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Tasha Belikov

Name Tasha Belikov

Position Logistics Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34
Date of Birth April 2362
Place of Birth Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 172 cm
Weight 57 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tasha is proportional when it comes to her weight and height. Her hair is dark and worn long around her shoulders. Her skin is fair and contrasts well with her dark hair. She has

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Personality & Traits

General Overview Tasha is a loner. She does well being on her own and can get easily flustered in groups. She tends to think that one other person constitutes a group. She is tasked oriented which makes her particularly good at her job. She also has an ability multitask that is typically helpful, but can be a detriment when she gets flustered.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Flustered easily
-/+ introverted
+Task oriented
+Multi tasking
Ambitions At one point she had a plan. She had her entire life planned out but that has all changed. Now she simply wonders claiming she likes her life that way. Her denial is strong.
Hobbies & Interests Tasha loves to read. She also loves to listen to old rock music and while she wouldn't admit it, she had a tendency to dance and sing when she is alone. She keeps herself fit though daily practice of yoga and running but wouldn't claim to actually enjoy either.
Sexual Orientation Straight


Personal History Tasha was born in 2362 to a teenage mother, much to the shame of her Grand parents, on a civilian ship. The civilian ship was chartered and run by a religious sect that attempted to value the Old Ways. Unwanted as a small child she was soon put up for adoption and knows only of her mother what was told to her by the women of the group home where she was raised. Her family was never revealed to her as was the wish of her grandparents.

Having grown up on the fringes of the Federation she knew little of the conflicts that occurred during the Dominion War.

When she was eighteen Tasha got the idea to apply for Starfleet Academy. She was accepted but figured out with in eighteen months that it was not where she fit. She was able to find lodging and employment with a man who made his living selling anything that was sell able. She managed his inventory and in return he showed her the galaxy.

The isolated existence she had as a child and the one she experiences as Talak's apprentice made her comfortable with being alone. Talak didn't have much time nor desire to spend with her. It was during this time that she soon mastered many techniques for managing inventory. She impressed her employer and soon was granted a ship of her own to conduct and off shoot of his business.

She happily spent the next ten years of her life traveling around, procuring items and selling them. She made a life for herself and was happily content. That was until she met Brandon. Brandon flustered her and made her feel...special. For the first time in her life she felt wanted and that was terrifying and thrilling.

Within a year of meeting Brandon, Tasha resigned her position with Talak and married Brandon. This was when everything changed. The loving and caring man she had married became cold and distant. She went from a life of self-isolation to one of imposed isolation.

It was another two years before she reached her breaking point and tried to leave. Her first attempt resulted in a broken arm, broken nose, and multiple bruises. A second and a third were tried before she gave up all hope of ever getting away from him.

Daily beatings and unwanted advances soon reduced Tasha to a shell of the timid girl she had once been. She was skilled at hiding the bruises and the pain her eyes as she disguised her limps and soreness. Until one day when she found out she was pregnant. She did not want her child growing up in this place and vowed to escape. She had wanted the child from the moment she had found out she was quickening.

Knowing Brandon was going out off world, Tasha made her move, but luck was not on her side. She was caught boarding a shuttle and drug away by her husband himself. The beating she received was severe and by the time he left her bleeding in the park she didn't believe she would survive and even hoped that she wouldn't.

Three days later she woke up in an infirmary. The world her and Brandon resided on was somewhat primitive and healing took time. Every inch of her hurt but not as much as her heart when the doctors told her the news. The beating had been severe, and she had lost the baby. Due to the damage caused by the miscarriage the medical staff informed her the chance of her every being able to carry her own child was remote. She had never felt so alone.

It took her three months to recover from her injuries and when she was back on her feet she tried to move on with her life. With no money she had to start over. Working for an establishment in town she managed to squirrel away a few coins to barter passage anywhere. Any where off the planet and far away from the man who took everything from her.