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Alika Mahone

Name Alika Mahone

Position Passenger


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22
NPC Author Shi

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 126 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Cursed (or blessed) with the Mahone family gene of 'looking too young,' Alika is near-weaponized with a button nose, vibrant eyes, and a near-shining complexion. There's always a bounce in her step and the most innocent of looks in her eye. As the type of person who has spent most of her life earning her way through charm and youth, she cares for herself well.

Ship Identification

Security Clearance Alpha
Office Deck 2 - Executive Block - XO's Office
Quarters Deck 4 - 07 - Chief Helmsman
Duty Shift Beta
Roommate N/A


Father Kye Mahone [70]
Mother Alana Mahone [68]
Brother(s) Kikua Mahone [22, Twin Brother, Stationed on the USS Nimoy]
Luka Mahone [33, Retired Starfleet, Older Brother, Stationed on the USS Viking]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alika Mahone has earned her position as the self-imposed 'shining example' of the Mahone trio of siblings, even if that is far from the case. She is polite, courteous, and every bit the polite little lady her parents wanted her to be in life. Well-educated and culturally-rounded, she makes every attempt to socialize, and through such activities she learns everything she can from everyone willing to give it to her. It's funny what an unwitting person will do simply because they're having fun.

While not attempting to sort out whether or not to wear the red or blue dress in order to charm those less-observant than she, Alika has a cold heart with a frostbitten sense of humor to match. She is ruthless to those she dislikes, and only slightly less than so to those that have passed her ‘bitterness test’. Her innocent, charming persona is simply that, a persona.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Adaptive
+ Quick-witted
+ Charming
+ Calculated

- Impatient
- Arrogant
- Indignant towards most authority
- Bitter at both parents and the Federation
- Naively youthful
Ambitions She wishes to keep herself as far away from the rest of the Mahone clan (with the exception of maybe Kikua. Maybe) and the Federation as possible. Any ship that offers that option is one she will take.
Hobbies & Interests She absorbs languages and keeps herself educated through her strangely large collection of materials on culture and the like.


Personal History As the youngest of three Mahone children, Alika and her twin brother, Kikua, were born and raised by Kye and Alana Mahone, a pair of well-to-do parents in Hawaii. As infants, they did everything together, from joining in on each other’s activities, to sleeping in the same crib. If one was pulled apart, even for positive reasons, the other would pitch a fit until they were returned to their twin.

This trend would go on throughout elementary school, where teachers insisted upon separating them to ‘socialize with others.’ The twins, predictably, resistant to forms of separation, and made efforts to trouble any instructor who dared to break them apart. This led to countless parent-teacher meetings, multiple complications, and threats for the twins to be medicated and/or pulled out of the private school system.

The struggle put a strain on all members of the family, including their ‘picture perfect’ brother, whose pristine record and eventual enrollment in Starfleet became a source of ire for the twins. The constant nagging of being ‘more like their brother’ looming overhead was the sole cause of the twin’s resolution to never follow him into Starfleet. They would go on to also insist that they would be able to pave their own path, one that would not lead to ‘prison’ or ‘penal colony.’

Unfortunately, this would coincide with their teenage years and their vastly different puberty cycles. Alika was first, turning from her surrogate relationship with her brother to social gathering and ‘middle school drama.’ When her brother’s tagging along ceased and he found other friends, Alika saw this as a form of betrayal, and their distance grew.

By the time the twins hit the age of 16, they were waving goodbye to their older brother and turning toward their own pursuits. With their parents’ attention focused on whether Luka was going to return with an alien sickness in a year, the twins began a post-graduation plan. Despite her brother’s reluctances, Alika was resolute in her desire of following their older brother into space, but by means that would not involve Starfleet. She found her way off the planet by charming the young son of a Klingon dignitary who was visiting for ‘boring reasons,’ taking the opportunity on her seventeenth birthday, to hop on his father’s ship and blast to the stars before her family realized where she was.

Quite unwise on her part, as she soon regretted the decision upon realizing she would actually have to earn her keep. Using the learning she actually paid attention to during her education years, she hopped into a position that allowed her to communicate with those that the diplomatic contingent could not do on their own. She swiftly adapted, teaching herself bits and pieces of languages both in whatever material she could get her hands on (which was, admittedly not much) and through practical application.

Her usefulness around the Klingons would expend itself when she declared, at age 19, she would not be the future bride of K’or, Son of Th’neth. She was left to fend for herself on a Federation starbase. Before she was discovered by the Starfleet security stationed there, Alika charmed her way into another job as communicative agent, this time for a Ferengi cargo vessel that had a goal of traveling through the Alpha Quadrant and into unknown territories with the hope of exploring the expanse for new adventures. She would do the talking, the Ferengi would do the selling, and no one would ask questions. No one.

This adventure would only last her six months, as the Ferengi were, as expected, hauling cargo that bordered on unscrupulous morals, or, as the ‘Federation’ would call it, illegal. Miraculously managing to charm her way to make a heart-felt ‘apology’ call to her older brother, who happened to be in the area at the time, Alika narrowly managed to escape the potential jail time that was coming for her. In return, she would throw herself at the nearest boot camp that would take her.

Her training took place in the Bolarus sector, where she spent a year and a half training to become a safe pilot, as Luka stressed was important she keep herself out of trouble. After her training, she was assigned to the USS Orius for six months, as it ferried people back and forth during the initial installation of Starbase 50, where her brother could keep a watchful eye over her. The ship, a Majestic class vessel that was run by a ‘snore-fest of a Vulcan,’ offered little to engage her and keep her away from what Luka would classify as ‘trouble.’ But she behaved… mostly.

The moment Luka ran (almost) screaming from Starbase 50 was the exact moment Alika ‘resigned’ from Starfleet. She hopped on the first ship that was headed for literally anywhere else, looking for any sort of work that would take her. Making the long way around the Sol System (and butting out of any business that would seem like her parents and/or brothers were involved), she happened upon Deep Space 7, marketing herself as a dual-skilled pilot who would do anything for ‘a good adventure’ (and maybe some money).
Service Record 2390-2391 - Bootcamp [Flight Control]
2392 - Flight Control Officer [USS Orius]
Starfleet AWOL