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Aarix Teral

Name Aarix Teral

Position Senior Medical Personnel


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29
Date of Birth June 12, 2369
Place of Birth Martian Colony 5, Mars

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 160
Hair Color Sandy brown
Eye Color Grey/blue
Physical Description Aarix is the tallest in the Teral family and likes to make a point of it when he's with his relatives. His hair has a slight wave and tends to flop wherever it wants to go, and he's lacking a left ring finger from when his colony was attacked. The only body art he has is a tattoo on his shoulder, depicting a compass with the north needle pointing over his shoulder toward his heart. When he's off duty, he dresses casually and for comfort, usually in jeans and a shirt.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Marcus Teral
Mother Leanne Teral (Deceased)
Brother(s) Rimol - 26 Earth years, twin brother
Sister(s) Jemala- 30 Earth years, journalist for The Galactic Inquirer
Other Family Emma Stone - Marcus' current "girlfriend"
Various extended family

Nalu Birin - personal friend (Bajoran)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aarix is always interested in learning new things, whether it be in the labs or when he's out with friends. Upon first meeting him, Aarix comes off as quiet and more to himself, but once he's comfortable around someone he will be lively and enthusiastic. He believes he's a decent chef, and finds joy in cooking for people. If possible, he might occasionally offer to make meals for the crew.

A pet peeve of his is being interrupted or talked over. Aarix likes to think he's level-headed, but he's been known to snap at people for interrupting him. Practice has helped him distinguish between necessary interruptions and rude ones, but it still gets on his nerves.

When he’s in thought, he tends to pace, and if he’s thinking while sitting he tends to fold his hands and tap his thumbs together.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Eager to learn
+ Enjoys a challenge
+ Passionate about his work

- A horrid klutz. It's less obvious when he's working because he focuses on not being clumsy, but outside of work he basically has two left feet
- Claustrophobic
- Can’t pick up on flirtatious advances to save his life
Ambitions To overcome his claustrophobia, primarily. He wants to see if this whole “flying around in space” thing suits him.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys cooking, and might occupy the mess hall in the middle of the night to try some new combination of foods. Aarix also doesn’t mind a good thrill once in a while.
Sexual Orientation Comically clueless
Language(s) Spoken Federation standard, Italian, some Bajoran


Personal History Aarix had a fairly normal youth on the Martian colony, playing with other kids and exploring the many rooms the colony had to offer. A favorite pastime was to pull the classic twin prank with Rimol, pretending to be his brother to confuse adults. He did well in school, excelling in the sciences in particular. His teachers were surprised at how quickly he would learn the biological sciences and pass the exams. They began giving him harder assignments, even large books with complex language for him to read, which he completed with ease. Due to this, both he and his brother were picked on by the other kids for being smart. Aarix found himself in several fights when he was younger as a result. His claustrophobia originated from the bullying, when the other kids would lock him in small supply closets and leave him overnight.

When he was 15, the colony was attacked, resulting in many casualties. Aarix got away with minor injuries, as did the rest of his family except for his mother. Leanne and Aarix were together when the colony was attacked, and she protected him at the cost of her own life. Aarix did his best to save her, but ultimately couldn’t. It was then that he decided to pursue medicine because he didn’t like that feeling of helplessness. He pushed through his studies and got into med school in California on Earth at 19. He spent the next three years getting his degree and three more years doing a residency at a local hospital. Shortly after he turned 26, he heard of a ship called the SS Mary Rose needing medics for their adventures, and his curiosity made him apply.