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Chief Engineer Mellicent Borden

Name Mellicent Anne Borden

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Chief Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 110#
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mel is of small structure for a human, and has a slender body. She has what many would call a good figure, which she tends to flaunt. Her hair is kept in a short pixie manner, and her eyes are large giving her a delicate look.

Ship Identification

Office Deck 16
Quarters Deck 4 -04
Duty Shift Alpha
Roommate N/A


Spouse Devon Stamkos (Divorced)
Father Commodore Gerald Dean Borden, 79 Retired
Mother Captain Martha Jean Borden M.D., 76 Retired

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mel was born with a small birthmark on her left cheek. She also suffers from a mild case of asthma, due to her premature birth; making extreme physical exercise not possible, without medication. Mel is a very confident woman, and very determined. She knows what she can do, and is always pushing her limits, a trait she got from her mother. But, her father has taught her over the years, that in times it is ok to ask for help, something that she still has trouble doing. Mel is a very social person, she enjoys parties, and getting together with friends. She can be seen a lot after hours, in the lounge usually in a large group of people, usually she is the loudest person in the group.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mel is a person who has to remain in total control over everything, while raised by loving parents she still has a lasting side effects from her younger years.
She is a determined and stubborn person, who will get what she wants one way or another. It should also be noted that she completely hates her first name, as an adult she has opted to go by the name Mel, instead of Mellicent.
Ambitions Just simply to survive, on her own without the help of anyone else
Hobbies & Interests Likes chocolate, tea, and coffee. In her free time, Mel reads many books, a trait she picked up from her mother, who was an avid reader. She enjoys chess, and games of chance, and games of mental challenge seems to give her a high of sorts. Mel Loves opera music, it often plays in her quarters.
Sexual Orientation Lesbian, after her failed marriage Mel has swore off men for the foreseeable future.
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, some Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran


Personal History Mellicent Borden, or Mel to her friends, is some what of a mystery. Abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage in downtown San Francisco, at the age of two, very little is known about her birth or parentage. Mel spent the first ten years of her life at the orphanage, where her formative years where entertained by caring yet overworked staff. Many would have said that Mel was a tender child, but often very self-centered caring only for her own needs and desires. A common trait that has followed Mel throughout her adult years.

At the age of ten and considered to be rather old for adoption Mel was taken in by older Gerald and Martha Borden. The Borden’s were a caring family, loving and dedicated but very unprepared for the amount of attention that raising a child, especially one like Mel, would take. Trying their best, they gave Mel everything she needed and then more, in hopes to overcome the trauma of her early years. Mel was given little discipline, something she needed. While troubled she still grew in her education and social skills; excelling in areas like math and science, she found her studies a breeze.

It was a surprise to many that Mel was accepted into Star Fleet Academy. While many had hopes that she would get in; several thought her overly strong personality and trouble with authority would be an obstacle for her. Star Fleet Academy proved to be much more difficult for Mel, given her need to stay in control. However, her stubborn and determined side wouldn’t allow her to give up; it seemed to drive her in a way that she couldn’t explain. Mel graduated Star Fleet Academy in 2382, no where near the top of her class but well enough to earn her a place on the USS Pioneer as her newest Engineering Officer.

Mel’s work on the Pioneer was uneventful, rather run of the mill. Outwardly she seemed to get along with most of her staff, Mel still struggled with Authority and started to gain a reputation for being a problem Officer. After a few fights here and there, a few reprimands for misconduct, and several overnight stays in the brig, Mel was transferred to the USS Amity in hopes that a change of pace would help her. Things did change for Mel, as she met and eventually married Devon Stamkos, a Security Officer on the Amity.

Their relationship was rather hot and heavy, a whirlwind, as many would call it. Having married after only knowing each other for a few months, their life was filled with numerous fights, disagreements, and the occasional shouting match. Things in Mel’s life came to a grinding halt when in 2391 Mel discovered she was pregnant with her first child. While scared and somewhat afraid she was eager to tell her husband the news. However, upon returning to their quarters Mel’s world crashed on the floor, finding Devon in bed with the Chief Flight Officer of the Amity.

Experts called it a psychogenic blackout brought on by a chemical imbalance and extreme stress, but all Mel remembers is being locked up and a Doctor telling her she had lost her baby. She remembers nothing of attacking both Devon or his mistress or the hours afterwards. While neither was injured severely, it was the final straw in a career that was dotted with numerous problems. Mel soon found herself without a ship, a career, or a friend after receiving an Other Than Honorable Administrative Discharge from Star Fleet.

Mel spent the next several years hopping from ship to ship, picking up work as needed; taking the odd job or Engineering post was her life. It was here that she eventually met and befriended Mackenzie “Mack” Porter. Since meeting, Mack and Mel have become inseparable, taking jobs and working as a team. Their pseudo brother-sister relationship seems to work for them; with Mel being the brains of the group and Mack the brawn. In 2395 after a brief stint in a Federation prison Mel and Mack decided it was time to get something more permanent for a while; in hopes of avoiding another trek to a Federation prison. Mel sent out word that she was looking for a civilian ship with an Engineering post and eventually found herself on the SS Mary Rose, with Mack at her side as always.

Service Record 2360: Born
2362: Left at Orphanage
2370: Adopted by Gerald and Martha Borden
2378: Entered StarFleet Academy, Engineering Route
2382-2884: USS Pioneer, Engineer Officer
2384-2391: Married to Devon Stamkos, divorced
2384-2391: USS Amity, Engineering Officer
2391-2395: Worked as a Civilian Engineer on different Freighters, Pirate ships, and Civilian Vessels
2395: SS Mary Rose, Chief Engineer