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Ships Doctor Quinton Sarratt

Name Quinton Andrew Sarratt MD

Position Ships Doctor

Rank Ships Doctor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39
Date of Birth 05/05/2356
Place of Birth Carson City, Nevada, Earth
NPC Author Jakers

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 131#
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Quin Sarratt is a rather average human male; nothing truthfully stands out on the first glace. The ability to blend in and go unnoticed is important to him; given his background. In his youth, Quin kept a very clean appearance, but over time he’s given up on the clean-shaven appearance and gone for more of a scruffy five o’clock shadow look. Perhaps his only feature that could be noticed is a small scar under his left ear, but one would have to be fairly close to see it.

Ship Identification

Office Deck 6: Sickbay
Quarters Deck 4 -04
Duty Shift Alpha
Roommate N/A


Spouse Jamie Anne Porter (37) Bartender/Owner Risa (Separated)
Children Sammie Renee Porter (3) (Deceased)
Father Mrs. Lindsay Marie Sarrat (D)
Mother Cmdre Andrew Nash Sarrat (79) Starfleet Intelligence, Earth
Other Family Quin, due to the events of his childhood, doesn't keep in close contact with his extended family. Due to this fact, he honestly has no idea who is still alive and who has passed on. If pressured, he will admit that he doesn't care to know. That was the past and he's moved on.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quin is a normal, average human male with no distinctive features or marks. Many consider him tall, but in Quin's opinion, he’s seen taller. Quin would never admit this but he knows he is getting older, time is something he doesn't have on his side. At the age of 39, most people would have life figured out, and Quin is still trying to rebuild his. Quin has led a hard life and done many things that he regrets. While he has no desire to change his ways, he does realize he needs to start taking things seriously.

Perhaps one of the most striking personality problems with Quin is his short fuse. He can be an extremely hot-head person, and his temper sometimes gets the better of him. It has been a reoccurring problem throughout his entire life, landing him in trouble numerous times.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyalty - Quin is fiercely loyal to those he calls friend, but making it to that list can be almost impossible.

+ Marksmanship – Quin has developed and honed his skills over the years. Scoring almost perfect scores on any phaser or rifle range.

+ Medical Skills - Despite his many negative traits, Quin is a very skilled Doctor and not afraid to venture on the slightly illegal side if the situation warrants it.

- Personality – Quin has a charm that most can't stand. He's blunt, forward, direct. While some enjoy like a Doctor who is straight forward, most think it's an annoying trait.

- Temper - Quin's temper would be at the top of this list of negative attributes. While he has been able to keep it under control if pushed he loses control rapidly.

- Drinking - Unknown to most, Quin has a problem with his addiction to the drink. Ever since the loss of his daughter and the break up of his family, Quin has quieted the guilt with the occasional drink.
Ambitions Quin just takes one day at a time, enjoys seeing where life takes him. For Quin, as long as he doesn't end up in a prison, or out on the streets then life is good.
Hobbies & Interests Quin's hobbies are rather odd and selective. He tends to keep his interests close to the chest and not let people in. He enjoys a good book, but not the electric kind. He prefers a paper book, something that he can hold. Despite knowing all the negative effects, Quin enjoys a good cigar and a single malt whiskey. He realizes these are strange traits for a Doctor, but he honestly doesn't care.
Sexual Orientation Straight
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Some Cardassian


Personal History

Medical Notes

* Quin appears to have an allergy to strawberries that causes minor skin irritation and sneezing. He responds well to traditional allergy remedies.
* In addition to strawberries, Quin appears to be allergic to roses. They cause contact irritation.
* Quin's list of allergies also appears to include pet dander. This allergy causes irritation to both his sinus and ocular membranes.
* Quin’s list of allergies has expanded to include a skin contact allergy to geraniums. They cause severe rash symptoms.
* Quin can also add peanuts to his growing list of allergy-inducing items. This allergy seems to be him most severe, eating peanuts has caused complete anaphylaxis.
Service Record 2356: Born
2356-2374: Childhood
2374: Entered StarFleet Academy, Medical Route
2374-2378: Basic StarFleet Academy, Medical Route
2378-2382: StarFleet Medical School, Graduated MD, Rank: Lieutenant
2383: Recruited into StarFleet Intelligence Division
2383-2390: StarFleet Intelligence, Cardassian Sector, Xenology Specialist
2391: Left SI, moved to Risa
2391-2394: Civilian Life
2391: Married Jamie Anne Porter
2392: Birth of Daughter, Sammie Renee Porter
2395: Left Risa, after being discovered by a former mark from SI
2395: Death of daughter and legal separation from his wife.
2396: SS Mary Rose, Medical Doctor