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Chief Of The Boat Terrence "Jack" Rumm

Name Terrence "Jack" Rumm

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Chief Of The Boat

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 58
Date of Birth 4th June 2339
Place of Birth New Ankh, a bustling industrial colony near the Cardassian border.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 230lbs
Hair Color Greying dark brown, often seen tied back or under a worn cap.
Eye Color Steel Blue
Physical Description Excerpt from the diary of Arthur Westling, 2395:
"In my travels, I've encountered many an interesting character, but none quite like Terrence 'Jack' Rumm. Towering over most with his imposing stature, Jack was a striking image of hard work's lasting signature. The sun had painted tales of distant lands on his visage, each line a testament to the adventures he had undertaken. And yet, for all his weathered look, those piercing steel-blue eyes of his held a spark - perhaps of mischief, perhaps of wisdom. It was a challenge to decipher. Though he often sported a scruffy stubble, it only added to his rugged charm. His hands, strong and calloused, spoke volumes of the kind of manual endeavours he had partaken in. His stride was a curious blend: part disciplined march, part confident saunter of a man who'd been places and seen things most could only dream of. His physique, while muscular, bore the gentle signs of age, yet it was evident he was not to be trifled with. Indeed, Jack Rumm was a sight to behold."

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father Harold "Hank" Rumm
Mother Julia Rumm
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Some extended family on Ankh and more distant family on Earth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Terrence 'Jack' Rumm is an embodiment of old-world charisma combined with space-age grit. Born on a bustling industrial colony and having traversed the stars in various capacities, Jack carries himself with the gravitas of someone who's seen the best and worst the galaxy has to offer. His laughter, deep and hearty, is infectious, and his stories, endless. Yet, beneath that lies a man who's fiercely protective, highly principled, and incredibly resourceful. While he might come off as stern and no-nonsense at first glance, those who take the time to know him find a mentor, a friend, and often a father figure.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Terrence possesses a tactical mind, honed from years of navigating both space and social situations. His innate ability to read people makes him a formidable negotiator, and his hands-on approach ensures that he knows the ins and outs of any ship he's on. His loyalty is unwavering, and he has a knack for boosting morale, even in the direst of situations.

Weaknesses: Jack's vast array of experiences sometimes makes him overly cautious, second-guessing decisions that should be straightforward. His protective nature, especially concerning the younger crew, can occasionally cloud his judgement. He also harbours a deep-seated disdain for bureaucracy, which can lead him to butt heads with officials or those who stick too rigidly to protocol.
Ambitions Having seen the vastness of space and the intricacies of interstellar politics, Terrence's ambitions have evolved over the years. While the allure of captaining a vessel once drove him, he now finds solace in the simpler things: a job well done, the hum of a ship's engine, the camaraderie of a tight-knit crew. Ultimately, he dreams of ensuring the ship he is aboard becomes a beacon of reliability and resilience in the vastness of space and hopes to one day pen down his adventures, giving others a glimpse into the life of a spacefarer.
Hobbies & Interests Jack's passion for history is evident in his collection of old Earth literature, spanning tales from ancient naval battles to the revolutions that shaped civilizations. His evenings are often spent with a book in one hand and a glass of aged whiskey in the other. He's also an adept harmonica player, often filling the ship's deck with soulful tunes from Earth's past. He enjoys a game of Chess, and is always on the lookout for a worthy opponent. His travels have led him to collect a diverse range of antique tools, each with its unique story, reminding him of the universality of craftsmanship across cultures and planets.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Fluent in Federation Standard and has a working knowledge of Klingon and Cardassian — a testament to his time spent near the respective borders. His travels and dealings have also equipped him with a smattering of trade languages, allowing him to communicate in most major spaceports and trading hubs.


Personal History New Ankh, a bustling trade hub nestled at the crossroads of several space routes, served as the canvas for Terrence 'Jack' Rumm's early years. His parents ran "The Stellar Tavern", a popular spot frequented by a plethora of spacefarers – from Starfleet officers on leave to independent traders from the galaxy's far reaches. Within its walls, the air was thick with stories of adventures, interspersed with the aroma of exotic brews.

His mother, once an engineer aboard a Federation ship, had retired early to focus on family and the tavern. However, her passion for machines was undiminished. A testament to this was an old Earth motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, that sat in their home's garage. She often said it was a relic from a time when humanity was still bound to the ground. Under her meticulous care, the machine roared to life every weekend, its sound a reminder of Earth's engineering marvels. Watching her, Jack learned the delicate dance of man and machine, understanding the importance of maintaining things from the past while embracing the future.

Jack's father was a natural storyteller. While he didn't travel much himself, he had an uncanny ability to listen. He would absorb tales from the tavern's patrons, embellishing and retelling them to a young and captivated Jack. These stories sowed the seeds of adventure in Jack's heart, painting a picture of the universe far more vivid than any holodeck could.

By 17, Jack's feet grew too restless for the tavern's wooden floors. Opportunity knocked in the form of a merchant vessel, the Galactic Mariner. Its captain, an old family friend, offered Jack a position. Starting as a deckhand, Jack's natural curiosity and the skills he'd gleaned from his parents soon caught the captain's eye. Over the years, he was introduced to the nuances of interstellar trade, diplomacy, and crucially, the importance of security in the vast, unpredictable expanse of space. His evolution from a deckhand to the ship's quartermaster was not just a change in title, but a testament to his multifaceted skills.

On a trading mission to Orion, the Galactic Mariner found itself in a tense standoff over a disputed cargo shipment. As tensions escalated, Jack stepped in. Drawing from the countless tales he'd heard, he diffused the situation using a combination of wit, humour, and a bit of bluffing. Impressed by his sharp tactics, one of the Orion traders commented, "You handled that sharper than a jackknife," and the moniker 'Jack' stuck.

The galaxy, for all its wonder, also held danger. A stark reminder came when the Galactic Mariner responded to a distress call near the Neutral Zone. What seemed like a routine rescue quickly turned into a deadly game of cat and mouse with space pirates. With the ship's defences overwhelmed, Jack utilised his deep knowledge of the ship. He orchestrated a brilliant ruse, deploying decoy cargo units to mislead the pirates. As they scrambled, he initiated a counter-offensive using the ship's concealed armaments, catching the pirates off guard and repelling their attack.

The encounter, while a testament to Jack's quick thinking, also served as a solemn reminder of the perils of space. The vastness wasn't just about adventure and trade; it demanded vigilance, preparation, and the courage to face the unknown. While the allure of Starfleet Academy and its vast resources beckoned many, Jack felt that its procedural rigidity might curb his natural instinctual responses, which had often been the difference between safety and calamity.

Instead of formal institutions, Jack believed in hands-on experience, leading him to the Nebula Drifter, a vessel renowned for its complex trading routes and multifaceted crew. As the Chief of the Boat, his role was expansive, overseeing both operational duties and the crew's morale. This position, fraught with daily challenges, required him to be both a diplomat during trade negotiations and a tactician during potential threats.

One such challenge was a negotiation on Ferenginar. With a significant cargo of dilithium crystals up for trade, the Ferengi traders, sensing an advantage, attempted to skew the deal in their favour. But Jack, leaning into his accumulated experiences and the stories of old from his father's tavern, managed to navigate the conversation artfully, ensuring an equitable agreement that upheld the Nebula Drifter's reputation.

Word about Jack's effective management and fair negotiations began to circulate among merchant circles. He wasn't a celebrity by any stretch, but within specific corridors of trade and merchant vessels, he was respected. His reputation was that of a reliable Chief of the Boat who prioritised his crew's well-being and ensured fair deals.

While accolades and acknowledgments were rewarding, Jack always retained his grounding. His parents' teachings about fairness, humility, and respect echoed in his actions, ensuring that he never became complacent. The pirate encounter remained etched in his memory, a grim reminder of the fine line between safety and peril in the vastness of space.

During his travels, Jack chanced upon a discussion about the SS Mary Rose. This ship, though not the grandest or most modern, piqued his interest. It's history, replete with tales of exploration and camaraderie, resonated deeply with him. The SS Mary Rose, in Jack's eyes, wasn't just a new assignment; it represented an opportunity. An opportunity to contribute to its storied legacy, to guide its crew through challenges, and to continue his journey through the cosmos, blending the wisdom of his past with new frontiers.
Service Record 2356 - 2362:
Position: Deckhand
Vessel: Galactic Mariner, NFT-7891
Details: Assisted in daily ship operations, including maintenance tasks, loading/unloading cargo, and initial trade negotiations.

2362 - 2368:
Position: Assistant Quartermaster
Vessel: Galactic Mariner, NFT-7891
Details: Played a key role in overseeing cargo logistics, participating in intermediate trade negotiations, and assisting with the ship's security protocols.

2369 - 2376:
Position: Quartermaster
Vessel: Galactic Mariner, NFT-7891
Details: Led the ship's logistical operations, ensuring timely and efficient trade negotiations and maintaining ship security. Successfully handled a tense trade dispute on Orion in 2373.

2376 - 2383:
Position: Chief of the Boat
Vessel: Nebula Drifter, NFT-8123
Details: Oversaw the entirety of the ship's operations, from managing the crew's daily routines to ensuring the vessel's security. His tenure was marked by enhancing trade relations and effectively handling multiple security threats.

2383 - 2389:
Position: Chief of the Boat
Vessel: Starway Voyager, NFT-8210
Details: Maintained and improved the vessel's operational and security standards, ensuring efficient trade routes and crew safety. His leadership was crucial in navigating complex negotiations on Ferenginar in 2387.

2389 - 2394:
Position: Senior Quartermaster
Vessel: Galactic Pulsar, NFT-8302
Details: Tasked with managing a larger crew within the quartermaster department, Jack optimized major trade routes, ensured the ship's security, and introduced new protocols for improved efficiency and safety.

2394 - 2396:
Position: Independent Trade and Security Consultant
Details: Leveraged his vast experience to provide guidance to various merchant vessels across the Federation on trade negotiations, ship security protocols, and crew management.

Application: Chief of the Boat
Vessel: SS Mary Rose
Details: Submitted application to join the SS Mary Rose, drawn by the ship's storied history and seeking a new challenge.