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Ships Doctor Hiram Maitland

Name Hiram Layil Maitland M.D.

Position Ships Doctor

Rank Ships Doctor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth June 6th, 2370
Place of Birth Laile, Zone 24, Meile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 167 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Electric blue
Physical Description Tall, weedy and unassuming with a runner's physique, Hiram's fluffy brown hair and slender shoulders do not belie any degree of strength. But as one well knows, appearances are often deceiving. Hiram's frame brims with concealed power and musculature that comes from hitting the heavy-bag and sprinting track almost daily.

While the rest of his features are plain, his hishuri-brightened eyes, artificial and eerie, set him apart when he looks at you. In addition to this, due to his disorder, he presents with horizontal nystagmus which can be quite jarring to those who aren't accustomed to it.

He's quick to smile, and to convey the full range of emotional expression that is expected from a human, but those who are observant can tell it's often manufactured for their benefit. On a civilian ship requiring no uniform, Hiram wears his own clothing which is always professional, neat and polished.

Hiram has one tattoo of Escher's impossible cube on his bicep.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Father John Maitland (Ambassador to Betazed)
Mother Nathalíe Maitland (Instructor of Signals Intelligence, Starfleet Academy)
Other Family Hiram is very close friends with Dr. Rael of the USS Elysium.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hiram presents a very curated, very stable face to the world and it is not often that he deviates from this in a significant way. He is an excellent and attentive clinician and often picks up on cues that others miss, particularly when it comes to behaviors and emotions-something which served him well in his prior pediatric roles.

It's when you really get to know him on a deeper level that some structural pattern inconsistencies hinting at a prior catastrophic instability begin to emerge. Fortunately Hiram is keen and self-aware, and is able to regulate himself fairly easily. As a bonus, he is ultra-handy to have around in a crisis and can tolerate a vast quantity of chaos.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Composed, compassionate, diplomatic, grounded. It is nearly impossible to faze Hiram, given his personal and professional experiences, and he can have a conversation with just about anyone about any topic. Most people consider him a good friend and a capable colleague.

He has training in self-defense and hand-to-hand combat (a form called davryn from Laile) and in a variety of disruptor pistols and rifles, tactical planning, defensive driving, helm systems and a basic understanding of computer systems and engineering components.


Shallow affect, rigid/uncompromising, formal, secretive. Those who know Hiram for long enough recognize that he can be very impulsive, insincere, utilitarian and lacking in felt empathy. While Hiram is not a dangerous individual, he exudes a vibe that most people who get close to him find "disturbing."

Because of Hiram's surface nature, his romantic endeavors have not been very successful, as they typically only progress to a certain point before a prospective partner finds a wall they cannot breach and moves on. Hiram has also been known to lie and manipulate when the situation requires it, which is individual to his assessment in the moment.
Ambitions Hiram didn't realize he wanted to buck the trend until halfway through his senior year of college, but once he landed on it, it stuck. He completed Starfleet Medical Academy and was on track for a position at Yorktown as a pediatrician when the call came from the Palais that they'd captured Ratan Polis, a notorious aggressor in the Satiz-Irath conflict of which Hiram was listed as one of several hundred victims.

His ensuing conduct during case prompted a call from the Federation Council's pediatric director who gave him an offer: complete his final year of residency at the Palais. In order to do so he'd have to resign his commission, as the Federation Council is a civilian institution. Once his residency was concluded, and after the experiences that he'd had during it, Hiram realized that his calling required a little more adventure than he initially realized.

Ultimately Hiram's goal is trite: he desires to be an individual force of good in the universe. To balance out the unbalance-able.
Hobbies & Interests Hiram has a variety of hobbies including music (he played drums for the previously-illustrious Centralia), reading (specifically anatomical and pharmaceutical texts such as the Physician's Desk Reference), vinyl records, gardening, board games, jigsaw puzzles (often numbering well over a thousand pieces) and cooking.

He also owns a large Maine Coon named Phyllis Diller or Phil for short. Hiram's other abiding interest is martial arts and he practices with the bo staff as well as a sharpened lightweight alloy metal spear that he keeps in pristine condition in the trunk by his bed.

He also enjoys an old Earth sport known as paintball, although he does not play this with other people, and has a private holo-program for it.
Sexual Orientation Homosexual.
Language(s) Spoken Runi, Federation Standard, Spanish.


Personal History Personal History

Hiram's story ends on Earth.

All stories end. That's not to say he ended. He just went on to live new stories. Breathe new experiences, gain new purpose.

Such as, one: the Maitlands were a respectable Starfleet family. Admiral John Maitland was a renowned diplomatic officer and his wife, Nathalíe, made their home warm and inviting. Hiram's adoption was not smooth, but eventually, he fit.

And, two: he always wanted to enter law enforcement like his mother, until he didn't. Sometimes you're so focused on the end result that a new pathway lights itself up in front of your eyes, and you're stunned by it.

Hiram found out a little late that oh, shit, he really wanted to go to medical school, but go figure. He survived. Threw down the gauntlet and dove head-first.

That's how his story began.


Established: 2364.
Group: Runi.
Leaders: Ratan Polis, Kaejih Maedaz (POW), Sanew Hishij.
Headquarters: Meili, Irune.
Size: 13,200 (2397).
Allies: Regional militia groups.
Opponents: Laile Armed Forces, The Armed Forces of Satiz-Irath, Protocol for the Cessation of Armed Conflict in the Satiz-Irath system (CACSI).

Service Record Early life

Early childhood, conditioning, Laile Resistance
Adolescence, higher conditioning, Laile Resistance
2387 Primary schooling, Northside Preparatory College
2390 Graduated from Rush University (Bachelor of Social Work)


2394 Graduated from Starfleet Academy LTJG/MD
2394 USS Navir, Medical Internship (internal medicine)
2394 USS Navir, Work-Study Coordinator (FORPATH Labs at MedAcad Teaching Hospital)
2395 USS Navir, Residency (pediatric emergency medicine)

Palais de Concorde

2396 Palais de Concorde, pediatric forensic consultant, Office of the Prosecutor at Interstellar PDC


2397 SS Mary Rose, senior medical officer
2397, SS Mary Rose, chief medical officer

Medical History

2385:10: Pt administered physostigmine and entered into an induced coma to facilitate total withdrawal from tropane alkaloid hishuri. Pt exp. respiratory failure & anticholinergic syndrome.
2385:364: Pt released from neurological rehabilitation unit after completing substantial physical and occupational therapy.
2385:364: Pt presents with permanent damage to the medullary respiratory center of the brain responsible for generating rhythmic pulses and transmitting them along the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm.
2385:364: Pt shows evidence of bilateral heterochromic iridocyclitis, and significant anterior stromal atrophy, which accounts for the changes in his eye color. Recommend regular eye check-ups to monitor vision field loss.
2387:12: Pt has completed Comer Children's Hospital Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) program. He is connected with his family and community, attending Grade 11 at Northside Preparatory College, and is optimistic about his recovery.
2387:25: Pt diagnosed with somnambulation, restless legs syndrome, & severe central sleep apnea.
2387:83: Hiram received surgery for a phrenic nerve pacer and alignment following ARDS. Synapse implant successful.
2389:133: Pt diagnosed with cluster headaches.

2390:300: Starfleet entrance psychological evaluation. Pt successfully undergone entheogen-facilitated combination narrative exposure therapy and dialectical behavior therapy as an adolescent and does not currently meet the diagnostic criteria for Conduct Disorder [312.81 (F91.1)] or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [309.81 (F43.10)]. Pt is in remission. Patient does not exhibit current cognitive malign as a result of his experiences. He has been determined fit for duty provided he attends regular maintenance check-ins.
2390:300: Starfleet entrance physical. Pt is not a candidate for Tier II or III due to reliance on external equipment and medication, but pt has been determined fit for duty, provided reasonable accommodation is extended.


Native Name: tropane alkaloid/hishuri
Origin: Kolar
Street Name(s): Hishuri, shur
Description: Blue/white powder
Dosage Method: Inhalation
Desired Effect: complete bodily paralysis, closed eye visuals, empathogen/entactogen, telepathic enhancement, hallucinations, can remove some level of free will leaving the individual open to suggestion in low doses
Potential Negative Side-Effects: Respiratory failure, heart failure, anticholinergic adverse effects (anaphylaxis, somnolence, dyspnea, seizures, tachycardia, arrhythmia)
Long-term Use Effects: Dependence

Topiramate (50mg bid hs)
Retinax V (5mg bid hs)
Phrenic nerve pacer (Synapse implant)
BiPAP (prn)
NRB mask (prn)


I swear by Apollo.