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Evanna Belyaev

Name Evanna Belyaev

Position Chief Science Officer


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29
Date of Birth 9th October
Place of Birth Kyiv, Ukraine
NPC Author Serahni

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 127lb
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Immaculately groomed and inclined always to appear like she spent several hours in a salon prior to making an appearance, Evanna has the slender graciousness of a viper at full extension. Her skin is unblemished, undecorated outside the sculpted makeup she prefers, and her eyes share a similar shade of blue with childish depictions of ice-capped oceans.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Talon Kohl (Betazoid) dec., Kristof Belyaev (Human)
Mother Loryn Martinez (Surrogate)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None that she cares to mention.

Personality & Traits

General Overview It is of no surprise to those who have known Eva for any length of time that her industry tag-name is Schadenfreude. Whilst not directly cruel, there is a malice to the woman's indifference for organic suffering that renders her an unfortunate final refuge for any requiring her warped concept of mercy. People don't interest Evanna much, beyond casual amusement and the necessarily physical gratification. It isn't impossible to become her friend, but it isn't likely that the relationship will ever take precedence if the bigger picture doesn't involve its preservation.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a statistician, Evanna is unrivaled. Her ability to interpret and manipulate data has left her with no shortage of options during her career and have allowed for the development of several 'side projects' that may struggle to pass any ethic committee's close scrutiny. Her mastery of systems design and analysis has seen her bring countless security systems crashing down and, with her lense directed at political espionage, Evanna may well have been single-handedly responsible for more anarchy and bloodshed than even she has taken the time to calculate.

+ Exceptional in her field
+ Focused and determined
+ Extremely level-headed in an emergency
+ Logical and strategic
+ Peak physical fitness, including martial arts proficiency

- Detached and overly-clinical
- Intolerant and judgmental
- Arrogant and patronising
- No discernible compassion
Ambitions Evanna's overriding ambition is to push her own limits. Physically, mentally, emotionally. She is likely the only soul alive who intentionally seeks out interrogation as a means of bettering herself.
Hobbies & Interests More a mental exercise than a hobby, Evanna regularly tries to design computer programs capable of outsmarting her. One of these days, she is likely to be successful and then who knows what will follow.
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Russkiy Yazyk (Russian), and whatever you want to call the way she communicates with technology


Personal History Evanna was born via surrogate at the behest of her fathers; a Ukranian-born human and his Betazoid lover. Despite a rather orthodox childhood, the young girl displayed an early aptitude for numbers and pattern sequences that would lead to very specific tutoring and early entry into university-level programs that only fostered her unique gifts. Had her parents' marriage lasted, and had the subsequent move not further alienated her from her Betazoid father, Evanna may have had a far different reaction to Betazed's destruction and, with it, Talon's death. As it stands, though many psychologists have claimed it unlikely, the young woman seems utterly unmoved by her loss. Nevertheless, her personal affiliation with the decimated culture may have played a part in her current employment choices.

Or it's just another stepping stone. You can never quite tell with her.