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Name K'Taal

Position Communications Operator

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 38 Terran years*
Date of Birth 9 April, 2355, (SD 33271.7), Terran Calendar
Place of Birth Ketha Province, Q'Onos

Physical Appearance

Height 190 cm
Weight 76.4 KG
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Uncommonly tall and beautiful, K'Taal is nonetheless in good physical condition. Her appearance often leads others to give her a wide berth, a misleading impression, as she is much more likely to try and talk her way out of a fight than to attack.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Camille Elizabeth Adler
Children None biological; one adopted nephew, now an adult and on Earth
Father Gradok
Mother K'Les
Brother(s) One; killed during Dominion War
Sister(s) Two; both on the Klingon homeworld
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'Taal, while physically imposing and perfectly able to act the typical Klingon, is not such a person. She is generally a friendly sort, although if you betray her trust, she is likely to hold a grudge. She iss also particularly guarded when dealing with unsavory types, having had run-ins with various sorts in the past. She is loyal to those she trusts, particularly family, and will go the extra kilometer for a captain she can respect.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Initially suspicious, especially of late
Intimidating to others
Holds grudges
Hobbies & Interests K'Taal enjoys literature, particularly human, Klingon, and Andorian texts. (This love she has passed on to her nephew, who currently attends the Pennington School in New Zealand, although on a government grant). She also enjoys Terran classical music, cooking, and bat'Leth fighting, as long as she has a skilled opponent.
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Klingon (multiple dialects, including medieval), Federation standard, Andorian, Telarite (passable), Bajoran (not fluent; still learning), Romulan, Cardassian, Gorn (understands, unable to speak), Jem'Hadar (somewhat), Latin, French


Personal History Born on Q'Onos, K'Taal is the second of four children. Her mother was, and is, a primary school teacher, while her father was a retired soldier, and taught military history and law at the provincial university.

While not wealthy by most standards, K'Taal and her family were much better off than most of the province. (Ketha is known as one of the poorest sections of Q'Onos), particularly the lowlands. In the run-up to the outbreak of the Klingon-Cardassian War, K'Taal and her brother entered the Klingon Defense Force--her father also rejoined, and would be killed while serving aboard the IKS Rotaran. K'Taal hoped to gain a better life for herself through combat.

This, however, was not to be. Not reveling in the spilling of blood, K'Taal found her calling in Communications. At the end of her training, she was posted to a K'Vort-class battlecruiser, assisting in the decoding of Cardassian--and later Dominion--messages.

It was here that she would also find her first great love, and her first great pain. Having caught the eye of the vessel's commander, she would have been seduced--as is sometimes the case on Klingon starships--save for the fact that she was never interested in men. Rather, she had taken up with a Starfleet Vulcan Lieutenant, assigned to the ship as a liason. When this was discovered, the commander killed the lieutenant, and would have also murdered K'Taal but for the intervention of the ships executive officer. (This commander was thus imprisoned, and later charged with multiple crimes against both male and female crewmembers, once a confession of his attempt against K'Taal's life was extracted).

K'Taal walled herself off from most others, only breaking out of her shell when her brother and sister-in-law were killed while performing mop-up operations just after the official end of the Dominion War. This, then, necessitated her taking custody of her nephew, who had been blinded in the same explosion which took his parents. After struggling for a year to raise him in the Klingon Defense Force, K'Taal eventually requested a transfer to Starfleet. This was granted her.

By 2378, K'Taal had been teaching at Starfleet Academy for nearly two years. She had, at last, found people who respected her for who she was; not only were her choices of romantic partner fully embraced, but her prodigious linguistic abilities were also fully appreciated. In 2378, her best friend--a Vulcan-Cardassian hybrid with as interesting a history as K'Taal's--introduced the young woman to another friend of hers. The two hit it off almost immediately, and ended up married in 2381. By this time, too, K'Taal had left Starfleet and taken a teaching job. This, along with her wife--Camille, and her nephew, gave her great happiness for the next few years.

That changed, however, in 2389. First, Camille was attacked by a radical dissident--allegedly, according to said dissident, Camille had broken taboos by being married to another woman, not to mention a Klingon. Next, one of K'Taal's academic colleagues, in a fit of jealousy, leveled accusations which, while later proven false, were strong enough to have K'Taal removed from her post. When these incidents were combined with her nephew, Koloth, leaving for New Zealand, it is no wonder that K'Taal was looking for a change of scene.

She and Camille, both having restless spirits at heart, found berths on a Niborite Alliance cruiser, but after a few years, decided to go their own way. Unfortunately, they have run into a few unsavory characters--perhaps most notably a band of Orions who followed the "old ways" (trafficking in forced labor, for one)--and thus looking for a ship and crew who can be trusted... At least as much as they can be when on the fringe of the Federation.
Service Record 2355: Born, Ketha Province, Q'Onos.
Late 2371: Enters Klingon Defense Force.
2373: Graduates Klingon Defense Force; assigned to IKS Ke'eilv.
2374: Reassigned to IKS B'Moth; helps imprison former commander on charges of dishonorable conduct and multiple other crimes.
2375: Takes custody of nephew, Koloth.
2376: Transfers to Starfleet.
Late 2376-9: Serves as language instructor at Starfleet Academy; moonlights as translator for Federation Diplomatic Corps and some business interests.
Late 2379-89: University instructor; London, Earth.
2381: Marries Camille Elizabeth Adler.
2390-92: Serves aboard Niborite Alliance vessel Kroval.