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Rosalyn Slade

Name Rosalyn Slade

Position Medic


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Alcaren/Human
Age 20
Place of Birth SS Petra

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Silver /blue
Physical Description Slade is a thin blond with bight eyes. In the right light you may notice the few red strands of hair. She has full lips and an innocent expression, but don't let that fool you. She has a mischievous streak.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children none
Father Mar Hemlorac
Mother Bly Slade-Hemlorac
Brother(s) Tybolt Hemlorac, Rowen Hemlorac
Sister(s) Amity Hemlorac, Evelyn Hemlorac, Sari Hemlorac (in law, bonded to Rowen)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Empathetic
+ sweet
+ tries to be funny

- emotional
~can be sassy
Sexual Orientation Streight


Personal History Roselyn is the daughter of Lord Mar Hemlorac of the Alcaren noble house, who left his world as a young man and married a human, Bly Slade. She was born on the SS Petra, a merchant ship partly owned by her mother. On Alcar her father had been a younger son in the family, and so well educated, he decided to become a Doctor before he left his planet on the SS Petra.

Roaslyn was the fourth child, and like her father and her older brother found an interest in the medical fields. Growing up on merchant ships she was exposed to many cultures and have a very happy childhood. Taking after her mothers personality she was known for being a little impish, however very sweet. Much to her mothers chagrin she took after medical practices far more than mechanical. When she was 14, and considered an adult by Alcaren standards she requested to be educated on the Alcaren homeworld, at Imly Academy, where her father received his degree.

Despite the fact her family is very well connected among the merchants in the universe she decided to apply for a ship outside the normal network. Not everyone agreed with her choice, but upon graduation she applied to several Merchant ships, and took the most interesting one the SS Mary Rose. To avoid being known by her family name, Rosalyn uses her mothers maiden name, Slade, and chooses to be called by it, since she'd not a fan of her first name, nor the nickname it brought, 'Rosie'.