind at deductive reasoning even if well behind his deceased brother's ability. He is a loner, but tries to be friendly and polite at all times. He is a team player but he can be distant and makes most people slightly uncomfortable till they get used to his quiet unassuming nature.

*NOtes*: Deck 4 - Main Berths
These Quarters consist of a sleeping room (1 bed) and a living room, separated by a sliding transparent aluminium partition. A private refresher room adjoins each sleeping room, and includes a head (toilet/bidet), sink/counter, jacuzzi tub, sonic shower, and laundry unit. A walk-in closet and locker are located behind the sleeping and living rooms.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Photogenic memory with excellent recall clarity
+ excellent spatial sense and ability to pilot small craft
+ highly skilled combat martial artist
+ natural athlete and works out twice a day as part of his routine
+ His experience in archaeology is much greater then most his age since he grew up in the field.
+ his one social grace is he can dance, something his mother taught him to help him with the ladies.

- His quiet and nearly shy attitude around others
- His violent streak if angered (only aroused by bullys picking on weaker people)
- He tells no one he was a marine, or of his bloody past.
- His attitude makes him appear rather meek and mild, he appears as a well muscled geek.
Ambitions He wants to make amends to his brother Ben. he feels if he had not gone on his marine rampage he could have been there to save his brother Ben. Someone he felt was much more deserving of life then himself.
Hobbies & Interests learning, studying cultures and why they rose and fell
Sexual Orientation hetrosexual
Language(s) Spoken Several major dialects


Personal History Paul and Joan MacCloud were scientist and archaeologist. They had two boys whom they took with them all over the galaxy in search of artifacts from many cultures. Braden was three years older then his brother Ben. Braden was gifted with a photogenic memory but his brother Ben was a true savant level genius. By the time Braden was eight, his brother five they were heavily involved in their parents research. They were categorizing and cataloging data to speed their parents research.

Braden was sort of physical and active. His parents got him a martial arts instructor and personal trainer to keep his energy levels used in a constructive manner. Ben was much less physical but he participated about half the time with his brother. Ben was much more cerebral in his outlooks. Ben saw fitness as an important part of life though, which was why he trained with his brother. For Braden's part the four hours of physical training seven days a week was break from the tedious book work. He enjoyed martial arts a great deal and even the flexibility of gymnastics. He was a dedicated runner as well. Braden was a natural athlete.

There father was 6'1 and over two hundred pounds of mostly muscle. Their mother was 5'4" and about 125lbs. Braden was 6'1" by his fifteenth birthday but only a hundred and fifty pounds. Ben was more average at twelve at 5'3" and about ninety pounds. They were civilians so they pretty much went wherever they were requested as they had an excellent reputation for being honest and honoring local customs.That is not to say they were defenseless or unarmed. Being out beyond the reach of the law in wilder areas of planets meant they went armed once they were out in the remote areas they normally worked.

The sons trainer was their security as well. A human/vulcan breed and retired marine with an extensive combat record. He taught both boys how to handle blades and even firearms as part of their training. Hunting and fishing as well. Survival in many wilderness settings was a daily lesson. Finding water, determining edible plants, and orienteering were all part of their rather complete education. Sa'Andar was 6'4" and easily two hundred fifty pounds. This was the base unit that traveled together for the last ten years when they made the trip to *Marva* in the Cardassian empire. The year was 2382, and the Dominion war was well over. The cover story was some ancient pre-Cardassian artifact stolen just after the was and hidden. The real deal was a stolen cached of military grade weapons stolen by bandits and desperately wanted back. This close to the Badlands made this a desperate request.

Braden was fifteen and Ben was twelve when the family went to the Cardassian planet *Marva* searching for 'artifacts' hidden in the barren central mountain ranges. They were there almost a year when tragedy struck the family. That morning Braden was out for his morning run. Sa'Andar and Ben were fishing a mountain stream above the camp site. Both Paul and Joan were preparing for the days work. A Cardassian Kanvek assault fighter/shuttle landed anf there were ten Raiders aboard, obviously not from the local garrison. The leader was a huge Cardassian, 6'9" and at least 350pounds. The gang strode into camp and as the giant Cardassian approached my parents Ben screamed! Three of the riaders trotted off to deal with Ben and the Vulcan as the giant stepped in close and took Paul's offered hand then brutally murder him in front of Joan. The six raiders in the camp spread out ignoring Paul's screams of pain, ignoring that is except for those that laughed.

Braden hid and let two of the Raiders pass before he jumped the third and killed him with a hunting knife. He took the raiders pistol from a dead hand before it was dropped so quick was the kill. He used the pistol to shoot the next nearest raider as he turned at the noise and was raising his own pistol. It was a slug thrower and Braden put three rounds in the raiders chest. Sa'Andar appeared behind the third as he raised his weapon to shoot Braden. Sa'Andar killed him with his bare hands with a deft twist of the neck amd caught the raiders weapon before it hit the ground.

Six of the Raiders went into the rocky grey mountainside to deal with the counter attack. The giant stayed in the camp to torture Joan and learn where the weapons were hidden somewhere nearby. In the ensuing skirmish Braden killed two more of the raiders with the pistol and one in a open hand fight that left him badly beaten but victorious. He reached the camp to find Sa'Andar there fighting the Giant Cardassian and losing badly. His mother Joan was laying in a growing pool of her own blood. Even as Sa'Andar died Ben strode forward with a disruptor pistol picked up from a dead raider and shot the Cardassian over and over till there was little left.

In the aftermath they buried their parents there and Sa'Andar beside them. The sixteen year old Braden flew the kanvek back to the spaceport/city and crash landed. Both walked away uninjured though. Authorities sent them back to Earth to live with their grandparents. No one really questioned them much and they offered no words even after they returned home.

Ben was well ahead of his years being a savant and he entered college as a freshmen at age fourteen. Braden was seventeen and was advanced enough to gain entry to the same school with major's in Science. That was Ben's idea to follow their parents footsteps. Three years later Braden graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Ben also graduated with as the class valedictorian. That was when the scandal broke that the MacCloud's had not been killed as a science expedition but hunting a weapon's cache for the Cardassian's. It was everywhere on campus and Braden grew angry. Despite Ben's begging him not to Braden enlisted in the fleet marines to 'clear the family name'. Ben stayed in school to continue his education.

Braden blitzed through his basic training and his AIT was close combat specialist. He took an additional four months for an added training in stealthy insertions. He impressed his instructors with his cold calculating ways and was offered officer training. He went through the fighter pilot training with the advanced space fighter combat in record time. He had entered the marines at twenty and was on his way to join a training/replacement squadron in a mere three years from enlistment. His only contact was a daily messaging with his brother Ben. Ben had a masters degree now and was working on his doctorate. A field trip into old marquis territory was a class trip sort of expedition. Braden was headed for the war torn Romulan border. After the destruction of Romulus many warlords were vying for power and the Federation was helping transfer refugees from war torn systems to quieter ones.

For two years Braden built a reputation for fearless aggression as he fought to keep the transports safe. He volunteered for any and all missions even if they did not involve flying. He did not make many friends though as he also had earned a rather ruthless reputation when facing enemies. His loyalty to the marines and the lives he saved were a sort of balancing of the scales and his psyche reports came back each time saying he was not a danger to anyone not trying to harm the innocent. All through those two years though Ben urged him to resign and come work with dig he was at. He kept telling Braden the life of a scientist was soothing and healing. Ben considered Braden's lifestyle to be damaging and continuing the rejection of their parents death.

Braden missed Ben as much as his brother missed him. In fact Braden promised when the six year enlistment ended he would resign his commission and join his brother. The fates were not kind in that regard as a disaster struck the dig and Ben was killed. His body recovered two weeks later before Braden even got word of his brother's death. Braden resigned his commission when told and left behind his violent ways and went into his brothers field, following their parents footsteps. he carrier one knife always though, the same one he had killed his first raider with back on the day his family was murdered.

He decided against joining the fleet Science core as he feared it would drag him back into conflicts as he had just left. So he searched out a civilian posting and found one. A large research firm was hiring someone to search derelict ships in a space junkyard for the black box flight recorders for a historical documents museum. When interviewed however Braden learned they really wanted artifacts, technology, objects of value. The historical collection was mostly a front to get into the junkyard. Braden had a shuttle to live in and whatever tools and support he needed though and the historical recovery appealed to him. The other stuff often proved interesting so he did that aspect as well. He spent three years there before he decided he should be among people again. So he sought a posting where he might be among others for a while. After all he knew being a hermit was a poor choice of lifestyles. It felt too much like avoiding living.
Service Record 2384-2389: Marine training and service as a fighter pilot. One tour, Romulan relocation of refugees aboard the Cheyenne class USS Comanche. Entered as a recruit and resigned six months before his full six years as a 1stLieutenant.