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Chief Armory Officer Talon Joss KIA

Name Talon Joss KIA

Position Senior Medical Personnel

Rank Chief Armory Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bojoran
Age 30
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Joss is tall with intelligent looks, aided by his use of reading glasses when viewing the tedious print on PADDs.

He wears the traditional earring of his family. He feels sometimes that his family shares wisdom with him from time-to-time through the piece. However, most psychologists would agree it's basically his own conscience helping him.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift


Father Talon Sut (Deceased)
Mother Talon Shipra (Deceased)
Sister(s) Talon Dexo (35) - whereabouts unknown
Other Family Erdar Yimo (Grandfather - Mother's Side)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally, Joss has dedicated his life to bring healing. He is following the example that his grandfather lived out before him in the refugee camps on Bajor during the occupation.

The occupation has given him a hatred for all things Cardassian. His parents' deaths at the hands of Jem'hadar had caused him I'll feelings toward them, despite the manipulation that drives them to fight for the Dominion.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Medical Knowledge
+ Bajoran Herbal Medication

- Hatred of Dominion Races
- Nightmares of Occupation
- Hand-to-Hand Combat
Ambitions His main ambition in life is to make his grandfather proud. Someday, he wouldn't mind having his own medical ship providing aid to the many refugees in the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Plays the trivia to classical music and jazz.

Has a holodeck program of his grandfather, having the full knowledge of the medical data banks. He discussed the tough cases with his grandfather.
Sexual Orientation
Language(s) Spoken


Personal History As a child growing up during the Occupation of Bajor, Joss resided with his grandfather in one of the many refugee camps. Erdar Yimo served as the camp Doctor, providing healing in a broken place. His grandfather was the largest impact on Joss' decision to follow the medical profession.

Joss' parents, Sut and Shipra, served for the Maquis. Both lost their life in a Jem'hadar ambush. Their free spirits to fight for the liberation of Bajor lies deep within Joss.

The influences of both his parents and his grandfather have given Joss the courage to choose his current path. The medical profession of his grandfather led him in the same direction. The free spirit of his Maquis parents led him away from Star Fleet.
Service Record 2385 - Graduated with Honors PSU Pre-Med
2389 - Graduated with Honors Harvard Medical School
2390 - Returned to Bajor