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Name Tevir

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 178
Date of Birth March 17, 2217
Place of Birth Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 82kg
Hair Color Darkbrown, greying
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and lean, like the average Vulcan, with bright yet piercing eyes. Dark brown hair which is greying at the temples

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Ka'See (presumed dead), T'Sara
Children son Sevir (2247) (son with Ka'See)
son Visar (2249)
daughter T'Mara (2256)

First son is genetically Ka'See's son, but is carried to term by T'Sara. Tevir discovered Ka'See had frozen some eggs and used them to create his son Sevir. The other two children are born of his second wife T'Sara.

Tevir and Ka'See lost their very first child early on in the pregnancy. Tevir never really recovered from that loss.
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) adopted younger sister
Other Family several grandchildren

Isaath (daughter to Tevir and Cassie's son Sevir)
Sekat (son to Tevir and Cassie's son Sevir)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tevir is a quiet man, having gone even quieter after the disappearance of his wife Ka'See.
Hobbies & Interests After the disappearance of his wife, Tevir grew increasingly interested in spatial and temporal anomalies.
Sexual Orientation straight
Language(s) Spoken Vulcan, High Vulcan, Federation Standard


Personal History Tevir is a traditional Vulcan male, born in 2217 to traditional Vulcan parents who were followers of the teachings of Surak.

At the age of eight, after passing his Kahswan, Tevir was bonded to Ka'See. He was a year later than most boys who were bonded, because he underwent the ritual a year later than planned due to a severe childhood illness.

As with most Vulcans following a path in science, Tevir attended the Vulcan Science academy and graduated with honours.

At age 24, met again with his betrothed after not having seen her for years. He completed the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee ritual when no-one challenged their bonding.

Was overjoyed - as much as a Vulcan can be - when he learned his wife was expecting their first child. When they lost their child, he was utterly devastated.

Graduated the Vulcan science academy with top honours just shortly after his wife disappeared with the USS Ishimura.

Three years after Ka'See's disappearance, Tevir was forced to remarry when Pon Farr struck again. He married the woman who priorly agreed to carry his and Ka'See's child to term after he discovered Ka'See had allowed embryos to be frozen.

He fathered two more children, together with his second wife, T'Sara.