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Christopher Byrne

Name Christopher Byrne

Position Senior Medical Personnel


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth August, 2363
Place of Birth Armstrong City, Luna

Physical Appearance

Height 6’0 (183cm)
Weight 181lbs (82kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Looks like your regular Starfleet doctor, almost straight from the poster. That is if he were still allowed to be a Starfleet doctor. He keeps himself and follows a healthy way of life as to avoid the label of hypocrite. His hair has grown longer than his Starfleet dossier due to living as a civilian once again.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Counselor Jessica Byrne (ex-wife), USS Pasadena
Father Admr. Franklin Byrne
Mother Rachel Byrne, Elementary School Teacher, Armstrong City
Brother(s) Captain Marcus Byrne, Starbase 168 (formerly USS Endeavour)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chris is generally compassionate and patient. He has a deep love for the art of healing. He will absolutely follow path needed to push death back another day for his patients. While generally a patient man, he has been known to get into heated arguments about the right thing to do.

He has made choices in his life that has forced him from where he thought he would be. He hasn't fully coped with the way his life has turned out, and has developed a bit of depression. During his career, he had always fought to be the good guy. After being labeled as a villain and having his Officer's Commission stripped, he has struggled with himself. Now, he wants to heal the sick and wounded, to change lives in order to atone for the sins others say he committed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Diagnostic Ability
+ Intelligence
+ Bedside Manner

+-Outside the Box

- Internalizes his work
- Battles Depression
- Self-Esteem
Ambitions He really just wants to become a good guy again. He wants to have his name mentioned with pride and good feelings instead of the shame it now brings him.
Hobbies & Interests He absolutely loves Parrisses Squares
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Fluent: Federation Standard, Vulcan... Passable: Bajoran


Personal History "To Hit Bottom is to Fall From Grace."

Born to a Captain and a school teacher, Christopher was set up for a good life. His older brother Marcus was ten already and offered a role model for his brother, especially when their father was away for long missions. Chris was able to attend the best schools and was groomed to follow in the family footsteps into Starfleet. His mother, Rachel did everything that she could to provide a good and fulfilling life to her sons, teaching them the value of knowing their values and fighting for what they believed.

As his teen years came along, Chris was all set to follow his brother Marcus into the Operations path at the Academy. Then, and event occurred that changed his trajectory. A fellow classmate at Aldrin High School fell down the stairs and broke their arm. Being the only one around, it was up to him to aid the girl. This experience almost forced him to change his focus to Medical.

At the age of eighteen, Christopher was admitted into Starfleet Medical Academy in San Francisco. He was an overall great student. While not being a threat to achieve the valedictorian status, he maintained honors grades. While there, he took part in the Parrisses Squares team. After his time at the Academy was complete, Christopher took on an internship at Starbase One. He took part in his regular doctor training and even got the chance to work on experimental treatments.

Once that was completed, he then transfer to the USS Iroquois, a Cheyenne-class ship, for his residency. He spent two years of his life treating the crew as well as being able to visit frontier worlds to help aid people who had limited access to doctors. While away from the research area, he found himself very fulfilled.

Before he knew it, he was now known as a regular doctor and was able to lay claim to his own Sickbay. Given his choices, Christopher found a posting that just screamed out to him. It was an old Regula-class station that was positioned over a tropical colony. While this would have been a nice posting most of the time, the colony below Starbase 223 was a primitive culture, so pleasure vacations were never allowed. . Christopher looked forward to the challenge of studying the tribal society.

For the first year and a half, Chris kept himself busy with the biological studies team. They scrutinized samples of flora and fauna that could be brought back to the station safely. He also worked with the sociology team, spending countless time looking over the various villages as they attempted to dechipher the societies below. However, they soon discovered that the systems star, Kalindra, was beginning to emit a dangerous radiation as the nebular gasses were absorbed into the star. The station’s hull could easily repel the dangers energy, but the primaries below were in extreme danger.

After another year of study, the societies were beginning to break down as their numbers dropped significantly. A new model suggested that the species would soon become extinct if drastic measures were not undertaken. Christopher and the scientists aboard came up with a cure that would modify the genes of the species in order to make themselves relatively immune to the radiation with a delivery method being a detonated probe in high orbit. Starfleet Command declines, stating the Prime Directive. However, Christopher ignored orders and launched he probe. The experiment was a resounding success, however Chris was forced to turn himself in as a criminal. Starfleet viewed a violation of the Prime Directive as one of the most serious crimes against the Federation.

This was a violation of the Prime Directive, and would normally have resulted in criminal charges and disbarment. Byrne was threatened with a Tribunal and wrecked with guilt over disappointing his family. Had it not been for his father’s influence, he would have found his way into a prison cell. It was certainly good to have a respected Admiral for a father and a promising Captain for a brother. Instead, after a year of legal battles, a deal was reached where Chris would be dishonorably discharged but allowed to keep his medical liscence.

Now lost, Chris took the only job that would take him. He became the doctor aboard the civilian ship, SS Mary Rose. He took the job, eager to clear his name and once again be considered a good man.
Service Record S.S. Mary Rose, Constitution-class (2395 - Present)
- Doctor

Starbase 223, Regula-class, 2389 - 2393
- Chief Medical Officer

USS Iroquois, Cheyenne-class, 2387 - 2389
- Resident Doctor

Starbase One, Stardock-class, 2385 - 2387
- Intership

Starfleet Medical Academy, 2381 - 2385
- Student