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Chief Operations Trades

Name Trades

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Chief Operations

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 53
Place of Birth Cardassia Prime

Physical Appearance

Height 175 Cm
Weight 82 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Trades has gray skin tones with shiny, black hair, often slicked back. He is barrel-chested and stocky build. He often wears gloves and mask and hood when out in public.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Father Tulet (deceased)
Mother Natima (Prenar)
Brother(s) Gorius (deceased), Prenar (deceased)
Sister(s) Gol (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet, reserved, keeps to self if possible
Hobbies & Interests Retro weapon contruction
Sexual Orientation heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Cardassian, Breen


Personal History Born Philon Divik, he was always a dishonest man in an honest industry. Son of a distant parents Philon took to the streets as a youth was not a small nuisance to the local authorities. Always looking for a quick way to either get rich or get famous, Philon wasn’t the sort of guy who would be looking for anything that could be considered a serious career. He went to large lengths to avoid compulsory Military duty, even once arranging fake documentation to prove that he had been rejected for service. It was a great disappointment to his family but Philon decided he could live with the disgrace in their eyes.

One night, just after his 20th birthday and after discovering a case of Surian brandy that “fell off the back of a transport”, which he consumed that night, Philon woke up three days later half way through his first week of his cadet training. Despite his protests he was repeatedly assured that not only he had agreed (in fact insisted) to join the Military, but that he had signed a ten-year contract. The only way he was given to break the contract would be to prove that his recruitment officer had used illegal methods to obtain Philon’s agreement.

However, military life wasn’t that entirely bad, if you took the right perspective. He was given free food, a free place to live and generally left alone as along as people thought he had done what he’d been told to do. Philon found out that he was good at building weapons, and generally spent what off hours he could building nondescript weapons for interested off base persons. He always kept his business small, never trying to draw too much attention, a wise idea considering Caradassia’s legal system of guilty before trial and execution after trial.

Philon was eventually transferred to ship duty in the placement of Master-at-Arms. Occasionally he would also double as Quartermaster. Philon hated ship life, if for no other reason that it took away his little, profitable, side business of selling illegal weapons. It was also hard to slack off being in such close quarters with everyone else so close. However even though he was stuck aboard his he still did his best to avoid anything remotely like responsibility and doing his best to keep himself in a nice and safe place. At this time there were some growing suspicions regarding his off duty activities and Philon was transferred to ship operations. This was a good move as he found due his experience in managing his various illegal activities of his youth, the skills transferred to managing ship resources.

At one point in his career there appeared the possibility that he would be transferred to the worst post a soldier could end up, Bajor. However this was thwarted by the Bajorians who bombed the transport mid flight. Although he survived the attack Philon was left with burn scars from his right knee to his rib cage. Philon spent most of the Dominion war recovering.

The Dominion/Breen attack on Cardassia Prime killed his entire family.

After the war Philon wandered the galaxy making a living any way that he could. Rumours that former Maquis were hunting Cardassians. Cardassians being shunned across the galaxy. Becoming a person with no status in what was left of Cardassian society due to the death of his family. Philon used what skills he had and kept moving from market to market doing whatever he could. Short term flights, building custom weapons, whatever. Always doing his best to keep his Cardassian nature as secret as possible. Covered from head to toe, when asked who he was, he would simply respond, “I’m just here to trade.” Eventually he became known as “the guy who trades”, or simply Trades.