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Evahnae Kohl

Name Evahnae Aviendel Kohl

Position Bar Keeper

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 29
Date of Birth 7th October
Place of Birth New Orleans, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3" (1.62m)
Weight 120lb
Hair Color Naturally brunette, but regularly changing
Eye Color Deep hazel
Physical Description Expressive and passionate by nature, Eva's appearance is defined by an ever-changing roulette of hair colour. Such an immediately-obvious feature tends to be the first thing anyone notices about her and certainly equips her with the impression of seeming gregarious and extroverted, both of which she delivers as an impressive performance most days. Indeed, the woman seems comfortable in the spotlight, a performer at heart, with the wardrobe to match.

And yet, there are the subdued days. The pensive days. The understated days. At these times, it is the easiest to see Eva for who she really is; a diminutive woman made of grit and pierced steel, covered in art of her own design, and tired. So very tired.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance How much clearance does booze get you?
Office Behind the bar
Quarters Deck 5 (when not making Deck 3 her own)
Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Talon Kohl (Betazoid), Kristof Belyaev (Human)
Mother Loryn Martinez (Surrogate)
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview As befitting her current entrepreneurial exploits, Eva is a quick-witted and keen-minded woman of relative charm and exceeding sarcasm. Radiating an air of obsessive independence, the young woman has a shrewd business mentality and has been reputed to out-bargain a Ferengi when she truly hits her stride, though verification of that is spotty at best. On the surface, Eva is outgoing, self-depreciative and generally fairly pragmatic about life and its many attempts to make a nuisance of itself.

There is no calm that remains unhindered by the storm, however, and Eva is not spared her share of demons. A recovering alcoholic, there is certainly some irony to her recent career path and it is perhaps indicative of Eva's tendency to face her own frailties head-on that she has placed herself directly in the path of failure, appearing almost to court it with regular insistence. This tenacity, a stubbornness to avoid taking the easy way out, is easily one of her most prominent traits and can either present as inspiring or outright infuriating depending on the situation and her accompanying disposition.

Life has also taught Eva to keep secrets, in the way that only a performer who welcomes an audience can. She may be able to hold up both ends of the conversation but she also knows how to hold her tongue. It hints at deep-ceded trust issues, which can in turn make her seem an unreliable ally and it is certainly fair to say that it is not always easy to predict her actions or allegiances. Perhaps the only thing that can be said with any confidence is she typically evokes a desire to believe the best in her, even if Eva herself is never entirely convinced that its warranted or, for that matter, possible.

It is worth noting that, as a partial-Betazoid, Eva does have some weak telepathic capabilities. For the most part, they simply aid her in being an excellent judge of character.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ strong-willed, independent and self-motivated
+ intuitive, empathetic and shrewd
+ witty, passionate and articulate
+ musically talented, specifically vocals and piano
+ artist, predominantly tattoos
+ can throw a fist with the best of them
+ mathematically gifted, particularly in pattern and sequence analysis

- prone to vices, recovering alcoholic
- secretive and unreliable
- stubborn and distrustful
- holds grudges like a champ
- extremely talented at self-sabotage
- cannot cook
- unwilling to apply herself to anything she's decided isn't her 'thing'
- actually has unstable brain chemistry, due mostly to being a telepathic hybrid, and has yet to find a treatment regime she is prepared to stick with
Ambitions Eva seems to mostly preoccupy herself with seeing what business ventures she can juggle whilst also giving herself space to write her music and perform it, even if only to a dead bar. A brave soul might suggest that her overriding ambition seems to be to run away from herself but that might not actually count.
Hobbies & Interests During her youth, Eva was the kind of child who flung herself into anything creative. Drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, sewing, gardening, cooking, dance and, of course, her music. Only some of those endeavours met with any sort of skill or success, but it is evident from her continued pursuits that at least some of it stuck. Truth be told, she still loves to attempt to cook and is a dab-hand at murdering houseplants, but whilst these hobbies might result in her most comical moments, it is her music that bares her soul. A singer, pianist, and talented amateur at a range of other instruments that she owns just because she loves to surround herself by their potential, Eva shares only a small portion of the creative drive that defines her with the small amount of patrons who care to even listen.
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, some older Earth languages (French, Spanish, Chinese), conversational Ferengi, Vulcan and Betazoid


Personal History Born in New Orleans to a married couple and their surrogate, Evahnae was the epitome of the 'much wanted child'. Several failed attempts to conceive or proceed to full-term had gifted her fathers an urgency that translated into intense, over-saturated love and ambition the moment the little girl was born. Hers was a loving home, a vibrant home, supportive and nurturing but also, upon reflection, quite smothering. Never making it past her shortest parent's shoulder, Eva's burden and sense of responsibility was arguably always far too great for one small body to endure.

Childhood for Eva was relatively happy, at least in as far as any stories she's willing to tell suggest. As a family, they travelled often, favouring a nomadic life back and forth between Earth and Betazed, and multiple sabbaticals to indulge the linguistics professor and his constantly growing list of cultures and languages he wished to experience first-hand. Eva found her father's passion inspiring but the academia that went with his fervor tended to fall on deaf ears. She was a child who wanted to learn in the midst of action, shying away from studious pursuits to get her hands dirty in the mud of life. Time and time again, her school reports reflected the same message and it became commonplace for Eva’s educational identity to reflect a huge disparity between her potential and her effort. This incompatibility of priority would build as friction over the years, especially as her mathematical prowess, in her doting father's eyes, required adequate tutelage to flourish. It was the nurse, the telepath in their triad, who often bore the mantle of mediator and, to this day, Eva tends to have a closer relationship with her Betazoid father than her over-zealous human parent.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she was a typical teenager. Childhood whimsy solidified into more purposeful rebellion from about the age of fourteen onwards and the constant craving for new experiences and thrills created a deep rabbit hole that proved, eventually, very difficult to clamber out of. Imposing a curfew didn’t work; she just stopped coming home at all. Reason failed to sway her and any reference to squandered success only pushed her further from home’s influence and closer to the dubious attention of those who, whilst providing the necessary excitement, rarely had her best interests at heart. Several harsh lessons were learnt during this time but it was also the first true test of her mettle. By the age of 20, Eva had proven to herself, if nobody else, that she could make it on her own terms.

A timely inheritance from her Betazoid grandmother gave Eva the final boost into a healthier independence that balanced her desire to stay in motion with the ability to set clear goals and carve herself out a measure of a career. She bought a tiny little bar in New Orleans, coming full circle to arrive almost back to where she’d started, and impressed even her most disappointed parent with her willingness to work. And work. And work. It wasn’t the glitzy position in Research & Development, or the Systems Analyst, or Systems Engineer, or Systems Anything that had been the rhetoric of her childhood, but it was commitment and responsibility and purpose. For the first time in years, the young woman didn’t balk at the prospect of stability.

Several wise investments followed, more real estate purchased, and Eva now finds herself in the position to be able to indulge the wanderlust that she’s been forced to ignore for so long. Handing her affairs from space, on a ship that seems to offer nothing other than a return to her drink-pouring roots, isn’t the craziest thing she’s ever done but there’s still time to rectify that.
Service Record No active service recorded.