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Draia Theroh

Name Draia Theroh

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 29
Date of Birth 11th of Yatyut in the Cardassian calendar
Place of Birth Lakarian, Cardassia

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm
Weight 67 kg
Hair Color Indigo-black
Eye Color Emerald
Physical Description Given her genetics and her long hours of physical labour, Draia’s frame is a lithe one. She’s not all hard edges and flat planes, though, due to the generous amount she eats and drinks. As a Cardassian, her skin tone is ashen. The facial ridges on her chin, nose, over her eyes and at her forehead aren’t as pronounced as some. She inherited softer facial ridges from her father’s side of the family. In the sunlight, her black hair has a slightly teal shimmer, but she hasn’t gotten much sunlight in her adult life.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Personality & Traits

General Overview Draia can often be abrasive, impatient, fearless, and demanding, as well as soft, sensual and inviting. She is seriously lacking in tact. She is precocious. Or, at least as precocious as one can be in one's mid-twenties. It has been said that she has an old soul, with the eager eyes of a child.

Draia is much more likely to blame her own faults for pain and suffering rather than believe in an imperfect universe.

Draia was born with that peculiar brand of charm and humour that makes you love her, even when she’s insulting you.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hedonistic
+ When she’s focused, she can shut out the world
+ Observant
+ Strangely charming
+ Natural curiosity

- Impatient
- Little emotional control
- Impulsive
- Scrappy; she likes to hit
- Her compassion his strong, but her compassion is selective
Ambitions On every occupational application, she writes that her ambition is “to be buried alive.”
Hobbies & Interests Sleeping
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Language(s) Spoken Cardassian, Passable Federation Standard


Personal History Although Draia was born on Cardassia, she was raised on Volan II for the most part. The Theroh family were pioneers of the new colony established after the weak-willed Federation seceded the planet to the Cardassian Union. Draia’s mother served in the military all her life. To this day, Draia has never asked her mother what position she serves or even what branch of the military she answers to. Draia’s father came from a family of political influence, which is what afforded him the luxury of indulging in art for most of his life. Come the wars with the Federation, and then the Klingons, and then the Federation again, Draia’s father was always awarded military contracts to produce propaganda.

Draia’s mother treated her children and husband as if they were her junior officers, and they all were ever-so-eager to make her happy. Although Draia had demonstrated an ability to affable and sociable as a child, Draia’s mother decided it would be most appropriate for her children to be home schooled, and so they were. Although Draia’s parents had little involvement in the education process, only the very best tutors were provided to their many children. Family is all, after all.

By the time Draia was the equivalent of twenty-two years old, the Theroh family made arrangements for her enrollment in an institution of higher education that had been newly constructed on Cardassia Prime. When Draia questioned her enrollment, and even her field of study (energy systems), she was reminded that her parents and her grandparents knew better than her. When Draia was halfway through her education, she had tasted enough freedom to give her a hunger for more. On her transport back to Voltan II between semesters, she took the first opportunity to jump ship. Risking stranding herself during a stop over, she managed to find employment quickly at a refueling station. Draia never found out if the owner hired her because of her small hands, the tightness of the dress she was wearing that day, or simply out of pity. She never asked him either.
Service Record Draia first learned of the life of a miner from a young man she worked with, and courted, at the fueling station. Like all great Cardassian loves, the intercourse of their courtship was arguments and accusations. The young man’s father was a miner, and the young man would tell Draia stories that his father had told him. Draia began to think about mines during the day while she worked in the fuel processing plant and she would dream about mines in the night. She fantasized about mines, even. The very thought of being buried deep in the flesh of a planet, dark and dank walls of rock all around her, enveloping her, it brought her to ecstasy. Draia’s young man, he wanted to be a pilot; he wanted to see the stars. She left him behind when she went to work with his father, down deep in a mine.

When that mine in the depths of Lyshan III began to show signs of haunting by metaphysical manifestations, the mine was visited by investigators and the military alike. As the mine was a joint venture between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets, the ghost stories were investigated by a collection of Starfleet and Cardassian officers. She met them in the repair shop where she worked, when they beamed down to the mines to investigate the mystery. Having never met anyone from Starfleet before, Draia was thunderstruck by the sheer curiosity their officers demonstrated throughout their interviews and inspections. That thirst for knowledge —for no sake, but its own sake— was entirely alien to Draia. Entirely alien, and entirely fascinating. The Starfleet starship had barely left orbit around the mining world, and Draia was leveraging her employment at a UFP facility to submit an application to enlist in Starfleet.

Following basic training at Starfleet Academy, USS Viking was Draia’s first posting as a Crewman Apprentice in the Tactical department. She was responsible for maintenance of the weapons systems, and her responsibilities were put to the test on Viking’s maiden voyage when the great starship herself crash-landed on the planet Rugeline-V3. Without the creature comforts of the starship’s environmental controls, the planet’s warm and humid environment of perpetual twilight made for little patience and temper flare-ups. In Draia’s case, it really didn’t take much to pick a fight. When she felt slighted by the engineering crew, Draia staged and accident to throw deck plates at an offensive superior officer. Although Draia was never found entirely culpable in the attack, she was instructed by make penance by performing maintenance on the waste reclamation systems.

Draia’s technically skills were truly put to the test with each subsequent mission aboard the Viking. When the starship’s computer was infected by the minds of Indisian prisoners, Draia was stuck repairing the same weapons systems over and over when they spontaneously broke down time and again. She also supported the away team that sought to wrest control of an ancient space station from the station’s AI to protect the crew of the Viking. Even on shore leave to the planet Ferenginar, Draia could find little peace in her life, certainly nothing like she had experienced in the mines of Lyshan III. Draia found herself in combat with a Ferengi entrepreneur who as abusing Borg technology he didn’t understand. Only Draia could disable the vastly expanding Borg tech and rescue her friends, but only by killing the Ferengi in the process. It was a choice that haunted her the rest of her life.

The constant battle that followed Draia and the Viking —from the far corners of the Gamma Quadrant to the wrecked Earth of the far future— eventually lead to Draia’s dismissal from Starfleet. She considered it a mutual decision; Starfleet records don’t 100% match that perspective.

It has taken Draia time to rebuild a life for herself. She couldn’t quite bring herself to go back to a mining colony, but she found work as an engineer on a mining starship and then the SS Mary Rose. As much as Draia sought comfort beneath the skin of a planet, something within her sought a life between the stars. Comfort wasn't what the Mary Rose afforded her. She had cashed in the only debt she held --from her days stealing fuel from the fuel processing plant-- to secure her position as Chief Engineer aboard the Mary Rose from Captain Gregnol. Her time among the crew was brief and combustible. She spent her days keeping the ship held together --despite an explosion aboard ship-- and she spent her nights making sexual advances to half the crew. And then one night, a Galor-class Cardassian starship intercepted the Mary Rose and demanded they surrender Draia Theroh. No one put up much of a fight. Draia was gone.

Months later, the Mary Rose came to find Draia --drifting in an escape pod-- with no belongings but the Trill wedding dress she was wearing. Captain Gregnol wearily welcomed Draia back to work for the new Chief Engineer. Draia told him that her mother had tried to marry her off for the sake of political expediency. At the same time, Draia had told other members of the crew that she'd been working as a stripper, and others still that she was now an independently wealthy woman after a heist she'd pulled in a bridal shop. Her reasons for returning to the Mary Rose remain her own.