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Isaac Nicoli

Name Isaac Nicoli Dr.

Position Ships Doctor


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40
Date of Birth 2357
Place of Birth Earth, Volzhsky

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 90Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Isaac is a powerfully built human, while by no means is he a body builder he does keep in shape and maintains a muscular physique. At six feet two inches he is taller than most. He keeps his hair cut short and sports a trimmed beard.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Mary (Popov) Nicoli
Father Victor Nicoli
Mother Kelly Nicoli

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kelly Nicoli
Dr. Nicoli is a strong willed person, often called stubborn or pig headed, he will do the right thing regardless of orders. If he feels that it is the right thing to do he will follow through, a trait that has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.
Isaac is an intelligent person who has dedicated his life to becoming the best Doctor he knows how, and he takes the Hippocratic oath to do no harm very seriously.
While he looks like a very serious man, once he likes someone he is a gentle giant; although his bedside manner is a little brash!
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong willed; both a strength and a weakness. Standing his ground makes him a very good doctor, unwilling to bow down to politics or personal opinion he will treat everyone to the best of his ability. This has also put him in the line of fire from unsympathetic commanders.

Intelligent: Isaac is very intelligent. He doesn't often meet a problem he can't think his way out of; that has made him a little arrogant.
Ambitions Isaac Nicoli isn't a man of ambitions. He just wants to help people.
Hobbies & Interests Running, Isaac loves to run, although he does work out he only does so to maintain his strength; he hates doing so.
Boxing, Nicoli enjoys a few rounds in the ring.
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Russian


Personal History Born
Isaac was born on a winters day in Volzhsky, a Russian town on the Volga River. He was safely delivered on a ward of the local hospital while snow stormed outside and temperatures plummeted well below zero. It was an unusually cold winter and there was some worry that the power generators wouldn't be able to handle the sudden drop in temperature. This said the birth went as expected and Isaac came into the world loved by caring parents.

Parrises squares
Isaac played on his high school team. He was good, very good and intended to continue to play when he arrived at the academy. However, as he neared the end of his 9th grade he was injured during a pivotal game. He fell hard and dislocated his left shoulder, elbow and broke 4 ribs landing him in hospital. Even though his injuries were easily treatable he suffered from tissue and muscle damage for months after and was told not to return to the pitch. From then on he worked hard to rebuild the strength and reach he lost due to the accident.

In his sixteenth year Isaac took up boxing. His parents, who were academics were less than happy with him taking up yet another spot that could cause him major injury. However, with the medical advancements it was no longer the risky spot it was even 100 years before. He quickly rose through the ranks and before the end of his 11th grade he had become the schools champion. He would continue Boxing at a semi-pro level throughout the academy and into his early fleet career.

It was around his 18th birthday, it was difficult to pin down the exact date, that he 'discovered' that he was asexual. He had never really had an attraction... well to anyone before. He had always put it down to his near obsessive dedication to his spots and academic studies, nor had he ever noticed the advancements towards him. It was at the final dance of his high school career was when it became clear, he had been asked to the dance by a a peer called Mary. She was a pretty redhead, limitless blue eyes and, as his friends assured him, "A body to die for". He accepted and they went to the Dance, she had on a blue dress that complimented both her figure and her eyes. Long story short as the night continued they both had a great time. They spent most of their time on the dance floor and they seemed very suited to one and other. However, as she led him off to some secluded part of the school he realized that his enjoyment of the evening was seeing her as a friend, and knowing she was pretty was more of a subjective view point rather than from one of attraction. He, in his normal formal manner explained this to her. She was disappointing but confessed that she had thought he might have been asexual. A term he had heard, of course, but that had never attached the term to himself until just then.

Relationship with Mary
His relationship with Mary is as loving is it could be. It just wasn't sexual. They started dating the night of the dance, all the way through the Academy and she sort a posting close to the Sol system while he was at medical school and doing his residency. Most people had no idea of the nature of their relationship and they had no need to tell them. They married in 2380 and were assigned to the Hyperion together, him in medical and her in security. They had discussed having children, maybe adopting but there had never really been a plan.

Survival training
Survival training for Isaac had taken place in a swamp, well mangrove like area. He had held off until his last year to do this final test, he working towards being a doctor and so much of his time was taken up with medical related extra curricular actions and didn't have the time to spend a week on some random world.When the time came, he did in fact enjoy the experience. Nothing unexpected happened and his eidetic memory had proven to be an advantage to his team. They had been dropped in different locations but each had a part of the map they needed to reach the safe point; Isaac memorized all their maps in seconds and was able to remember where each of them had been placed. They had been the first team back, still 4 days into the test but they were not expected back for 5 or 6 days so they did well.

Isaac did his residency on Mars. He spent much of his time at Medical School on Mars, helping to treat injuries mostly associated with the Terraforming program, but he did have a number of cases where a crime had been the cause, phaser wounds, blunt force trauma and sharp force trauma. He had also had to learn to deal with a number of illnesses, Mars wasn't the safe happy place that visitors saw, there were dark areas, and he had cases of illnesses that had been, he thought destroyed centuries ago. It was an aye opener, a side of the Federation that was kept hidden; yet so very close to the Political and military center of the Federation.

USS Hyperion
When he joined Hyperion Isaac he was but a Medical Officer, He would be promoted to Deputy Chief when Lieutenant Foresight had requested a transfer. The Intrepid class Hyperion was assigned to a long range scientific expedition towards the galaxy core. It would be a 5 year mission that would, at times, take them outside of Federation space. They had spent a little more time away than expected, but as they returned to Federation Space they were just in time for the final battles with the Borg. They had been assigned to a 'minor' Federation colony with another four ships. They saw combat on three occasions, little more than skirmishes but it took its toll on the crews.

USS Ascendancy
The Ascendancy was a Galaxy Class starship, during his time aboard they were assigned to the Alpha Quadrant, deep space assignments that took them to the remote reaches of the Federation. It was the death of his friend that promoted him to the Chief Medical Officer position, it was a bitter sweet promotion but he was happy to have been chosen.

Starbase 281
When Isaac arrived at the Starbase he was impressed with the scale. Of course it was of the same design as the one in orbit around Earth but he hadn't been aboard that one. As the Medical Director he would be overseeing thousands of people and even had a number of Runabouts at his beck and call. He was looking forward to using the resources now at his command to help people on a scale that he had never thought possible.

First do no harm
Starbase 281 was on the edge of Romulan space. The day came when Isaac had to choice between a ship full of ill Remans and a diplomatic incident with the Romulans. The deal was that the station commander turn over a ship with over 2000 Remans aboard or the small Romulan fleet will open fire upon the station. A threat with no substance given the sheer size of SB 281. There was still the diplomatic problems that an incident like this would bring to light, Officially the Remans were still a protectorate of the Klingon Empire, the Romulans didn't like this and the Federation generally tried to ignore the situation. Isaac had been growing fed up of the Federations inaction towards the injustices playing out just a few light years from their door step. So when the ship arrived, requesting aid and immunity he wasn't going to give in, not this time. Isaac ordered the dock master to dock the ship, over standing orders. He had moved the Remans into the station and placed them under his protection and Chief Medical Officer, a protection not even the Station Commander could undo.

He had forced a situation that only the direct intervention of someone much higher up the chain of command could undo. By the end of it the Romulans treatment of the Reman people had been made public knowledge and Isaac had been demoted to lieutenant and it had been strongly 'suggested' that he take a leave of absence.
Service Record Star Fleet Academy | 2375 - 2379 | Cadet
Starfleet Medical School | 2379 - 2381 | Medical Officer (residency)
USS Hyperion | 2381 - 2388 | Medical Officer/Deputy Chief Medical Officer
USS Ascendancy | 2388 - 2394 | Deputy Chief Medical Officer/Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 281| 2394-2397 | Medical Director
Leave of Absence