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Micheal Robertson

Name Micheal James Robertson

Position Armory Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Date of Birth 12 Apr 2354
Place of Birth Roughneck Ranch, Lubbock, Texas, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 5”
Weight 255 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey-blue
Physical Description A large man, Mike tends to stand out in a crowd. While his normally serious gaze can sometimes make people nervous around him, when he smiles and laughs, it is with his entire body.

He usually keeps his hair short and his beard trimmed, but, sometimes he goes completely clean shaven.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None (widower) Rebecca Anne
Children Twins (both murdered in infancy)

S: Micheal Junior

D: Miranda Rose

Father GSgt Victor Robertson(retired SFMC) (60 yrs old)
Mother Marie Robertson (65 yrs old)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Professor Emma Robertson-Reed (twin)
Other Family Cmdr Timothy Reed (brother-in-law)(XO - USS Posidon) (39 yrs old)

Personality & Traits

General Overview While on duty, Big Mike, as he friends called him, was strictly a spit and polish NonCom. He adhered strictly to the rules and did not tolerate those that tried to shirk their duties and responsibilities.

He always put the welfare of his people ahead of his own. Even if that meant that he did without something, he never took a comfort if his people were facing hardships.

When off duty, he was the first to break out the party drinks and cards. As hard as he worked, he played just as hard.

Now that he's a bounty hunter, his demeanor is a bit darker. When he gets the scent of his prey, he is extremely dogged in his pursuit. There has only been one target that elluded his pursuit, and to this day, he still feels the professional disgrace of that failure.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal

-Tends to party a bit too much sometimes.
-Will sometimes give more of himself than he can to his juniors. (While this could also be considered a positive, it is listed as a negative due to the fact that he will sometimes take on unnecessary burdens to help those he's responsible for )
Ambitions After a successful career in Starfleet, his new goal is to have an equally successful career as a bounty hunter.
Hobbies & Interests Horseback riding, bull riding, swimming, hunting, fishing, reading, wrestling, essentially everything one can do in the outdoors on a large cattle ranch in the heart of Texas.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Klingon (High and Common), Bolian, some Andorian


Personal History Born on his family cattle ranch, named Roughneck Ranch, on the twelfth of April, 2354, his parents were doubly blessed when, less than a minute later, his sister, Emma, entered the world as well. The two siblings soon became inseperable.

Going up on a working cattle ranch, even in the twenty-fourth century, the twins never found themselves being bored. There was always an adventure to be had in the barn or out in the vast three hundred acres of wide open ranch land, which belonged to the family business. Even with replicator technology as wide spread as it is, there was still a big demand for fresh beef and other forms of animal meat. The Robertson ranch had just about every traditional farm animal imaginable: cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and even a few llamas.

As Micheal grew to his teen years, he started to fill out, and up, just like all the men of his family. He seemed to get taller and stronger as each day passed. As his muscles grew, his parents and grandparents made sure that his mind grew just as strong and agile. During high school, he was captain of both the wrestling team and the debate team. Everyone who knew him knew that he was going to go very far, so long as he continued to apply himself.

After he graduated from high school, he announced to his family that he was enlisting in Starfleet. As his family had a long tradition of military service, dating back to the very creation of the United Federation of Planets, this decision was neither a surprising nor unwelcomed one.

Once he arrived at the historic Great Lakes Naval Training Base, located in Michigan, North America, he quickly took to his strenuous training, as he would put it, "Like a duck takes to water." He quickly gain the attention of his instructors and finished the nine week course ranked third in his class. Afterwards, he transferred to the engineering school, located at New Denver, on Mars. He spent the next six months there, learning the basic skills needed to work on any starship in the Fleet in the damage control section.

Late in 2372, after graduating second in his class, he was transferred to the USS Nautilus, a Defiant class starship that was assigned to patrol the Badlands. Shortly after he arrived and assumed his duties, the Dominion War broke out.

Once the Cardassians joined sides with the Dominion, the Nautilus was retasked. No longer was she hunting the Maquis, but now she hunted Cardassian ships. For the duration of the war, the Nautilus and her crew would use the Badlands for cover as they, now deep behind enemy lines, would switch from conventional starship battle tactics to more unorthodox guerilla strategies. By war's end, the Nautilus had racked up an impressive kill list.

Once the war was over, the Nautilus, having hung on with minimal supplies, was ordered back to Earth so that she may be given a hero's retirement. Starfleet Command had Utopia Planetia give the Nautilus a thorough inspection. Once completed, the engineers were amazed that the little ship had held out as long as she did. It was estimated that one or two more battles, and her main structural girders would have buckled.

After the Nautilus was retired and decommissioned, in 2377, Robertson, now a Petty Officer Second Class, was promoted to Petty Officer First Class and placed on the inactive reserve list. During the war, he, and the rest of his shipmates, had gone through hell and back, with no logistical support. The entire crew was placed on the inactive reserves, with the guarantee that, should they choose to, they could return to active service after three years reserve time, with no loss in rank or benefits.

Robertson used this time to return home and recover from his injuries, both physical and mental. When he returned home, he was gaunt, weighing a slim one hundred and eighty-seven pounds. His family immediately came together and closed ranks around him, to help him regain his strength an vitality.

For the next eight months, he would wake up every night from horrible nightmares and he started to slip into a deep depression. Three days after his twenty-fourth birthday, his sister, Emma, and her close friend, Rebecca O'Malley, found him, in the family barn, about to hang himself. The two women physically wrestled him to the ground and, in angry tears, Emma slapped him. It was the first time she had ever hit her brother in anger. Feeling the pain of the hit and seeing the anguish in his twin sister's eyes, Micheal suddenly realized just what it was that he was about to do. He quickly wrapped his arms around his sister's waist and begged for her forgiveness for his weakness. She embraced him warmly and told him that she would only forgive him if he swore, on her life, that he would never do anything like that again. He did so immediatly. The siblings continued to hug and then they agreed that they would never tell their parents what almost happened. The next day, Micheal's recovery truly began.

Over the next year and a half, he worked harder than ever, almost as if he were a man possessed. He got back up to his healthy and strong weight of two hundred and fifty pounds. His vigor for life was also rejuvenated. He started to date his sister's best friend, Rebecca, and they quickly became very close.

When his three year window arrived, Micheal was given a choice. He could either return to active duty, or be completely separated from the service. After discussing it with Rebecca and Emma, he decided that he still wanted to serve. He and Rebecca both knew that there would be little chance for them to be together after he shipped out, so, they decided that they would seperate, but stay very close friends. It was left unsaid that they both hoped to one day be reunited.

On the tenth of August, 2380, he said goodbye to his family again and shipped out for his next assignment. He was sent to the USS Potempkin, a Sovereign Class starship and made a Boatsun's Mate, First Class. He would remain there until he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and transferred again, this time, he returned to Earth, to assume his duties as a drill instructor at the same place where he began his military career, Great Lakes.

He would remain at the school as an instructor for the next two years, when he was given new orders. He was to report to the newly commissioned USS Wolverine, a Hornet class starship. There, he was to assume the duel duties of Chief of the Boat and Boatsun.

On 28 February, 2391, after a force confrontation with a group of Klingon renegades deep in the Badlands, the Wolverine was recalled back to Earth. Once the Wolverine docked inside Stardock One, the massive station in orbit of Earth, the entire crew was sequestered by the top brass of Starfleet Command.

Afterwards, the entire crew was reassigned across the entire fleet. The details of the mission, reasoning for the recall and even the reasons why the crew was disbanded, have been labeled highly classified and the entire crew have standing orders from Starfleet Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral Gwendolyn Davis herself, that they are not to discuss their knowledge of the mission, nor anything that happened after, with anyone. The penalty for doing so would be immediate incarceration in the Federation's highest level detention center, Hades One, located in a specially built facility deep underground the surface of Mercury.

Disagreeing with the coverup, Micheal decided, instead, to retire from Starfleet. He returned home, to Lubbock, Texas, and started working the family ranch. He finally proposed to Rebecca, and she accepted. Their wedding was held the next spring, on the ranch, in front of their friends and family.

They quickly settled into married life and continued to work the ranch, as before. Ten months later, they were blessed with the birth of twins, a boy and a girl. For the first time in a long time, things seemed to be going perfectly for the happy family.

Unfortunately, it was not to last.

Three months after the twins were born, while Micheal was away from the ranch, running a herd of long horns to a neighboring ranch, twenty miles away, an intruder broke into his home, with the intent of a simple home robbery. Regrettably, it did not end up that way. Upon discovering that the home was,in fact, occupied, the burglar decided to increase his crimes. He raped and killed Rebecca, and then killed both babies.

When Micheal recieved word of the tragedy, he sped home, his heart breaking the whole way. It took four local constables to keep him from entering his home. There was no sign of the burglar in the immediate area, howevwr, three weeks later, he was brought to justice by a bounty hunter.

No longer wanting to stay in his home, as there were too many memories, and after speaking to the bounty hunter who had brought the murderer back, Micheal decided to become a bounty hunter himself.

His family was very understanding and supportive of his decision. They even helped him purchase a third-hand Klingon shuttle to use in his work. He quickly started refurbishing the old shuttle and, one month later, was ready to launch and begin his new adventure.

His family promised that everything at home would be taken care of for him, and when he was ready to return home, things would be ready for him.

His new career as a bounty hunter started slowly, but soon, he was making a name for himself. He was indefatigable in his pursuit of his targets, and quickly grew a long list of successful bounties.

There was only one bounty that eluded him. Kras Torval, an Andorian who had robbed several banks over a three month period. Micheal had taken the bounty, and, after closing in on his target, the bank robber, feeling cornered, took several hostages and held them for ransom. The authorities moved in and caused a bloodbath, as the bank robber had set explosives on the hostages. He detontated each one and, in the confusion, vanished without a trace.

Even though it was not Micheal's fault, he chose to blame himself, believing that had he worked harder, the innocent victims would not have been killed.

One day, while pursuing a lead on his querry, his ship, suddenly lost all power. As he tried to bring the mains online, a portal opened directly ahead of his ship. Before he could do anything about it, his shutyle was yanked forward, into the portal. The sudden motion, without power for the inertia dampeners, caused Micheal to get thrown to the rear of his shutyle, strucking his gead and losing consciousness.

When he finally awoke, he was surrounded by strange, b
Huminoid aliens. He had never seen their race before, so he thought he was seeing things. Then they spoke, and he understood their language. Not like the universal translater would translate it though, this was deeper. He suddenly reached up and felt the bandages on his head. One of the aliens moved forward and told him that she was a doctor and had had to operate to save his life. The damage to a big chunk of his frontal lobes was so severe that, she was forced to surgically remove them and, in their place, implanted a bionic device. The surgy, she said, had saved his life, however, he would no longer be able to communicate telepathically. Nore would he be able to be read. If a fellow telepath tried to read him, they would both feel extreme pain.

When Micheal told the doctor that he wasnt a telepath, this seemed to confuse her, as, in her species, all relepathic ability us in the frontal lobes. Sbe apologized profusely, but, Micheal told her not to worry. He relt like himself, could recall everything he could before. If he was now guarded from being read, what could it hurt.

The aliens, who called themselves the Falltora, were experts in all things mechanical and medical. However, even they didnt have the technical know how to send Micheal home. When he realized just how far from home he was, he nearly lost hope. The pirtal, whose cause and existence were both unknown to the Falltora, had brought gim to the Andromeda Galaxy!

His new friends were able to both fix and upgrade his ship some, adding an AI program to run it. Gor the apoearence of the AI, they had pulled a jumble of inages from his mind from before the surgery, when he was incoherent. He named the AI, Rebecca.

No longer alone, he set back out, desperate to find his way home.

A few months later, he xame across a signal that he never thought he would again. A Starfleet signal! Following the signal to it's origin, he came upon the USS ysium, apparently also marooned in the Andromeda Galaxy. However, soon after landing in her cavernous shuttlebay, the Elysium was actually sent hone, while, apparently, her Commanding Officer, an Admiral Sharr, stayed behind.

Once the Elysium was returned home, Micheal left and started to rebuild his life.

He began to drift from one location after another, taking whatever bounty came his way. He felt all alone in the universe. There were days that his darker demons would start to claw at him.

Finally, one day, while heading between star systems, he happened upon a ship in distress call. Changing course, he made best speed for the source of the call.

It turned out to be an ancient Constellation starship. It was adrift, seeming suffering from a hull breach caused by an internal explosion. Micheal immediately hailed the vessel and offered aid. Afterwards, when the damage was being repaired, the ship’s commander offered him a job in the security department. Micheal stated that he would only accept, if he would be allowed to pursue any bounties that came his way. After considering the counter off, the Captain accepted.

At first, Micheal kept the crew at a distance, still feeling the weight of his prolong nomadic life. But then, one day, a week into his arrival, he happened upon a beautiful young woman, who just about stole the rest of his heart away. As it tuned out, the woman had an open bounty on her head. For the first ti,e, Micheal didn’t want to fill the bounty.

At first, the woman didn’t trust him. However, after several weeks in close proximity, she started to change her mind. In fact, as her mind was changing, they both began getting closer. Micheal was starting to feel what it was like to live again.

Their new relationship hit a major test when, while on shore leave, they were both kidnapped by the man who placed the bounty. Both were tortured severely for several days, while their crew tried to find them. During the entire horrific process, Micheal never lost faith , nor did he ever give the enemy anything on the woman he now loved.

Following an energetic rescue, the pair were quickly returned to the safety of their ship. During their recovery, their bond grew ever more solid. Micheal was beginning to call snider giving up the bounty hunter life. However, one day, he received word from a very credible source, about the location of the one bounty he lost.

After a tearful goodbye, and promise to return as quickly as possible, Micheal headed out into the cosmos, alone again, hunting for his target.

As he was making his way to the location in the Beta Quadrant, suddenly, an unstable wormhole appeared and pulled his shuttle into it. When he emergedon the otherside, his shuttle's primary systems were knocked out. It took him nearly two hours to restart the main computer. Once everything was operational again, he discovered that not only was the wormhole gone, but he was, unbelievably, in the Andromeda Galaxy!

Over the next year, he met a few new races, and kept trying to get a signal back to the Federation. He never stayed in one place longer than was neccessary to refuel or repair his ship. His only goal: to get back home. To get back to Dixoho.

What happens next, is up to fate...
Service Record 6 September 2372: Enlists in Starfleet

9 September 2372: Begins Basic Training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, North America, Earth.

12 November 2372: Graduates from Basic Training

13 November 2372: Begins Advanced Training on Mars

16 May 2373: Graduates from Advanced Training

19 May 2373 - 5 December 2377: Assigned to USS Nautilus (Damage Control Team) [Dominion War]

15 December 2377 - 10 August 2380: Inactive Reserves

15 August 2380 - 4 April 2388: Assigned to USS Potempkin (Beta Shift Damage Control Team leader)

6 April 2388 - 14 August 2390: Assigned Great Lakes Naval Training Station. (Instructor)

15 August 2390 - 28 February 2391: Assigned to USS Wolverine (CoB and Boatswain)

29 Feburary 2391 - PRESENT: Bounty Hunter