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Johnathen Anderson

Name Johnathen Quincy Anderson Jr

Position Helmsman


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth 6 May, 2218
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, North American Continent, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 198 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average in appearence and build, Johnathen could easily blend into just about any crowd. The two features of his that truely stand out, are his piercing blue eyes and his bright, innocent smile.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha
Roommate Ka'See "Cassie" Anderson


Spouse Ka'See "Cassie" Anderson
Children None
Father Johnathen Quincy Anderson SR (46, Shuttle pilot, Earth Spacedock)
Mother Theresa Anderson (45, Shuttle pilot, Earth Spacedock)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very outgoing and exuberant, he has been described as a "Human Golden Retriever". He seems to have an unending reservoir of energy. The only time he seems to truly focus, is when he is flying. Be it an aircar, shuttle or starship, he is a pilot whose skill and focus is difficult to compete with.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Possesses a strong grasp on interstellar flight dynamics
+Quick-thinking When it comes to problem solving
+Friendly and outgoing

-Sometimes can be a bit too energetic
-suffers from severe arachnophobia
-Will sometimes attempt to solve a problem too big for himself
Ambitions His initial ambition upon entering the Academy, was to be the Chief Helm Officer for the Fleet's top-of-the-line heavy cruisers. Now that he is actually on one, he is content. For now.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys reading crime novels and playing chess. He also enjoys swimming and playing beach volleyball.

His interests include: flying anything as fast as he can and girls.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard


Personal History Born in New York City's borough of Brooklyn, on the 6th of May, 2218. His parents, Johnathen and Theresa, were both shuttle pilots stationed on the massive station in Earth's orbit, Spacedock One. Once John Junior was born, they decided to change their living residence from being split between the station and in Brooklyn, to just in Brooklyn. They felt it would be much better for their son to grow up in a single location, gaining the bonus of stability and growing a group of lifelong friendships.

Early on, it was clear that John Junior possessed an aptitude for mathematics. Both his parents and all of his teachers did everything that they could to both foster and grow this trait. Throughout his school years, his passion for mathematics grew. During his high school years, he translated that passion over to both the chess club and Junior Aviators Association.

The first time he climbed into the cockpit of that shuttle trainer, his passion for mathematics was finally outshined by a new passion. Flying. He would spend the next four years of his high school life devouring every bit of flying knowledge that he could get his hands on. By the time he graduated, he had attained Expert Flyer status in three different types of craft.

His school grades and aptitude for flying caught the attention of the local Starfleet recruiter when he was still in his junior year. With the permission of his parents, he went to Starfleet Academy during the summer break before his senior year. While there, he was prescreened and tested to see if he had what it took to join the Academy.

Aside from his hyperactivity at times, he was deemed eligible for entry, provided his final grades did not faulter any in his last year of high school. To say that he attacked his studies like a demon possessed would be an understatement. He focused all his energies on his studies and, on the day he graduated, he held top grades in most of his classes. He graduated sauldictorian, and earned his admittance to Starfleet Academy.

The following fall, Johnathen joined the newest freshman class at Starfleet Academy, class of 2243.

The Academy was everything he hoped it would be, and much more. He dove into his first year studies feet first. His work ethic was very impressive. He never missed a class, never turned in an assignment late. His only flaw, was his knack to get very hyper when he got excited or nervous. On more than one occasion, he was corrected for outbursts that disturbed class. Thankfully, for him, those disruptions were never too serious.

The next thing that was very important to him, was the day he met his first, serious, love. Her name was Cassie McAvoy, a beautiful Human/Vulcan woman. She was in her senior year when they met. It was during Spring Recess, and he was about to leave campus, when he saw her waiting for a transport shuttle. As it turned put, her mother had just passed away, and was being buried in her birthplace in Scotland. As Johnathen was heading that way for vacation, he offered to take her. Over the next week, the two became close friends. He was always by her side, just in case she needed anything.

After they returned to the Academy, their friendship grew stronger, and within the year, it had become love. They spent every free moment together, learning about each other's lives and dreams. Unfortunately, fate soon intervened. During his junior year, the pair travelled to Vulcan. Johnathen had decided that he was going to propose, however, out of respect, he wanted to get the blessings of Cassie's father. However, soon after arriving on Vulcan the pair discovered that Cassie's father had already arranged for his daughter to wed the son of his business partner.

Johnathen tried to convince Cassie to talk to her father. There was no love between her and her betrothed. Regrettably, Cassie was stuck between a hard-headed father and a milinnia of marital tradition. In tears, she broke off the relationship with Johnathen, not even seeing him off when he left the next day, returning to the Academy. He was so hurt by the whole ordeal that he never contacted Cassie again. His heart was just too broken by how she had chosen.

Upon returning to the Academy, he dove headlong into his studies. He worked like a man possessed, quickly rising in the ranks of his class.

During his senior year, he, and a group of his closest friends, banded together and formed a special squad of students. They were all in the top two percentile of their respective fields. They would be given the best gear to learn on, the most time in simulations and even off-planet training missions.

This group was called... Red Squad.

Each member of Red Squad knew that while they were special, they shouldn't lourd it over their class mates. Instead, each of them did what they could to help those students that were struggling. In doing so, they brought a new sense of honor and unity to the Academy grounds.

During the rest of his time at the Academy, Johnathen studied hard, worked harder, and all the while, did the best he could to keep his high energy in check, when the situation required it.

On the day he graduated, due to his position in Red Squad, he was able to select his first duty assignment. He didn't hesitate. A slot opened up on the USS Ishimura, a Constitution class heavy cruiser. She needed a new helm officer for the graveyard watch. He immidiately contacted the ship's Captain, and requested assignment.

His request was accepted before the celebratory dinner had ended. After the graduation party, his parents saw him off in Spacedock, where the Ishimura was currently docked, resupplying before her next mission.

For the next two years, Johnathen did his job well and carried himself very professionally. Eighteen months onto his time on the Ishimura, he was promoted to Alpha Shift Chief Helm Officer. Now he would be present for all of the truly adventurous parts of the mission that Ishimura was assigned to: Find new life and new worlds.

A little over two years into his term, Johnathen had an unexpected shock. One day, while eating his breakfast, he heard a boice in the officer's mess, one that he had hoped never to hear again. It was Cassie McAvoy! She had just arrived aboard with a new group of replacements. As he tried to leave the mess unobserved, he collided with a fellow officer and all of the books and papers that he was carrying, fell to the deck.

Cassie spotted him and called out his name, but Johnathen just gathered all of the loose papers and made a hasty exit. Cassie had to nearly run him down before he stopped to talk to her.

The pain of their seperation came right back to the forefront, raw and powerful. He told her just how badly she hurt him and how he had fought to regain both his self-confidence and trust in others.

While the reunion was painful, it was agreed that he would do his best to learn how to forgive her. It would take time, however, he had to admit.

Slowly, over the next weeks and months, the pair did become closee, reconnecting to (tbc...

What happens next is up to fate...
Service Record 18 Aug 2239: Enters Starfleet Academy

7 June 2243: Graduates Starfleet Academy

8 June 2243: Assigned, USS Ishimura, Helm Officer (Ensign)