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Mazzin Vayri

Name Mazzin Vayri

Position Accountant/Secretary


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Hair Color brunette
Eye Color blue/green
Physical Description Mazzin both looks like and does not look like a typical Orion female. Her green skin makes her race obvious, but her eyes and hair color are not typical. Her former owners had preferences and made permanent changes to her eye and hair color, resulting in a lighter shade for both.

Mazzin is careful to look her best at all times, being in casual attire is uncomfortable, and she is horrified to be seen without make up or clean hair. It was a habit born of her captivity that she felt no need to change, looking her best means she commands respect.

With years of training she can give off whatever impression she desires, from silly and fun, or disarmingly charming, or even alluring, she knows how to style herself accordingly and and present herself with whatever the moment needs.

Ship Identification

Duty Shift Alpha


Spouse None
Children None
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown
Other Family unknown, all records destroyed, and she has not bothered to use genetics to track her family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mazzin is still trying to find her true self. Conflict is the primary word which currently describes Mazzins personality. For many years her personality was whatever caused her to gain the favor of her masters. After gaining freedom she has found that determination is a deep part of her, but she struggles to shake the need to please others. She is aware she is intelligent, and business minded, such things often come easy to Orion women, and she capitalizes on that natural trait.

She can react extremely to assumptions about her purpose, causing conflict between her need to please and her need to establish and maintain personal boundaries. Many assume they because she is Orion, and extremely attractive that she is loose and willing to do whatever when approached. Mazzin has yet to explore an actual relationship with someone and is a but fearful to try. She is keenly aware of how easily it is for her to be take advantage of, something which has happened several times since being freed.

With a new job Mazzin hopes to find out who she really is.
Ambitions Mazzin hopes to find out who she really is


Personal History Mazzin was born in to a family in debt. A few bad business deals ended with Mazzin being sold in repayment, she was still a toddler at the time. Mazzin knows of this, but little else as she has not found any lasting records about her sale and where she came from. She was given common Orion names that she believes have no real connection with a family.

The first several years of slavery for Mazzin were spent in training, and learning to serve. Anytime ‘spirit’ was seen in her, it was swiftly broken. The slave market owners taught her to pick pockets, speak several languages, and how to do basic math. They had a market in educated slaves, as well as those meant for labor and pleasure. Mazzin quick mind at a young age decided that the path she would take was be that of both educated and pleasure.

By the time she was six years old Mazzin she was placed for sale in the market. It was a confusing time in her life. She knew only of the housing, educating, and beatings of the market owners, she did not understand why they wished to get rid of her. She was purchased by a woman named Triska, and taken to the outlying planet of Yarlas 2.

Triska was a vicious and but keen business woman, who wanted young ones to serve at home and functions, while preparing the older ones for entertainment. She purchased the educated children because they made good spies as well. Cute and disarming, people would speak freely and not notice the little servants.

Triska was cruel if she was not pleased with a slaves work, and it took a very short time before Mazzin did all she could to remain unnoticed. She attempted to run away several times, but was dragged back and severely punished each time. She did not realize she had tracking devices I her body. It was Not until an older slave died in the slave barracks attempting to cut out the tracking chips that Mazzin understood fully.

She thought she was remaining unnoticed for years after her third failed attempt at running, but she was wrong. Dedicated to keeping off Triskas radar she poured herself into her tasks in the house, and collecting Intel from strangers at functions. She even reported a plot to kill Triska, all in an effort to please. Triska began to notice the girl as the years went by. When older teenage years hit Triska changed Mazzins duties to include entertainment. This included new training in serving, flirting, dancing, and all other things Orions were stereotyped for.

A regular business partner of Triska took a keen interest in Mazzin whenever he visited, and frequently offered to buy her. When she was 19 Triska finally relented, selling Mazzin for a hefty profit.

Now trained in the arts of pleasing whoever she was assigned to, she served her new Master eagerly. Once arriving at his home on the tropical region of a planet called Gruseb, an independent world, with a lot of hidden illegal trades, she found herself in a plush room with many windows. Every day Xifit, her new master, and weapons dealer, would sit and stare at her from his desk beyond some of the windows. Mazzin soon discovered he saw her as a pet, and play thing.

Xifit was a Betazed, and he enjoyed toying with his new pet, influencing her moods and actions, molding her to his preferences. Over time he put her through cosmetic and physical enhancements, changing her eye and hair color in ways that would ensure they never changed back. Xifit surgically changed her hormonal centers, ensuring her pheromones would not influence him. He spent a year molding Mazzin in to the pet he wanted. Once he trusted her he would let her out of her glass room and have her serve and entertain him while he worked and met with his own business contacts.

Subtly she began to learn his business, and learned how to encourage him to share information with her. He was enthralled by her interest and the way she conducted herself with him. His molding had gone further than he thought, or so she allowed him to believe. She trained her thought patterns to please him and not cause more punishment for herself. It was difficult, but over time the mental manipulation and her efforts to control her mind worked. She learned every moment she could. Her master was arrogant and full of himself, and he crossed many of his contacts. One was bold enough to directly attack him, and set him on the run, and he didn’t have time to take Mazzin with him.

Lost without Xifit she was terrified of the people who took her from her gilded cage, but rather than sell her, they dropped her off on Viros handing her over to a woman named Lindsay. Lindsay was a slave a lifetime ago, and had been freed, educated, and began an organization to transition freed slaves in to a life where they would not need to fall back on their trained skills to survive.

Showing a skills in all she’d learned under Triska and Xifit, she worked her way through the program, earning a degree in planetary accounting. She has struggled to find herself in the 6 years she spent with Lindsey's program, but under recommendation of her counselors she applied for jobs along her interest line. Being on her own for the first time in her entire life Mazzin is both terrified and excited for her future.