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Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Name Tucker Youngblood

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Chief Operations

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Place of Birth Procyon V

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tucker has a tall frame and an atheltic build, with a bigger nose but a pleasant face that makes it seem like he is a fairly good-natured person. He keeps his hair trimmed and has maintained a beard since leaving Starfleet.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse Ex: Keva Wyrick
Children Eladia and Dillon Youngblood
Father Chadwick Youngblood
Mother Alana Youngblood
Brother(s) Wyatt Youngblood

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tucker is a natrual-born leader and has charisma and condifence in spades. He has no problem projecting authority and can ofter draw people together behind a common goal. He can be ruthless in his rationality, frive and determination when trying to achive a goal he’s set for himself. He firmly believes he can achive any goal he sets for himself, given enough resources. Tucker genuinely enjoys a challenge and is very competitive.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Efficient
+Strategic Thinkers
+Charismatic and Inspiring
-Stubborn and Dominant
-Poor Handling of Emotions
Ambitions To survive
Sexual Orientation Straight
Language(s) Spoken English, Orion


Personal History :::Growing Up:::
Tucker was born on Procyon V, a Federation world that was established near the Klingon border and was home to a mix of many of the Federation’s citizens. It had a population of 1.6 billion and was one of the most diverse planets in both biosphere and population. It had three small moons, one of which was habitable and a considerable Starfleet presence due to its proximity to the Klingons. Even with peace, there was always a chance that could change.

The planet had one large continent that covered 21% of the surface, and various islands and much smaller landmasses that were not quite big enough to be considered continents. Tucker was born on an island that 272,128 square miles named New Texas in a city named Galveston that, much like it’s counterpart on earth, was situated right on the coast with easy access to the ocean.

New Texas was founded by a large group of colonists that had left earth looking for a new place to settle nearly a hundred years before he was born. Earth had gotten a little crowded and nearly a hundred thousand colonists left to find a new place to call home.

As a result, much of the culture was similar. A love of fire arms, horses and southern hospitality were strong parts of Tucker’s raising. He knew how to shoot, ride and work the ranch his father owned outside of town. He learned a great deal about managing a ranch, spent time tending to animals and machines alike, making him something of a jack of all trades.

When the Dominion war broke out in 2371, Tucker watched the war with interest even though he was too young to enlist but with each new report, new revelation, but the time he was old enough he jumped at the chance to join Starfleet.

The four years at the academy were turbulent, Starfleet was trying to rebuild Red Squad after the loses in the Dominion war and students that were adept pilots were offered advanced training along with their normal schooling, which gave Tucker the opportunity to learn and become more useful as over the course of the four years at the Academy.

These would be some of the best times of Tucker’s life. He would meet some fellow cadets that, at the time, seemed like they would be lifelong companions.

:::USS Redoubt:::
With the promise of a promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant JG in short order, Tucker took the job as a support craft pilot on the USS Redoubt, a Renaissance class star ship that had been assigned to deep space exploration where he flew a great many survey missions but did little of note and ended up taking a total of three years to move up in rank and position.

:::USS Marco Polo:::
The Marco Polo was an Ambassador class Starship and Tucker’s first assignment as starship operations. Because of his exemplary performance as a support craft pilot, he was given an assistant chief position and the rank of Lieutenant JG. Here he was able to put many of the skills he learned as a young man on his father’s ranch, to good use. The position needed a little bit of everything, science, engineering and starship management and it came naturally to Tucker.

It was on the Marco Polo that he met the woman that would become his wife, Keva Wyrick, and they had their first child, Dillion, before they moved on to the USS Gallant.

:::USS Gallant:::
His exemplary performance on the Marco Polo lead Tucker to a chief position very quickly, he was on the fast track to moving up into a more command roll. The Gallant was an Insignia class exploration ship, assigned a five year mission to explore into the delta quadrant and each of the crew signed on to take part in that exploration.

:::USS Resolute:::
When the Gallant returned to port, an offer was waiting for Tucker that he leapt at. The USS Resolute was a newly commissioned Vesta class ship, he’d be a Lieutenant Commander and to be the second in command of that kind of ship was an opportunity he could not pass up.

The first year of the assignment was a dream come true, he was one of the highest ranking officers on a new class. Because of its speed and ability, he gained more experience in both Starship management and command than he had on any of his previous assignments. Little did he know, things would begin to change.

As much as he loved Keva, his first love was his career. He was driven, focused completely on his work and it left little time for his wife and children. The rifts that had been growing only seemed to intensify the further up the ladder he moved. The two of them fought when he was around, which only made him want to be around even less.

The divorce from Keva was devastating and he couldn’t help the blame that rested squarely on his shoulders. Despite all of his mistakes, he’d loved her and his kids. To have them taken away was one of the most difficult thing to happen to him to date. Little did he know the dark days he would face ahead.

A few months after the divorce and Keva relocating from the Resolute, Tucker was given an away mission to render aid to a world that had been devastated by a civil war. They had finally come to the place where they desired peace.

A few months after the divorce and Keva relocating from the Resolute, Tucker was given an away mission to render aid to a world that had been devastated by a civil war. They had finally come to the place where they desired peace. His team’s mission had been to make contact with one of the rebel factions and escort them back to the talks that were being set up to bring an end to the conflict.

Things went sideways very shortly after beaming down, the rebel faction was less interested in Starfleet’s help the end the conflict and more interested in getting Starfleet to supply them with training and weapons to help them in their conflict. Instead of talking them down, Tucker got frustrated and drew his phaser, which lead to a running fire fight that got four out of the six member away team killed in action and a court martial for Tucker, drumming him out of Starfleet.

:::S.C. Ice Lance:::
Tucker didn’t stay down for long and got a call from a friend of his from the academy days named Monty Holtz, who had transitioned from Starfleet and into a civilian job on a space cruiser called the Ice Lance. It was a seven deck ship, built of the unsavory types that lived aboard. It was well armed, well shielded and had a tough as nails captain that worked for some very powerful people. The jobs were dangerous, often violent and brought out a ruthlessness in Tucker he never knew he had.

The rule had been, never murder the innocent. Don’t kill those that didn’t deserve it, but one day the captain decided to cross the line. He’d been ordered to kill a group of children because it was suspected that one of them was the son of one of their employer’s enemies. Tucker drew down on his captain, Monty and about a dozen others joined him and what ensued was a three day battle that ended up with Tucker, the other mutineers and the children stealing a long range cargo shuttle and escaping after setting the ships self-destruct.
Service Record 2375 - 2379 Starfleet Academy, Red Squad Cadet
2379 - 2382 USS Redoubt, Support Craft Pilot, Ensign
2382 - 2384 USS Marco Polo, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant JG
2384 - 2389 USS Gallant, Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant
2389 - 2392 USS Resolute, Chief Operations/Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander
2392 - 2395 S.C. Ice Lance, Mercinary
2395 - Present SS Mary Rose, Chief Operations Officer