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Name Kenda

Position Chief Communications Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 30/279
Date of Birth June 15th, 2216
Place of Birth Chesras Island, Andor

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kenda is on the tall side of Human average and is more slender than her weight suggests due to Andorian biology. She keeps herself in fighting condition despite her duties as a comm officer citing her species’ history. This Andorian walks with the confidence of a species bred for service. Her left antennae has a scar near the base where it was cut off in during an away mission.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Father Shral
Mother Traila
Other Family In the current time, she probably has a few scattered members of a distant family tree.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Usually very serious when it comes to her duties, can be hard to approach with social interactions. Like most Andorians, she isn’t used to meeting for “fun” and humor can sometimes fall flat. Despite these traits, Kenda quickly comes to view her crew as her clan, especially now that she has awoken out of her own time. Kenda would sacrifice herself in the line of duty, even if that duty is a cargo haul.

She once had a very promising career, now has found herself alone in an unfamiliar galaxy on a changed ship. Trying to find ways to cope was never easy for her.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Expert at language deciphering
+Loyal to any end

-Unfamiliar with technology less than 150 years old
-Trouble coping with her situation
-Socially a wallflower
Ambitions In her time, she wanted to take the center chair of her own Constitution on it’s own five year mission. Now she simply wants to find a place to belong.
Hobbies & Interests Never one for pure recreation, Kenda has taken up reading about the developments of the last 150 years as well as kept up her grueling training regimen that includes memorizing unfamiliar languages while physical training.
Sexual Orientation
Language(s) Spoken Andorii, Vulcan, Federation Standard, Klingon, Tellarite, Centaurian, Saurian, Xindi, and various other Federation member languages of her era


Personal History Kenda was born in one of the bigger population centers on Andor. Her family clan was a prominent name in terms of military service, though has fallen on hard times in the 150 years Kenda has been trapped in a transporter. She was the only child to her her parental bondmates. Due to her clan’s status, she was given the best opportunities in education and martial training. Her family’s goal was to bring up a future starship Captain.

Playing the role of the good daughter, Kenda happily went about her studies and training. Because of her dedication, she never once missed a day in her entire upbringing. Her grades and abilities certainly showed that effort pays. Like all Andorians, her parent group was generally spread out and busy with their own ambitions. However, Kenda grew especially attached to her zhen mother, who stayed on Andor while the rest of the paret group carried out successful Starfleet careers. Kenda never held ill will toward them because that was the Andorian way.

As her maturity came around, Keda applied to Starfleet Academy in 2234. With this being her first time leaving Andor, she instantly saw fell in love with learning about the various cultures she came across on Earth. Seeing the value in speaking other languages, Kenda switched to the linguistics path to increase her future value as an officer. By 2238, Kenda graduated with honors.

Her first assignment was aboard the Walker-class, USS Chengdu. Kenda served as a communications officer and was instrumental in deciphering the languages of two long extinct species who shared the planet Heranius III. She also proved her worth to Starfleet as the Federation began to push its borders into unknown regions when she developed new algorithms to decode languages.

Because of her efforts, she was placed as a programmer in the design department for the upcoming USS Ishimura. Her job was to develop new software packages that could be used during extended missions for the new Constitution-class vessel. As a reward, she was awarded the Chief Communications Officer position aboard the Ishimura.

During her first year, the crew was tested and passed. The biggest complaint for Kenda was the loss of her left antenna when she mistranslated a sentence during a first contact away mission. However, the Ishimura was a doomed ship. Kenda and a few others managed to trap themselves in the transporter loop as a way to cheat certain death. It was there where they remained frozen in time for 150 years.
Service Record SS Mary Rose
- Communications

USS Ishimura, Constitution-class ,2245-2246
- Chief Communications Officer, Lieutenant JG

Starfleet R&D, Earth, 2242-2245
- Communications Programmer, Constitution Project, Lieutenant JG

USS Chengdu, Walker-class, 2238-2242
- Communications Officer, Ensign

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2234-2238
- Linguistics Major
- Graduated With Honors