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Chief Comms Angel Ferris

Name Angel (Aannyil) Ferris

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Chief Comms

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth 2373
Place of Birth Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 113 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Angel is a petite woman of slight build. She is very aware of how a woman can leverage physical appearance to disarm, and as such rarely allows herself to be seen when she is not properly 'done up'

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kavek
Mother Minkall

Personality & Traits

General Overview Angel is a very warm and sociable person. Her Cardassian upbringing leads her to be extremely wary of true intentions and she can be guarded with letting people get close too quickly. However, growing up on a world where she was an outsider has ingrained a deep sense of wanting to be inclusive towards others. She is often accused of asking too many personal questions.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Clever
+ Sympathetic
+ Cunning
+ Inquisitive
+ Resourceful
+ Tough Skinned
- Secretive
- Arrogant
- Nosey
- Over confident
- Brash
- Lies easily
Ambitions At her core, Angel deeply desires furthering unity between the various peoples of the Alpha quadrant. Growing up on Cardassia after the war, she has an innate sensitivity of how 'the bad guys' are perceived and wishes to use her own experiences to help preach understanding and finding common ground.
Hobbies & Interests Angel has a passion for languages. Her unique opportunity to be exposed to many languages utilized during the rebuilding of Cardassia and the rigorous discipline of her schooling has given her an edge in picking up the basics in several tongues.

She greatly appreciates cultural diversity in art, music, and military tactics.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Cardassian, English, Ferengi, Klingon, Trillian, Bajoran, Vulcan, Romulan


Personal History **NOTE: Despite serving as Chief Communications Officer, Aannyil's true identity is as an undercover reporter for the Federation News Service. Something that she is desperate to conceal at any cost**

Aannyil Ferris crash landed on the Dominion controlled world of Extris II during the height of the Dominon war. Kavek, the Cardassian technician that recovered her Federation escape pod quickly disposed of the two adults in the doomed craft, but hesitated in killing the small child. Instead, he brought the Human with him back to Cardassia Prime on the pretense of handing her over to the Obsidian Order to one day be used as an agent capable of infiltrating the Federation on behalf of the Dominion.

But as the devastation of the war turned inward on Cardassia, those plans were soon forgotten. To the contrary, Kavek and his wife found their intentions unexpectedly shifting. Perhaps it was losing both of their own children in the war that softened their hearts. Perhaps it was their growing age and inability to have any new children of their own. Or perhaps it was a profound weariness of senseless death that caused them to hesitate in disposing of her. Nevertheless, the couple raised the human infant in secret, naming her with the Terran word for Angel in recognition of those Terran myths of creatures that lived in the sky and could bring peace and purpose to the mortals below. A simple man, Kavek did not know that his attempt to speak the Human word 'Angel' from Cardassian lips produced instead an inaccurate sound of 'Aannyil.' But the word was pleasing enough to his wife's ears and so not a second thought was given.

As the months passed into years, Kavek and his wife Minkall grew concerned that eventually the existence of their adopted child would become known and they would be forced to hand her over to the state for summary execution. Circumstances were bittersweet in saving Aannyil from this fate, however, when the Dominion war finally came to its end and a devastated Cardassia was forced to focus on burying its dead and rebuilding its cities; all while accepting help from anyone willing to lend a merciful hand. Because of this dramatic shift in the reality of Cardassian society, Aannyil was eventually allowed to attend the meager Cardassian schools that had formed in the rubble of decimated communities. Though her upbringing was plagued with strife and hardship, her parents had grown to love her. And she was happy.

While Cardassia found itself with little choice in accepting a new world order following its loses, its heart did not soften nearly so easily as those of Kavek and Minkall. Aannyil's human physiology and psyche did not fare well amongst other Cardassian children and she spent a great deal of time learning the proper balance between her own relatively delicate nature and the harsh nurture of the culture around her.

While she would eventually adapt to fit in with the people that had come to know her well, she had no delusions that she had grown into the ideal Cardassian adult. Base elements of her bred humanity would prove to forever dull her Caradassian edge.

Despite her shortcomings, Aannyil developed a strong character and a willful determination. She dedicated herself to the worldwide effort of rebuilding her home, working diligently to see the only world she had ever known restored to the glory that her adopted parents could see only in their dreams.

**NOTE: What continues is not publicly known and is a secret that Aannyil Ferris guards with her life*

At age 24, Aannyil left Cardassia and sought out service in the Federation News Service, determined to use the gift of her incredibly unique experiences with the Cardassian people to help spread understanding of a vile enemy that once threatened the freedoms of all civilization in the Alpha Quadrant. Upon leaving Cardassia she adopted the assumed name of Aannyil Ferris, appreciating a first name that could not properly be pronounced by Human lips, and a last name that could not properly be pronounced by Cardassian; a name that only an individual that belonged to both worlds could speak in proper tongues -- something she found truly identifying.

Since becoming a reporter in the Federation News Service, Aannyil has accepted a nickname of 'Angel' -- the name that the Cardassian word 'Aannyil' was originally meant to represent. Despite this, she has only ever published under the nom de plume of Annie Fenwick, to ensure that she does not compromise her position as an undercover reporter. Aannyil's passion now is to find the places where rumor and gossip run rampant and to seek out the true stories that lie beneath the popular speculation and ill-intentioned conjecture.
Service Record Angel has not served in Starfleet nor directly aboard a starship prior to the Mary Rose.