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Anthony Cardel

Name Anthony James Cardel

Position Passenger


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50
Date of Birth January 7th, 2322
Place of Birth Born London, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7
Weight 195
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Anthony stands at a mere 5’9” while not short he was often teased by his friends and family members of his average stature especially considering both his father and mother were both well over six feet.

While taking the gibes in stride it often did cause him some discontent that he was prejudged by one attribute.

What he lacks in height he makes up with his dynamic personality and intelligence has often brought him many friends and just as many enemies. While a deep believer in the Federation and its ideals he had a crisis of faith during the Federation-Dominion War, his scathing review of Starfleet during the war made him few friends while he saw it as an attempt on his part to make it a better organization within the Federation.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance N/A
Office N/A
Quarters N/A
Duty Shift Alpha
Roommate N/A


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Cardel (Deceased)
Mother Rosemary Cardel (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) (Step-Sister) Carmella Janice Cardel (Deceased)
Other Family Uncle: Martin Cardel (Married Rosemary Cardel soon after
brothers death) (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anthony can at a glance seem almost shy and reserved however is demeanor can become warm and energetic depending on the conversation. With a general pessimistic viewpoint on life and his recent hatred towards Starfleet he rarely sees the "Silver Lining in the Cloud" that most Federation citizens prescribe to.

His greatest character flaw is his bursts of erratic behavior towards Starfleet personnel having several complaints against him as well as a recent misdemeanor charge of property damage and general mischief causing damage to a Bajoran Temple. As well two criminal charges of battery and fleeing the scene of a crime. Many of his colleagues and editors stated simply "He use to do his job well enough but the war changed him."


Doctor G. Klaben: General Psychological Assessment to Starfleet Medical March 2nd, 2373 (Forward to Starfleet Command)
Dr. Cardel exhibits some of the traits of a generalized anxiety disorder during mandated “Psychometric Testing” for deployment to the Cardassian-Federation War.

During the first round of testing he failed several stress tests and failed to cooperate during four 1 hour sessions of personal therapy. Recommend that he not be deployed to front line.

Commodore Benjamin T. Gates:(Reply Commander Elliot Crawford Ph.D) Starfleet Command March 3th, 2373

Assessment duly noted, deployment granted to front line for a period of 90 days with a mandate to seek better mental health within a period of two years.

Commander Elliot Crawford Ph.D: (Reply Commodore Benjamin T. Gates) Psychological Assessment to Starfleet Command March 4th, 2373

I strongly recommend that the current psychological assessment test be used as a deferment for any future deployments since the patient has taken no action to seek any help from any known mental health clinics in the Federation, in my professional opinion he is not ready to deploy to the Dominion front lines and pressure being exerted by Starfleet Command to appeal to the Federation News Network and the Federation News Service is both short sighted and dangerous.

Vice Admiral Benjamin T. Gates Fleet Commander of the Fifth Fleet:(Reply Commander Elliot Crawford Ph.D) Starfleet Command March 5th, 2373

And I urge you to keep these criticisms to yourself with public opinion at an all time low in the war to undermined the FNN and the FNS would be politically difficult and also effect public support for the war. Your request to remove him from his current deployment with the Seventh Fleet is denied. Further any future requests will be termed as a willful act of insubordination subject to JAG investigative justice.

Medical Files from New York’s United Health Clinic unavailable: Time spent at UHC filed as seven months of varying types of therapies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Anthony has a distinctive gift for getting a project and slugging through it slowly but his former colleagues called it his greatest virtue during his time in the BBC. Some of his most noteworthy pieces was while he was serving as a Senior Political Analyst for the BBC he was covering a local election in southern Europe but he also made time to meet several local leaders during the tense aftermath where many independent election monitors criticized the fairness of the election of a former Starfleet officer. Many calling the election rigged triggering a three day riot where local authorities refusing to hold another election and voters/rioters refusing to accept the results. The results were eventually annulled and another election was held several weeks later.

Weaknesses: Anthony’s greatest weakness comes from his obsessive nature both in anger and arrogance. While many people do get angry from time to time, Anthony flies into a rage over the most minor setbacks, his most famous “rage attack” was during a fight over censorship. His article decrying the defense of Earth by Starfleet was first outright denied and sent back to him by his editor and when finally released was heavily edited taking out the majority of his remarks and criticisms and worst of all, the editor had included two paragraphs of his own praising Starfleet Command in rendering aid. When Anthony read this he erupted into a rage destroyed several cubicles at the FNN and had to be dragged out of the building by security and staff members. He was thereafter given a chance to retire or face litigation and jail time. After some minor litigation it was decided by both the FNN and Anthony's legal counsel that he would retire with his pension in full without any reductions.

Ambitions His one sole ambition is to reclaim his title of professional journalism and fully exact punishment on those responsible for the premature ending of his career.
Hobbies & Interests He holds a great deal of interest in listening to classical music as well as modern music enjoying such artists as varied as Mozart, Pachelbel, Ludovico Einaudi, Mazzy Star, Electric Light Orchestra, Bruce Springsteen and Rammstein.
Sexual Orientation Unknown but most colleagues assume homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Standard


Personal History Born into a family of two extremes, one side being a strong supporter of literature, music and impeccable journalistic career, the other being cemented in strong Starfleet values, duty, honor and servitude to the Federation.

Anthony’s life always seemed split between the values of either part of his family. The battle end after the death of his father who died in a tragic EV malfuction that somehow started to pump in the poisonous atmosphere into the suit. After that the notion of sending her only son (Anthony) to Starfleet was deemed out of the question by his mother. The rest of the family reluctantly back off, mostly out of respect, this single moment changed his life forever; the fork in the road had shifted leading him and his life down a different path.

His enrollment in Cambridge University was celebrated by his mother and championed by many family members. He eventually went on to graduate with a Master’s in History and Politics and a PHD in Journalism.

Over the next 3 decades he wrote for the FNN, FNS and the BBC. He also went on to write for selective news agencies on Betazed, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar.

After the passing of his mother he started to take assignments aboard a few select Starbases and on several Starfleet vessels.

While his writings had always been deemed fair and unbiased his blasting of the Third Fleets handling of the attack on Earth earned him many enemies
in Starfleet and resulted in his forced early retirement.

However, after two years into his retirement an old friend on Vulcan convinced him (and more importantly a fleet commander) that he should be allowed back on a Starfleet vessel for at least the next two years.

His post to the Starbase Templar was his last post, and Federation officials were adamant that his retirement be permanent, that or die quietly in obscurity.

In some ways it was the end of Anthony Cardel, after nearly being killed reporting on the Gorn-Tholian Federation War that involved a brief alliance of the Gorn and Tholian Empires to overpower Stabase Templar ( Starbase 611). After briefly serving aboard a converted Cardassian Orbital Docking Station, Anthony was arrested on the station after sabotaging a power converter to a local Bajoran Temple as well as assaulting a Starfleet Engineer who attempted to stop him. He was arrested and shortly thereafter left the station under the watchful eye of his duly appointed Federation guardian V'Lar a Vulcan colleague of his.

No official record of his time spent after this has been found but certain rumors was that he spent several months in a Earth Mental Health Clinic.

Most official record have him as a wandering writer operating on the edges of Federation territory. He also spent time on Leto Colony where the CO of the Federation/Starfleet outpost calling him a danger to the colonies existence. Many reports filed to Starfleet Intelligence mention subversion of local political parties as well as consorting or controlling criminal elements on the planet.

Service Record ~ 2346 - Born London, Earth
2363 - Enrollment in Cambridge University
2369 - Graduated with a Ph.D in Journalism
2369 - Hired on as a Junior Reporter for the BBC
2370 - Promoted to Junior War Correspondent for the Cardassian Border War
2372 - Promoted to Senior Political Analyst for the United Federation of Planets
2373 - Left the British Broadcasting Corporation.
2373 - Hired for the Federation News Service
2374 - Promoted to Senior Domestic Correspondent for the European Continent
2375 - Promoted to Senior War Correspondent for the Dominion War
2375 - Nearly terminated from the FNS for the controversial
"Starfleet's Greatest Shame
Two Months Later Third Fleet and Starfleet Still to Blame"
2375 - Placed on administrative leave and work subject to censure by FNS Editors
2378 - Moved to Domestic Section of the FNS given the title "Chief Domestic Reporter"
2386 - Retirement
2387 - Assigned to the Starbase 611 with the FNS as one of its
“Front line Reporters ”
2388 - Nearly Killed during the brief Gorn-Tholian-Federation War official stated as a small skirmish between Starfleet vessels and rogue Gorn/Tholian military elements
2389 - Leto Colony - Deemed a rogue element attempting to corrupt and control not only political establishments but criminal as well
2391 - Location Unknown - last seen boarding Romulan civilian transport
2396 - Arrives via shuttle on New Laurium