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Vincent Anjes

Name Vincent Zolpiem Anjes MD

Position Ships Doctor


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Risan/Romulan
Age 63
Date of Birth June 03, 2330
Place of Birth Risa

Physical Appearance

Height 70 inches
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Black/White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Vincent is gangly and rather unattractive, in a traditional sense. He is extremely pale, with sunken in eyes. He has a large tattoo of a green dragon climbing up his back, with a large green/black flame billowing out of it's mouth. His posture is perfect.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Derada - Deceased
Children ** Bennu Chenzira - Anjes (Legally Adopted

Allhandr- deceased
Loyla- deceased
Vincent jr- deceased
Father Anwar Anhes
Mother Avenna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vincent is an angry man, but has a strong hold of his Hippocratic Oath. He appears to be sick looking, and his long fingers seem out of place. He eyes look sunken in.
Strengths & Weaknesses +High intellect
+Thrives in high stress
+Critical Thinker
- Rules are mostly guidelines
- Cares little for the chain-of-command and titles
- Stubborn
- Enjoys recreational drugs for enjoyment
- Willing to break the rules to fulfill his duties as a physician
Ambitions To enjoy his later years and see where life after Starfleet will take him.
Hobbies & Interests Classical piano, pottery, knitting, puzzle games, reading (mostly medical manuals), space jumping/skydiving,
Language(s) Spoken Risan, Romulan, Vulcan, Latin, Betazed.


Personal History Vincent Zolpiem Anjes was born on Risa in 2330. His mother was a Romulan refugee who fell in love with an aspiring Risan musician. Life on Risa was everything that one would expect from a galactic paradise. Vincent did well in school, and excelled in sciences. His near photographic memory was useful in his memorization of not just his studies in traditional education, but with his almost natural piano playing ability.

After his initial schooling was complete, Vinny was offered two opportunities, both of which he wanted, but knew only one was an option. He was a gifted musician and the Risan School of Fine Arts and Music wanted him to enroll. The other was The Risan University. Vincent took the latter of the two choices and began his journey to becoming a physician and surgeon.

After completing all his university studies and fellowships, Vinny applied to Starfleet Academy in 2364 and due to his already completed medical schooling, was fast tracked through. Vincent's career started as promising with Starfleet, and by the time he was 55, he was married with two children and was the XO on an Olympia-Class medical frigate. Then the Dominion lead the infamous Assault of Betazed.

Vincent and his family had made Betazed home, as his wife was betazoid. Vincent had missed the assault by two days, returning from leave, back to the USS Mercy. After Starfleet was able to break the Dominion's hold over the planet, Vincent's ship was one of the first relief vessels there to provide medical assistance. Vincent, against orders from his commanding officer, took a shuttle and flew to the family home, only to find that it was recently razed and the Anjes family left for dead.

The ones that were responsible were left overs from the assault forces and were found later in an alleyway, throats slit and bodies mutilated. Vincent was seen near the scene of the crime by surveillance cameras in the area, and since no one else was seen, Vincent was the number one suspect, as he had the motive to ability to potentially perform heinous murder. What made it worse for the physician was he showed no remorse about their death, stating they got what they deserved for murdering his own family. The trial lasted almost 2 years and while pleading innocent the verdict was: Innocent of Murder, Convicted on Manslaughter II/ Negligence of a Starfleet Officer.

After six months of time at the high security Prison on Delta Vega III, Vincent was finally granted a retrial as new evidence came to light, proving his innocence and earning him his freedom and a return of his officer's commission. The charge of, Negligence of a Starfleet Officer, still stayed and his sentence was to time served and reduction on rank to Lt.j.g.

Vinny spent the next 6 years earning back his reputation as a skilled surgeon and capable physician within Starfleet. Near the end of 2394, and after 39 years of Starfleet Service, Vincent retired from Starfleet and began the life of a civilian back on Betazed.

After several months of retirement, he was approached by the Chief of Staff at Betazed University Hospital and was asked to come on board as the Chief of Emergency Medicine. Vincent agreed and signed a year contract with the hospital, but grew to miss life on a starship. After his contract was up, Vincent began looking for a non-Starfleet vessel that needed a doctor. He didn't want to be an administrator, he just wanted to practice medicine, do some surgeries, and enjoy the later years of his life.

2352: B.S. in Health Services

2358: M.S. in Chemistry, Risan University of Science

2362: Medical Degree, Yale University

2364: Surgery Fellowship, Orion

2364: Starfleet Academy (fast track)

2366: Residency Starfleet Medical

Accredited in Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedic surgery, OB/GYN Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Thoracic surgery


2364: Starfleet Academy
2366-Graduate as Lieutenant, j.g./ with honors

2366-68 Residency: Starfleet Medical

2368 USS Hood (Excelsior-Class): Trauma Surgeon/ACMO *Promoted Lieutenant

2373 USS Majestic (Miranda-Class): CMO **vessel destroyed by Dominion forces-2374

2374 USS Thor (Defiant-Class) CMO *Lt Cmmdr

2377 Starbase-002 Chief of Surgery/ACMO *Commander

2379 USS Mercy (Olympia-Class): CMO/Second Officer
2385-*Executive Officer

2387**Tried for murder. Found Innocent of Murder, Convicted on Manslaughter II/ Negligence of a Starfleet Officer (Spent 6 months in high security Prison on Delta Vega III)

***Reinstated to rank of Ensign after secondary investigation by Starfleet Intelligence Cleared of all Charges except Negligence by a Starfleet Officer

2388 Starfleet Medical: Xeno-Cadaver Research Liaison to Starfleet Academy(Medical Division)

2390 USS Illustrious - Surgeon/Medical Officer

2391 USS Nimitz - Chief Trauma Surgeon *Lt, jg.

2393 Starbase-80 - Head Surgeon

2394 *Retired from Starfleet, moved to Betazed.

2395 Head Surgeon, Betazed University Hospital, Chief of Emergency Medicine

2396 S.S. Mary Rose - Ship's Doctor